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  1. Winter is approaching and I need good all weather liners for my Connect LWB wagon. I'm shocked with the prices, the WeatherTech three-row package costs $269. Is there any other brand like Husky worthy? Does Ford offer something similar? For almost $300 I wonder if I should install the parking aid sensor...
  2. goldfilm

    Backup sound

    DonShockley, I really appreciate your time to answer and the chance to give me a hand if necessary... that's "gold". Unfortunately, I have "0" electric knowledge. I wouldn't mind messing up an old radio —I studied software engineering, so some familiarity with machines I have— but my new car, no way I love the Connect, but I'm disappointed on how basic is without options and, as you mentioned, how difficult is to add options if they were not installed originally. The USB is one example, if I wanted this in the original place (arm rest), I would have to change the whole arm rest because there's not even a whole for the USB. Beyond the wiring, I don't even see an exterior plastic cover where the parking aid sensors would be installed... everything is "you got this, period". Can't complain, I got a great deal because this was a 2014 sleeping in the dealer for a year... so... WYSIWYG. I wouldn't probably get alloy wheels like this one have, instead I'd get the sensors and a lift gate, but we're happy and we saved a few thousands. Thank you guys for helping out. I'll touch base for advice if I decide to get aftermarket sensors.
  3. goldfilm

    Backup sound

    Do you need a front camera to add the front sensor? Do all the vehicles have the capability to add the sensors? I'm discovering that my vehicle is basic, so for example it doesn't have the USB connection because it doesn't have Sync, so I can't find how to charge my phone... I wonder where would the sensors go... Does it make sense to have somebody install the system if it's cheaper than the dealer, or I'd rather do it with them no matter the price?
  4. goldfilm

    Backup sound

    So I guess I'd have to call the dealer and ask for a decent price if I want the parking aid. Ford charges $495 for front and rear or $295 for the rear only. I wonder if our dealer would do it cheaper... but to be honest not sure if I want to spend in just the sound. I already have the back up camera and helps a lot. What would be cool is to improve the visibility in the back through the dual symmetrical doors — through the original rearview mirror (medium to small size) I only see two squares...
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    Backup sound

    I just found out in the 2014 the parking aid sensor was optional and not included in the vehicle we got... so the next question is... if I get the following, how to install it https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=5402634&cc=3298553&jnid=615&jpid=0 And is this the only thing to buy or also connectors, etc.?
  6. goldfilm

    Backup sound

    Sorry for the lack of detail. I meant the interior sound, not the outside for commercial vehicles. So I have the radio on, volume up, and I don't hear a sound when I'm getting close to a vehicle while parking. And I found no settings about it. I wonder if I should pump the volume while backing up...
  7. goldfilm

    Backup sound

    Does the 2014 Connect Wagon XLT come with back up sound alert? I couldn't find it on the manual and when I park I see through the camera, but no sound proximity alert...
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    Welcome, goldfilm

    Hello all, excited to be part of the Connect world. We just bought it as a family vehicle and love the driveability and flexibility. Enjoy the weekend!