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  1. MiniGripVan

    Cant Change Clock

    Hey all, Recently my clock reset to 12:00 after a short somewhere that blew the fuse for the interior lights. After replacing the fuse and (hopefully) fixing the short I now can't change my clock. I will go to change it and it after selecting the correct time nothing happens. Thoughts???
  2. Just found out it's an aftermarket alarm, had my mechanic rip it out as it was causing electrical issues in addition I found out Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I am indeed in Los Angeles. The slide is very cool, but my light stands are too long to fit, and the slide takes away a couple precious inches of headroom. Trying to fit a lot of equipment in a small space
  4. MiniGripVan

    Need to change angle of backup camera

    Any chance the dual camera angles are just newer vans? My 2014 doesn't have that option in the menu, Thanks!
  5. Can't find anything about it in the manual, unfortunately. I wonder if there is an app I can reprogram with an OBD module? Thanks
  6. Great thanks, I'll report back. Actually when I use the key it starts honking like I broke in 😕
  7. MiniGripVan

    Need to change angle of backup camera

    That makes sense! Thanks! I'll check it out tonight when I get back to the van
  8. Hi all, Just bought my van, and my 2014 TC XLT honks loudly twice when I unlock and once when I lock. It's really going to bug the neighbors, as I live in a triplex. I can't find any info on how to disable. I tried the Ford 'hold unlock and lock until the blinkers flash" thing and no changes. All Ive heard is it must be an aftermarket alarm, but I cannot find evidence of this and I have an OEM key. Any ideas? Many thanks!
  9. MiniGripVan

    Newbie from LA

    Thanks! Was happy to find the black
  10. Hi all, I just bought a 2014 FTC XLT Cargo and the backup camera is pointed almost straight down...which makes parallel parking with no rear windows a pain. Anyone retro fit a mount that changes the angle of the camera? Thanks!
  11. I've been looking for center caps like these. Mind if I ask where you would recommend finding them online? ****Actually just found them! Thanks for the part numbers! Thanks!
  12. Hey all, My van came with this sweet setup, but it doesn't work for my intended purpose of halting carts full of lighting gear so I'm selling it. CargoGlide CG1000 with nice steel toolbox and dividers. Works great. Retail around $1750-$2000 asking $750
  13. MiniGripVan

    Newbie from LA

    Hey gang, Just got a 2014 TC and I'm in love with it. Had some questions so I wanted to join the forum to see if anyone has any help to offer...and hopefully I can help as well :) Planning on using the van for a small lighting package for the film biz here in Los Angeles. Also, need to sell some toolboxes and a CargoSlide the previous owner left installed in the van if anyone is local I'll list it on the for sale area