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  1. bilgewiper

    Odd Cruse Control Behavior

    This is really a non-issue for me but my wife informed me today that the cruise control won't engage above 83 mph on our Transit. After 30 years of marriage this shouldn't surprise me as she informed me a decade ago that our Chevy Express van starts cutting out at 96 mph while running thru the Nevada/Utah waste lands (she had never gotten a ticket in near 38 years) . Maybe I should put her back into a Diesel Rabbit like we used to drive.
  2. bilgewiper

    Fuel Mileage Display

    I tried the above on my 2010 Transit. It works. Wish I knew when the average fuel economy reading started. When it was new 52k miles ago or last 1000 miles or what. I have checked it many times and it does not seem to reset at fill up or when resetting trip odometer. Mine reads 23mpg now which is what I get mostly when I check it the old fashioned way. I wish I knew what all the other info was.
  3. I changed my wheels to black aftermarket wheels. That fixed the brake dust problem. It's not that you can't see the dust on black as much but they are aero dynamically different than stamped steel wheels and really the dust does not stick to them. My front pads made it to 42k. miles before replacement.
  4. bilgewiper

    Rust stains on sliding door bumpers

    those bumpers must only come on the vans with the 180(?) degree rear door option as my mine does not have any.
  5. bilgewiper

    Possible first time owner

    It will be better offroad than a 2wd Explorer. Ground clearance of the Explorer might be better. 2-4 hour trips are no problem. The Explorer would be a quieter vehicle as far as interior noise at freeway speeds. I am 6'2" and 300lbs. I have had no issues with seat comfort for the last 48k miles I have put on my '10 Transit. Been a great vehicle. Other than normal service replacement stuff like tires and brakes at 45k I have only had to replaced 1 burned out turn signal bulb! 22-23mpg consistently on mostly mountain freeway driving.
  6. Do I need special tools to change out the pads. The rotors are fine! I didn't need any special tools unless a cheesy wheel cylinder press thing is special. Suppose I could have used my giant channel locks to push that cylinder back in also.
  7. bilgewiper

    New wheels and tires

    With the TPMS you got with the new tires/wheels do you still have to run 49 lbs in the rears to keep the TPMS light off?
  8. I just changed out my 1st set of front brake pads at 44,400 miles. They were almost paper thin. Don't think I'll push it that far on my next set. We do mostly freeway driving.
  9. bilgewiper

    do it yourself maintanance, rust and corrosion

    I do all my own servicing also. I've got over 40k miles on my Transit and it has never been back to dealer. This vehicle is very easy to change oil and filter on. No need to even jack it up once you know where the drain plug is as you really cant see it while laying on the ground next to pass. ft. tire. Filter is out in the open and easy to get to.
  10. bilgewiper

    Volvo Wheels

    LOL! Like the "custom idiot light canceling mechanism" !
  11. bilgewiper

    Volvo Wheels

    So did you get your TPMS reprogrammed or you just going to live with the dash light on? I've got over 40k+ miles on my Transit and will be changing to sportier wheels with next tire change. I will live with that light on if I have too and check my own tires like I have for almost 40 years.
  12. bilgewiper


    I've got 5 separate, now repaired cracks in mine. Pretty par for winter freeway driving around here in most my vehicles. The windshield in my Transit holds up far better to flying debris off of snow laden 18 wheelers than the windshield on my Scion xB which cant withstand any little hit.
  13. bilgewiper

    any ideas

    I dont think my TC has that piece. Yours fell off and you didn't know it. LOL! No great loss
  14. bilgewiper

    any ideas

  15. bilgewiper

    any ideas

    My first time I went back to the dealer to look at other new Transits to see where it went...don't feel bad