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  1. And I REALLY don't think you'd want to get in an accident with that window in your vehicle! Even behind you.
  2. George_97220

    Rear 12 Volt Plug Location?

    > Went to put a fuse in 174 and there are not any clips to hold it in There aren't any fuse clips in ANY of the empty/unused slots. What do you suppose they save by leaving them out? A couple cents each? Oh, well. What are you gonna do?
  3. George_97220

    Sound deadening for road noise?

    I bought RoadKill for my 2012, since these products are all pretty much the same and it's available on Amazon. BTW: Look what Ford puts inside the front doors, from the factory:
  4. George_97220

    Which One Of You Is Driving This One?

    It's probably Google! Did you give 'em the finger?
  5. George_97220

    Rear 12 Volt Plug Location?

    That's odd. F174 should be there, in both the regular and taxi versions. I have the manual for the 2012 and it shows power running from F174 in the Central Junction Box through connector C219 and through another mile of wire to the rear power point. A quick and dirty check: Measure Pin 10 of C219 and see if there is 12 volts there, or not. Remove the cover/kick panel on the drivers side, just north of the door. Squeeze the two tabs and remove the loom assembly. (See pic. Except the pic is for the right side. Picture a mirror image of this!) There are two connectors there, C219 and C237. C219 is the white one. (C237 is green.) Pin 10 should have an orange wire going to it, the same as at the power point connector. Just stick your test lead into the connector body, next to the pin. Negative is to chassis. If 12 volts is MISSING at that point, then there is something strange going on with your fuse block. If the 12 volts is there, then it's disappearing somewhere between there and the power point. Good luck with that! Did someone add a trailer hitch or some other "unauthorized" modification and was looking for a quick and easy source of 12 volts? The possibilities are really limitless at this point.
  6. George_97220


    Well, here's what I did. Nothing fancy, but then, I'm not the artistic type.
  7. George_97220

    Customer Access Circuits

    > Missing is a "battery saver relay" CJB position #128 , 10 amp mini fuses at F155 , F 144 and F 149 . > Also missing is the 25 amp fuse in position F 10 in the BJB under the hood . That's because you didn't order the "taxi" option! The respective leads from the CJB fuse block go to a block connector on the right side, behind the glovebox. Probably also missing. A major disappointment for me has been the lack of extra fuse positions in this vehicle. And even if you wanted to use those three "taxi" option fuse positions to power accessories, you have to remember that they are hot in Run and Start. Fine for lights or what-have-you, but not so great for electronics. Too bad they aren't hot during Acc and Run. Those "mini-taps" are the way to go, for low/medium current devices anyway. In my case, I disconnected the right lighter jack and connected that 30A source to a four-fuse block mounted near the firewall, above the CJB. (On the plate where the back-up sensor module goes, if you don't order the camera. See pic.) This runs a couple of lights and a radio that is manually switched. I plan on powering the lighter jack from the battery in the back, if/when I ever get started on THAT project.
  8. George_97220

    Accessory power circuit?

    Well, first of all, I know didley about the 2014. Other than the taxicab option is still available. The earlier TC's had a dearth of extra fuses, or even unused slots, to connect power to radios or other accessories/toys. BUT, the taxicab option has two or three leads that are hot during the RUN and (unfortunately) START positions. These leads go to a three conductor connector buried on the right side firewall. (Presumably, if you order the overhead light, etc., the cabling plugs into that. Install the fuses and you're set.) But those points can be used for switched power, although I don't know why you would need a relay in that case. If/when you find a wiring manual, this would be a good place to start. Begin tracing from the fuse block. Good luck.
  9. George_97220

    2014 Ford Transit Connect: Who has one?

    > The plant in Turkey doesn't show any downtime The salesguy at my dealership told me that the 2014's were going to be made in Spain! Any truth to that at all?
  10. > There's also a liftgate version with full width window in Europe. Yeah, I noticed that. No, not available in the US of A, for reasons unknown. Until the 2014, I guess. Definiite improvement!
  11. George_97220

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    > They both had a little plastic flip down cover tho. Yeah, I had an early 2000's Ford with the same set-up - the flip-up cover on the driver's side (only). I really don't know what they are doing now, to tell you the truth. I decided on the Transit Connect and didn't even bother to look at anything else!
  12. George_97220

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    I thought passenger-side only was standard in all US vehicles for years? The thought being that if you have a mirror in the driver's side visor you, One, would tend to use it while driving (a hazard) and, Two, headlights from a vehicle behind you could momentarily blind you. BUT - I bought this one at Harbor Freight for, like, two bucks on sale: http://www.harborfreight.com/visor-mirror-67110.html I'm sure the identical item, probably from the same Chinese factory, is available at any auto parts store or even Walmart.
  13. > After driving my TC for a week, one thing has been quite annoying Oh, man, that's one thing that just bugs the hell out of me, too. What the hell were they thinking?? Look at the door and the window? There's no reason for it! I'd just as soon do without the rear window defroster, which I have never used, than tolerate this crap. I don't know how many times I've had some asshole change lanes rapidly behind me and all of the sudden show up on my left, and I didn't see any of it. Unless I check the other two mirrors in rapid succession. Damn inconvenient and an outright safety hazard as well. I was seriously thinking about running a switched 12 volt lead to the rear camera, with a diode between this lead and the existing camera lead, so that the existing power from the backup lights will turn on the camera, too. It'll be a distorted view, but better than doing nothing.
  14. George_97220


    There's a lot of that stuff out there. I can't vouch for its quality, or how it will look after six months. Even Walmart used to carry that roll chrome striping. I remember seeing those chrome door handles for the TC someplace, but can't remember where. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00APRSE1K/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006XKDJGS/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006XKE2VY/
  15. George_97220

    New member - doing 2013 order

    > Mine will be going in for the first time tomorrow to replace the fan speeds switch. So what was the story on that? I know that the function switch for the heater/defrost has a "rubbery" feel to it. There doesn't seem to be definite position detents. But they are evidently all that way. What happened with yours? > A little romantic endeavors will be audio towards the heart. Think about to be Huh?