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  1. Hello All, So I bought a 2011 Ford Transit Connect! XL model. I want to put a 12 volt cigarette lighter in the rear cargo area. It looks to me like the wiring is actually already there (see picture that I took from rear right of cargo). The odd thing is that there isn't any power going to it, and when I look at the fuse box where I think it should go (174) there isn't a fuse or even a connection for a fuse to work. Any advice? I am ~90% certain that the wire in question is for the rear power outlet. The wire definitely leads to the front of the vehicle, but I am not sure what else to try out. Thanks!
  2. Hi All I just bought a 2011 Ford Transit Connect! I am looking to make it a weekend camper and thus want to put a leisure battery into the trunk and charge it from the starter battery using something like this: Does anyone have tips on the easiest way to wire the two? Basically what is the easiest way to get the wire from the engine to the interior?
  3. BenFirst

    Different Cargo Dimensions?

    okay thanks! Originally I was looking at the 2014, but after looking at a 2010 I agree at 6 foot tall I figure I can have a 12'' bed and have just enough to not be hitting my head to often.
  4. BenFirst

    Different Cargo Dimensions?

    Thanks for the Reply MRTN! My main question is: does the MK1 have a SWB and LWB like the MK2 does? Or is it just the long wheel base option.
  5. Hi All, I am looking at buying a used Ford Transit Connect and am having an embarrassing amount of time figuring out the different roof heights and wheel base options. It looks like 2014 - forward has SWB and LWB and no roof options. 2010 - 2013 has ???? I am looking into converting the cargo space into a mini camper for the weekend but need to be solid on the dimensions first. Does anyone have any idea on this stuff? I've found it surprisingly hard to find on Ford's website. Thanks!