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  1. Aha. these are apparently plus nuts that someone put in. Luckily they were put in incorrectly (never expanded) so I am able to pull them back out. (At least the first one).
  2. 2013 TC. I am trying to remove the headliner from the cargo area. I have removed all of the plastic clips, but right above the driver and passenger there are four metal clips that I cannot figure out how to remove (maybe I don’t have to?). Any idea how to remove these, or even whether I need to to remove the headliner? Thanks.
  3. I have a 2013 TC. I purchased an always on backup camera system (I have no side or rear windows). Apparently the two power ports in the dash are always on, which I don’t want. The auxiliary port in the back appears to be off when the ignition is off. So could I wire the dash display unit to the fuse box #174 which powers that rear power point? Thanks.
  4. bvz2000

    2013 TC. Think these wheels would fit?

    Didn’t get the wheels. We agreed on a price and a day to meet and then at the last minute he sold them to someone else. but now I’ve done the hard work of learning about wheels and tires so thanks for all the help. Eventually I’ll get something.
  5. bvz2000

    2013 TC. Think these wheels would fit?

    Thanks! The seller just got back to me so I think I'll probably go get them.
  6. Found these in my (kind of) local Craigslist: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/wto/d/santa-cruz-volvo-rims-and-new-all/7216324720.html not even sure if they are still available but I’ve written to the seller. I asked which model they were pulled from (hoping it helps me determine if they would fit). as far as I can tell, they are close to the same outer diameter as the original wheels on my van. (205/50R-17XL) that should equate to 25.071 inch diameter. the original tires on my van are 205/65-15 which is, I think, 25.492 inch diameter. the Volvo wheels are 5x108 but I don’t know the offset or the center bore. I hope to learn that from the model of Volvo they were taken from. my questions are as follows (I’m new to all of this): 1) did I do my math right? 2) do you think the difference in diameter will cause a problem? The Volvo wheels are 98.35% of the diameter of the originals (if I did my math right) 3) if the offset is different, how much difference is acceptable and what are the implications of a different offset? 4) will the ride be significantly affected by the shorter sidewall? 5) is the extra load designation (XL) an issue?(my current van might already have that as well, I can’t remember). I’m not really after 17” rims specifically. I just want something nicer than the stock steel wheels, need new tires anyway, and these seemed nice and a good price. thanks
  7. Thanks again. And good idea on keeping that panel.
  8. You might consider these folks. No idea how expensive they are (nor their availability) but their work looks amazing: https://www.bespoke-creations.net/
  9. I’m with you on that one. Especially the blind spot. Thanks. I think the $125 is probably worth it for me. I have plenty that I need to get done and this is one area that I just have no idea how to even get started. I might see if they will let me watch them do the work. Probably not, but worth asking. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks. I might go for that myself. I could probably do it myself but it would take me three days and I’d be sure to break something. Only one side? Where did you buy the window itself from?
  11. How much did Safelite charge? Did you supply the window or did they source it?
  12. I found one that has low miles and has a decent price. But it is a cng vehicle. I will be using it for long distance trips and cannot guarantee that I will be near CNG capable stations. Can this car (which was presumably converted to CNG by one of the authorized conversion houses that worked with Ford to convert these to be sold new as CNG vehicles) also run on regular gas? And if so, is there any disadvantages to doing so (other than the increased cost and emissions that are endemic to gas versions of the Transit)?
  13. mrtn and 103west43rd, Thanks so much to the both of you for the info (and mrtn, thanks for the effort - its the thought that counts ). With this info I can continue to be totally unproductive as I design a mini RV for a vehicle I don't even own instead of living my life
  14. Hi, My wife and I are looking forward to buying a TC (2010-213 U.S. models) to convert into a mini RV. For the moment the cars are still out of reach for us, but we hope to scratch together enough coins to get one in the next year. In the mean time, I am designing the interior components for when we finally get one. Unfortunately, the one dimension I can't seem to lay my hands on is the length from the inside of the rear doors to the back of the rear seats in the wagon version. If anyone out there has a moment, could you measure the distance at the floor from the rear doors to the base of the rear seats (rough measurements are fine) as well as the distance from the rear doors to the rear seats at the belt-line (window height). I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!