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    ABS light on

    Very clever detective work @G B L !
  2. davidparker

    New TC Owner

    Welcome @ServicePlus and congrats on your TC! Here is a link for your owners manual. https://owner.ford.com/tools/account/how-tos/owner-manuals-search-results.html?make=Ford&model=Transit Connect&year=2015 As for the flush, its a gamble. If it works, you are definitely better off. I however, would play it safe. I would drain and fill. Drive it until the next oil change and drain and fill again. That will replace about half the transmission fluid. Some members have done it four times in a row to get most of the fluid changed. You can read up on what others have done in the transmission section. I would check all your filters (air, cabin, etc). Check here for info on your cruise control. Check here for a laptop mount. These are really popular: https://www.rammount.com/consumer/device-mounts/laptop-mounts There are several companies that have shelving for the TC. I guess it really depends on what you need and what inventory you want to carry. You can just google "transit connect shelving" With all of your experience, I am sure you will make the most of you new vehicle and truly enjoy it.
  3. davidparker

    Floor liner ideas 2012 TC

    Great idea Bill! Did it help with the noise?
  4. It's not the suspension. I suspect its the hitch itself. The factory hitch has the receiver welded to a plate that fits behind the bumper cover. (If you crawl under the bumper with a flashlight, you can see it) As a result, I suspect that the receiver can only support 200 pounds without bending the plate or breaking the weld. Kurt sells an aftermarket hitch for the TC with a 500 pound tongue weight limit that mounts below the bumper and is much stronger. However, you would have to remove your factory hitch which is a pain. There's a lot of pics and info on hitches in this forum if you look around. You may want to consider a small luggage trailer instead of a hitch carrier. Then you could go a big or small as you need.
  5. davidparker

    Gen 2 Steelies

    I haven't like the hubcaps on my 2018 XLT, since the day I bought it. (They reminded me of snowflakes!). So after a little bit of research, I decide to go with center caps and possibly trim rings. Originally, I was going to go with black wheels, but it looked too much like a cop car. I still haven't decided on the trim rings. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. davidparker

    Gen 2 Steelies

    Please post a pic when you have them mounted. I think they will great!
  7. davidparker

    Hi from the SF Bay Area!

    Welcome to the forum. Tell us about your TC. I'm guessing its a 2019 Wagon (not Cargo). I am curious what you think about the 2.0 L with the 8 speed transmission. I have a 2018 with the 2.5 and six speed. And contrary to the reviews I had read before I bought it, I am happy with the drive train. Its not a race car, but it works fine.
  8. davidparker

    low power

    It sounds like you might be low on compression. How many miles? I do not have a diesel, so I don't know what "normal" behavior. Did it happen all of the sudden? I suspect the techs will have an answer for you.
  9. davidparker

    New here just saying hi

    Welcome Chris! Nice wheels, did you add those? As you have probably noticed, we like our TC's, too. There is a lot of info here. Enjoy!
  10. davidparker

    Rear backup camera

    I suspect that the camera is an aftermarket camera. The original equipment camera does not have an RCA style output. Ford Part No.: FT1Z-19G490-C The bad news is that it cost $325. Hopefully, that will be all you need.
  11. I haven't taken mine apart to know for sure and mine has the barn doors so it may be different. But, it does look like the washer nozzle is part of the motor assembly. The wiper arm has a slot in the base that allows the nozzle to shoot the water "through" the arm onto the window. My guess is that someone installed an aftermarket wiper arm and had to cut the nozzle off the motor to get it to fit.
  12. davidparker

    New to TC. Need your opinions

    It certainly will be cool! Please do let us know. We love pics!
  13. davidparker

    New to TC. Need your opinions

    So others may think differently, but IMHO @175k it is not worth the effort to radically mod it. I get the 200k with "body on frame" vehicles and the incremental cost to keep them running. But TC's are throw away at end of life. Just my opinion.
  14. davidparker

