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  1. tbrown

    Front end knock

    On my 2013, the right side upper ball joint on the swing arm linkage was shot. Fixing that (replaced both links) made the worst of the noises go away, now I'm wondering what else I should be doing to make it fell better on rough roads. It's fine on smooth stuff, but climbing a steep rough road, it feels like it is stepping up the hill one side forward, then the other. (Only really notice that one particularily bad and steep chunk of road.)
  2. tbrown

    Hi, carrying motocross bikes

    I just bought a mk1 / 2013 SPECIFICALLY because they are taller than the mk2... and yeah, the van's purpose is to haul a DRZ-400S around. You might get away with a mk2 if you compress the forks a little, or swap out the 21" front wheel for a 12" plywood disk. You'll have an extra 6" in length over me that I wouldn't complain about, but I don't want to give up the 4" of height. I've got 53/54" height in mine, it's just enough with the ram mounts (mirror, gps) folded down. Measure your bike (probably 50" tall and about 84" long), then go look up the specs. There were dimensions / links that I posted on FB a while back. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FordTCUSA/permalink/2596117820687578