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  1. cascadecampers

    Campervan conversions for TCs

    The bed length is one the challenges of the 2010-2013 TC. To keep the bed simple for renters I kept it short enough to not interfere with the front seats and taller folks can have their feet hang off the end. I have considered a few different options to lengthen the bed once parked and the front seats are slid forward but haven't built out any yet. Hein, I will reach out to you. Your products look like they will work well for some of my campervan projects.
  2. cascadecampers

    Campervan conversions for TCs

    I hadn't actually considered weight so glad you called that out. The camper kit is made up of mostly 3/4" plywood and some 1/2" pre-finished maple plywood with the only heavy items being the water tank and house battery. I can't imagine the entire kit adds more than ~300lbs but I will plan to weigh one soon and compare to factory weight to have a more exact figure.
  3. Hello folks, Just joined the forum today. I started a business about a month ago building and renting TC campervans in the Seattle area. As a long time VW campervan enthusiast I have been looking for a modern vehicle that could be used to fill that void and settled on the TC. At the moment I am only doing full conversions where I take your TC and make it into a well equipped campervan for $6K and plan to offer kits at a lower price point in the next 6 months depending on interest. cascadecampers.com --zach