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    factory horn location

    The horn is under the drivers side headlight and is accessable by removing the splash panel from below the headlight. Its not to difficult. Woody

    What is it ? Ford part.

    It is on the firewall, behind the engine and is tough to get to. The steering rack blocks it. It is easier to get to if the vehicle is on a lift, or if the front is up on ramps or jack stands.

    What is it ? Ford part.

    Had a problem with condensate from the AC unit coming into the passenger side this past summer. I checked and the elbow cap was missing from covering the condenste drain tube. I solved the problem by putting s plastic elbow into the rubber tube, pointed it down, and secured it with a hose clamp. The elbow cover apparently keeps the air from blowing the condensate back into the vehicle.
  4. According to the service manual, you have to remove the bumper cover assembly. There are three bolts that hold the headlight, two below and the visable one above, disconnect the electrical coonector and thats it. The bumper cover seems a bit more involved. Remove the fender splash shields, the 5 radiator screws, the 4 bumper cover side bolts(2 each side), fender mouldings,the side marker lamp electrical connedtors, the 2 front bumper cover bolts( under the plastic covers) and take off the bumper cover. And as the manual states, to install, reverse the removal proceedure. Hope this helps. Woody


    UNIT SOLD Woody
  6. I will be out allday today. I will finish packaging the rack and get a price from ups. I will get back to you tomorrow. My e-mail is JWWOODY@COMCAST.NET. Please send me your e-mail, it is much easier to communicate directly. Thanks, Woody


    Removable Seats

    The seats are easily removed with a torx bit(I think it is a T50). It is probably hard to find seats if you buy a cargo van. Woody
  8. The headlight switch with relay is available form RockAuto.com for $58.00. I purchased one when I was setting up my fog lights and did not use it. Reading your issues, I'm glad I have a backup. It is simple to change. Woody
  9. AluRack for sale. UNIT SOLD Woody

    Traction Control

    Over the last couple of weeks the sliding icon light came on again while driving. When the truck was shut off and restarted it reset itself. The truck was taken back to the dealer and they could not find any codes. I picked up the truck and on the way home the light came on again and reset after shutting off. The next day the light came on and I drove right to the dealer and left it with them. This time they gave me a loaner. They kept it for a week and replaced the stability control sensor pack again. The truck has 35000 miles on it and if it happens again it will probably be out of warranty. Has anyone else had issues with the traction control, roll over control or warning light icon? Woody

    What is under the center console?

    The control module for the traction and roll over is under the console. Woody
  12. Side and rear windows screen grills are available from Inlaid or from American Van. I have them on the rear windows, more for protection from tools inside hitting the glass and I find myself hanging a first aid kit and bungees from them. Woody

    Illinois Tollway Transponders

    The anti glare coating is on the inside of the windshield. On the east coast we have "Easy Pass" transponders for the tolls. Mine is attached to the windshield right on the anti glare dots and it works fine. I don't think you will have a problem. Woody

    Weird Transmission Problem

    Monte; Was the cruise control on when it happened and did you hit the overdrive shut off button on the shift lever (by accident) when it happened? When I use the cruise and come to a hill with weight in the truck it does kick down to second or third gear and screams. I avoid cruise control on hilly terrain and wet roads. Woody

    bumper bolts

    In the compartment with the jack is an eye bolt in a cloth bag. I believe it is a reverse thread and is used as a tow hook to pull your TC on to a flat bed. Woody