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  1. Not sure this is the pop top you’re looking at. Europe has a lot more options than we do, much cheaper and done in a day. This guy ends up being about $10K and wants the van for 2 weeks. https://ursaminorvehicles.com/campers/ford-camper-conversions.html
  2. https://www.vanwindowsdirect.com/collections/ford-transit-connect-14-18/products/passenger-sliding-door-half-slider-window-ford-transit-connect-2014-2020
  3. Sorry David Parker, your post wasn't forwarded to me by the forum. Looking at my pictures, it appears that there's a plastic button that I might have pushed in at the top of the silver retaining ring thing at about 12:30, the other four black things in the slots being the cut-off prongs that held the retaining ring. It's pretty hard to see or get to without cutting off the beauty ring between the arm and the seat. I was reluctant to try any more disassembly without knowing what I was getting into, so cutting worked for me especially to deter rattles. In any case, it's off and the new console and sheepskin covers are on.
  4. Sorry, I should have written it clearer. It became quite a saga to get the damn arm off. Two trips to the dealer, five mechanics and the service guy couldn't get it off per Ford's repair manual. One month waiting for Ford internal engineers to respond. They said per instructions, place the arm at 60 degrees from level, and pull from the passenger side. The service manager could easily do it on the 2018s, so easily that he said he almost fell out the passenger door backwards. On the second trip in, service took the seat out and claimed they took it apart, then reported it was all one piece with the arm. Hmm. Then how did they get the 'beauty ring' black plastic cup thing onto the arm between it and the arm hole in the upholstery to cover that hole, and how did they upholster the arm and the seat while they were assembled? Don't care, what was determined for me was I could safely cut the arm off with a hacksaw. So, I cut all the upholstery off the arm in order to see. The arm was a loop of steel rod with a crosspiece welded at the end that went into the seat. Then I cut the black plastic cup/ring (about 3.5" D and there to cover the hole in the upholstery in the side of the seat where the arm went in) from between the arm and the seat. This exposed some kind of silver slotted 'retaining ring' about 2.5" D that the rod of the arm went through. That ring had some black plastic prongs sticking through some of its slots from inside the seat. Those were there to hold the 'beauty ring,' so I cut them where they stuck out because part of this was prep for my sheepskin seat covers, as well as making room for the aftermarket armrest console. It appears that the silver slotted 'retaining ring' is press fit or crimped onto some mechanism inside the seat, probably the ratcheting assembly. I decided to stop deconstruction there and just cut the steel rod of the arm flush to the retaining ring, partly so is wouldn't forever rattle around inside the seat. The 5/8" D? rod is pretty tight through the hole in the center of the retaining ring, or it is part of that ring, or something. The ring itself seems to crimp onto an 'innie' for which it is an 'outie.' And somehow during assembly (it can't possible be all one part) the black beauty ring is put on the arm where I cut it on the right side of the picture, and over the silver retaining ring, so, doubtful it's all one part with the seat. Pictures of the silver slotted retaining thing after the arm going through its center was cut flush. The seat fabric hole is tucked behind the ring so the hacksaw wouldn't catch on the upholstery, so it looks like the ring protrudes from the side of the seat, but it doesn't, much. Picture of the cut arm, and the console installed, but not yet the sheepskin--next day. The console is very nice to have, just drops right over existing with four screws, blocks the exisiting 'well' but not the cup holders, comes with a usb extension to relocate yours if you have the feature where a usb comes out the back of the Ford console, also comes all black. Its interior space isn't huge, but works. Now my Connect and I can make friends. Hated that frickin' arm.
  5. Per the title, trying to remove the stock driver armrest 2019 LWB CONNECT, American.
  6. Pull to the American passenger side, since it's an American LWB Connect with one shitty stock arm on the driver seat. The new console drops right over the one in the floor and is really nice. https://www.armster.co.uk/shop/ford-connect-2018-with-usb-aux-armster-2-armrest-lhd-only/?v=7516fd43adaa
  7. I have a great new armrest console from England, ready to install in my 2019 Connect LWB. Elsewhere on the forum, someone said put it at 60 degrees and pull from the passenger side. I tried that, the service manager tried that, he looked in the service book and it said to try that. The other day during service to the backup camera, five mechanics tried that. Waiting for Ford to comment. Any suggestions? Any problems with the last ditch of just hacksawing it off? Getting new sheepskin seat covers soon ...
  8. tnoll

    Sofa Bed

    Yep, I've emailed him about it. Having second thoughts because it's really a tent and inside is warmer ... Plus he kept it so low profile that you can't leave bedding/pillows in it and have it close.
  9. CORRECTION!! This drat site doesn't seem to let you edit a post so here is a new link to the latest armrest, the Armster 2 from 2018 on https://www.armster.co.uk/shop/ford-connect-2018-with-usb-aux-armster-2-armrest-lhd-only/?v=b66f7c678aa7. It's a bit more but apparently is adjustable, and it's a special order for left hand drive so takes about 10 days longer. ooks like they added a little silver to it, which I could live without.
  10. Went around and around about putting the passenger OEM armrest into my cargo--about $500 total from cheap parts sites--until I decided to go to the dealer and try one. At 5' 8", with my arm on the rest, I couldn't reach the steering wheel by about 6 inches. Way to go, Ford design team! So, from another old post here or somewhere, I found this https://www.armster.co.uk/shop/ford-connect-2014-with-usb-aux-armster-s-armrest/?v=b66f7c678aa7 Lots of back and forth emails and pictures to verify that the text, saying 2014-2018, also covers 2019, which it does, it's just an outdated website. There is a righthand drive armrest, so be careful. Also, it bricks the crummy cubbyhole below, and appears to brick a cup holder or maybe two, but I don't care versus having a good armrest. It tilts back for drinking anyway. $130 with a bunch of freight. The RH is priced at $99 pounds; the left at $69 pounds (website error?) and takes a bit longer because obviously Britain doesn't need many of those. For current driver armrest removal, an old thread, verified by the work manual at the dealer yesterday, said, while sitting in the passenger seat, put the driver arm at 60 degrees and pull. Only the service desk guy couldn't do it, nor could I. Will take it back to their mechanic ...
  11. tnoll

    Sofa Bed

    If you went to the site, you'll see that this guy doesn't cut the roof structure ie the transverse bracing, he just cuts out some of the sheet metal between the rear-most brace and the back door, creating a sliding hatch to get up into the bed. Thus it isn't a pop top in the normal sense that removes and raises the roof, it's more like a second story. Can't speak to leaks but there's always caulk. Thousands of vanagans can't be wrong. In Europe, you can get a roof-raising pop top installed in a day on a Connect and the cost is of course half what you pay for pop tops here, like on the Metris, and this one. You can have one shipped here, too but then customer support is a little far away and your local top guy probably won't guarantee his work since it isn't his top. That's why this installer in San Diego or Portland has more appeal.
  12. tnoll

    Thoughts on inverter.

    Two words: Drip coffee. Get a little cone that fits on top of your cup. Drip right in. It's camping after all.
  13. Excellent. Stupid of them to waste the space and NOT put a hatch.
  14. tnoll

    Sofa Bed

    Ursa Minor Vehicles dot com