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  1. scottacus1100


    can you send me a picture of what the lincoln rims look like? I am trying to find something good for mine. thanks scottacus@adelphia.net
  2. scottacus1100

    Scott's DJ van

  3. scottacus1100

    Rear Seats (remove easily????)

    6 bolts is all it takes to pull the seats out. It only takes a few minutes.
  4. scottacus1100

    Head unit upgrade!

    I still can't find a Dash or wiring kit
  5. scottacus1100

    led lights for interior

    I like the Idea of a Iight above the shelf. Also I am jealous of the TDI
  6. scottacus1100

    New here

    Yeah, I can't stop anywhere and not have somebody ask, "what is it" "Is it four wheel drive" "Is it europian" "does it get good miliage" "did you ship it here" Again I wonder "Why doesn't ford advertise this more?????"
  7. scottacus1100

    Hello From Tallassee Alabama

    Welcome, I hope you are as happy as I am with my TC
  8. scottacus1100

    0% Financing

    are you kidding me??? I waited untill after the first of the year and after the North American International Auto show and still no 0%, now a month after I bought it They offer it. well that figures
  9. scottacus1100

    Spare Engine Anyone?

    Damn, thats a good deal! how hard is a motor swap in a transit. tune one and keep the other stock
  10. scottacus1100

    Passenger seat armrest

    she has driven it once, everywhere we go, I have to drive. she hates driving. Now she wants to always take her car. I cant go from my brand new TC to her crappy 98 chevy malibu
  11. scottacus1100

    Passenger seat armrest

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to get one? My wife hates riding in my TC because there isnt one.
  12. has anyone installed one yet?
  13. I use mine for added light when backing into tight spots at night. Also I turn them on and use my rear window washers when I get tailgaters. It seems to work
  14. scottacus1100

    Rear door locking

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!!
  15. scottacus1100

    TC News

    60K?????? no thanks! as for the taxi, one big problem. the rear windows don't open