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  1. Our TC has the Ford remote start installed from the factory. We would like the truck to run for the longest setting possible. It only runs for 5 min now and up here in the lower part of the artic circle in Minnesota we like to really warm the trucks up before we hop in and drive. I understand that it can be adjusted but we can't seem to get the right instructions on how to do this. Can anyone help. Thanks Ron
  2. Ok I think we have found the problem. We have narrowed the problem down to the back doors. I am assumeing that I am not the only one with this going on. Our TC has the back doors that open all the way around.. For those of you that have the wide opening rear cargo doors, check the rubber tubes that hold the wires that go into the doors. Ours are full of frozen water and pinching between the door and the metal under the tail lights. The wires inside I'm sure is being damaged and we are going into the shop to see if the factory has come up with a "FIX" for this issue. We love this little truck and hope to have it for many years to come. Hope we can get these bugs worked out.
  3. MRA MN

    Traction Control

    Here in Minnesota the side streets are not maintained all that well. We were looking in the owners manual to see if there is some way to override the traction control. The TC gets stuck real easy when the engine cuts power and the wheels stop. I know this is a safety feature bit in some instances it would be nice to dissable this function. Also has anyone installed tow hooks on the front end so if needed a tow strap could be used to pull their TC out of a stuck situation? Thanks
  4. Our 2010 TC sits outside and the remote start works when it wants too. It blinks the lights three times and will not start when its acting up. The light blink means there is a door open, so I have checked all the doors and same thing. If we warm the TC up, like run it through the car wash or bring it inside the remote start will work for the rest of the day. It also seems like it has trouble more when it snows out. Any Ideas before we bring it in to have the shop look at it? Thanks Ron