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  1. CheesyRider

    Hello from Minnesota

    The estimate was nearly $10,000 to repair the van. The damage is worse than it looks in the photos. I got $5700 from the other guy's insurance company.
  2. CheesyRider

    Hello from Minnesota

    Nope. I killed a for sale Dodge. I wasn't able to dodge it. No one in my family was injured. The kid who inexplicably pulled out in front of us only had minor cuts from crawling through broken glass.
  3. CheesyRider

    Hello from Minnesota

    Well, my current van was totaled while vacationing in Montana. So I decided to replace it with a Honda Odyssey instead of waiting for the 2019 Transit Connect to come out. Safe travels everyone! https://postimg.cc/gallery/27d2y5i9m/
  4. It looks like Autobytel obtained info on pricing and options for the upcoming 2019 Transit Connect. https://www.autobytel.com/ford/transit-connect/2019/configurator/
  5. CheesyRider

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hi all! I'm thinking about getting a 2019 Titanium LWB eventually. I really want adaptive cruise, so that rules out 2018 and older. I'd love to get the diesel version, but I don't really trust modern diesels with their overly complicated emissions systems. I'm looking forward to reviews upon its release.