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  1. ben_marko

    Improved shocks

    Ok, I didn't realize that. I wasn't able to find that info online, just cargo space. Thank you -
  2. ben_marko

    Interior panels?

    Many, many thanks!
  3. ben_marko

    Interior panels?

    I have a 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT, it only has windows on the doors and rear doors. The back side panels have no windows on them, and I would like to get interior trim panels for the inside if possible. I know that the passenger van has a nicer interior - but mine is just a used commercial van. I took out the metal shelving and would like to place nicer trim panels going floor to roof, and for the inside back doors as well. I have done countless internet searches for these panels, but cannot find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I might get some? The local junkyards aren't exactly filled with these vehicles. Thank you -
  4. ben_marko

    Improved shocks

    I just bought a used 2010 Connect XLT that I want to turn into a microRV, like on this site: http://www.cheaprvliving.com/blog/update-ford-transit-connect-ftc/ I want to improve the shocks to handle to increased load (not much, maybe 300 lbs...will it handle more?). I really want them to last. Does anyone know of good shocks I can use? I am in the Marine Corps and can use the auto hobby shop on base, but while they are good at showing one how to install new shocks, they aren't allowed to recommend shocks to use. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you -