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  1. gopropak

    New from Virginia

    I guess so. Norfolk.
  2. gopropak

    '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    Dunno the physics of it but I ran the wheels for a month w/o them and they were visibly dirty. The next month with them on - they sure were a lot cleaner. I wash the van once a month. The covers are basically just a shell around the calipers and they stay very clean whereas if I just painted my calipers they would be grungy pretty quick (like my calipers on my VW GTI).
  3. gopropak

    '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    Thought about painting the side moulding but the un-painted version on the cargo van has kinda grown on me. Thanks!
  4. gopropak

    New from Virginia

    Hello all, You can see the specs for the wheels in the Wheels & Tires section of the forum. Here's a few pics of my '16 LWB Cargo all shined up!
  5. gopropak

    '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    Hello all, Just purchased an XLT Cargo TC (actually hard to find!) Primarily used for work and hauling on-location photo equipment. It is working out perfectly since I was tearing up the interior of my car & SUV with all the gear. Just added a set of 18" Focus ST wheels from ebay ($500). Great fit and looks great! Added Genral Altimax 235/45/18 which give me clearance all the way around. Brake caliper covers come from MGP for $199 which keep the wheels shiny and look sporty as well. On the lookout for a spoiler and an exhaust tip and I think I'll be done. Here's a few pics after a wash yesterday.