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  1. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    Right now it's a temporary set up---I removed two plugs that are in the headliner in just the right spot, put pins on the end of an adjustable curtain rod and just twist the rod until it rests in place. I got a set of marine snaps online and screwed snaps into the plastic along the doors where the seatbelts are and can snap the curtain to provide privacy or remain open while driving. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007PKCZJW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ultimately I am planning to suspend a small shelf above and behind the seats and will figure a way to integrate the curtain from there.
  2. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

  3. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    Had to take some time away, but now it is starting to come together little by little Increased the bed size by using a foldout section with a hinge, added "shore power", installed a desk/kitchen area
  4. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    That looks fantastic!! Hey do you have a link for that vent and any installation tips? I'm very keen on installing one myself but a little hesitant to cut a hole in the roof!
  5. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    I pulled the headliner and insulated a bit and also insulated the side panels. Had some leftover laminate flooring which I did the floor with.
  6. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    Next step was to put a roof rack on...I opted for the Thule version although if I did it again I would probably go with a cheaper model that would work just as well. Either way I love the clean finish that the bolt on rack gives. Then I started designing a bed/storage unit. For this I decided to use 3/4" Birch veneer plywood. Thanks by the way to everyone here who shared pics of their camper conversions. I have been able to pick and choose different elements from every variation as I outfit my vehicle.
  7. rwalsh

    Micro Camper

    I purchased a '13 Transit Connect not too long ago with the intent of converting it to a camper. I have zero experience, and I'm a terrible carpenter and such, but I am having a blast anyway! I'll share my experience with some pics for anyone interested....first up is the first weekend when the wife and i just threw some blankets in the back and hit the beach for an overnight