    New to TC. Need your opinions

    First off, its a unibody car frame. So lifting is going to be really expensive. If you just wanting to turn it into a mini-camper, there is a lot of info here. The gen 1 (prior to 2013) has more headroom and a leaf spring rear suspension but they are getting up there in mileage. Most folks are going for the gen 2. Its weakest link is the transmission. You can read about that here as well. Some folks are getting over 200,000 miles, but Ford only designed it for 150,000. They have a high resale value because for their size (and price), they can do a lot. After looking at your pics, I don't think a Connect will work for you. You might be better off with the full size Transit.
  15. davidparker

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    If you can get the wiring diagram and the pin locations of the faceplate, you may be able to build a simple harness to mimic the faceplate. Or maybe you can get lucky and find one at a junk yard.
  16. This thread has me thinking about pulling mine out and silicone them back in.... That way I know they won't leak...
  17. Take a look at the transmission threads, its the weakest link in the drivetrain. If it was my vehicle, I would drain and fill the transmission fluid to be safe. Other than that you should be ok. The original roof rails are too expensive to add afterwards, but there are several aftermarket solutions. It really depends on what your wanting them for. Thule has a lot of different carriers that fit their rails. you may want to check them out. Agree with @G B L , a trailer hitch is a nice addition.
  18. You may want to check these out. I have a set for the front (cargo van) and I really like them. I have used them in other vehicles, so I am a repeat customer. https://www.lloydmatsstore.com/rubbertite-floor-mats
  19. If its not a leaking roof rail (or plug if you do not have the rails), or the radio antenna, it may be the windshield.... In this post: https://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/7409-water-on-passenger-footwell/
  20. davidparker

    Transmission/clutch related noise?

    I don't know if the TC bearings require "packing" with grease.... But, when I was first learning about cars, I changed a wheel bearing but didn't know how to properly pack the bearing. It failed about a month later.... So it may not have been the bearing that failed, just the installation. Here is how...
  21. davidparker

    Transmission/clutch related noise?

    Sounds like a wheel bearing to me. Disengaging the clutch or turning changes the load on the bearing and therefore the amount of noise. And if one has gone recently, the other one is certainly suspect.
  22. davidparker


    I have been on both sides of this fence. I had a pickup truck that I took to the car wash once a year in the spring (to wash the salt off) and a hot rod that I washed weekly and waxed about six times a year. My motorcycles get washed often, but only waxed once a year (They are a PITA to wax), I have only had my TC for a few months, but the first week I had it, I gave it a good wax. While doing so, I was surprised to find a build sticker still on the roof! Apparently the dealers don't wash the roofs of vans. Anyhow, my plan is to hand wax it at least twice a year and wash it about every two weeks. As @Jaymz said, I have started using 303 protectant on the plastic and I really like it. It seems to hold up better than others I have used. I'm a fan of Meguiar's products ( I used the professional glaze on the hot rod), so I will be using their basic cleaner/wax on the TC. I agree with @BSUPC about Dawn detergent, not good! I use cheap powdered clothes detergent. A few of my hot rod buddies, swear by it. It seems to work ok, but I am not as sold on it as they are. But it is really cheap! I don't plan on cleaning the engine bay often. Maybe once a year. I probably will just use a simple degreaser like Simple Green. I have used Gunk engine degreaser aerosol spray in the past, but its a little too strong for normal maintenance. @Fifty150, I think I will give your method a try. It might get me to wash it more often. Getting the step stool out to wash the roof, tends to cause me to find something else to do!
  23. davidparker


    What a waste of a beautiful 1959 bel air!
  24. davidparker

    the OH CRAP tote

    I keep a roll of TP in a waterproof bag in my tote. I guess that makes mine a true Oh Crap tote!
  25. davidparker

    New Owner - Camping/Traveling Ideas

    Congrats on your new TC and welcome. I know I like mine, so I am sure you will. too! A lot of plumbers use large diameter PVC pipe mounted on the roof rack to hold pipe. Depending on the size of the reels on your fishing poles, a 4 or 6 inch PVC drain pipe might hold them out of the way. You could mount the pipe inside using the holes in the roof supports or outside. Definitely consider a sun shade for the windshield. That monster piece of glass up front provides a great view, but really catches a lot of sun in the summer. (Bugs and stones, too!)