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  1. davidparker

    Hello from Florida!

    Congrats on the new toy!
  2. davidparker

    Rallycross a Transit Connect? Yup

    Definitely the nicest looking vehicle out there. Of course we might be a little biased.
  3. davidparker

    Roof Rail Help

    This might help.
  4. davidparker

    Overhead aircraft style storage with doors

    Check this post. @Tully Kieys has a link to the console part. https://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/7307-introducing-myself-and-a-camper/?tab=comments#comment-26602
  5. Check the rear shock absorbers. The bushings or even the shocks may be worn out. But it does sound like a bushing somewhere in the rear suspension.
  6. davidparker

    New member!

    I get a small delay when backing up. In my case I think it is a solenoid triggering. But nothing like a surge.
  7. @tp_connectic there are a couple of makers of swing out/tilting bike racks that attach to a tow hitch that will work with the lift gate. Might be a solution for you. https://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Bike-Racks/Reese/63124.html
  8. davidparker

    remove interior wheel well covers

    Congrats! I wish I had the sliding door window! And although I like my white, there are a LOT of white vans out there.
  9. davidparker

    2018 XLT- Reverse camera question

    You could add a second camera and monitor. They are relatively cheap. I added one to look out the side of my cargo van, total cost was about $200.
  10. davidparker

    Another Newbie coming aboard

    Welcome! I'm sure you will find plenty of useful info here.
  11. davidparker

    2018 XLT- Reverse camera question

    In my '18 owners manual, it says there is a setting for turning on the Rear Camera Delay. It says the camera will stay on until the vehicle reaches 5.0 mph. But, I haven't tried it yet.
  12. davidparker

    SHO Wheels on a '16 TC

    Man that is hard to beat for the money! Very nice!
  13. davidparker

    I hate drum brakes!

    Well, I guess the good news is you probably will never have to change them again!
  14. Its been over 6 months and 5,000 miles since I created this thread so I thought it might be helpful to prospective owners to provide an update.... All the PRO's I listed are still valid. Maneuverability, Room, Comfort, Backup Camera, Cargo Doors, Rear Sensors. I REALLY like the rear sensors! Saved my rear (as in the back of my van) several times, You can also add Gas Mileage to the list and the Power has moved up from indifferent to a positive. It really is decent for a 4 banger. Hauling. I got this van for the ability to haul stuff and man it delivers. I can haul more crap than I could with my truck. I love the side doors for grocery getting. I love the low load height in the back. The swing out doors are way better than dropping a tailgate. For the stuff I haul this is perfect! As for the CONS. The passenger sliding door window is still something I would like. I did add a camera for a side view. It provides just enough visibility that I can live without the window. But its a compromise. However it is good enough that I don't want to add the window now. The Big Key, still sucks. You can add to the CONS that the windshield is a stone magnet. The size and the aerodynamics make it a constant target. I'm sure I will be replacing it one day. I moved the mirrors down from ok, to not really. For me, its just counter intuitive to look further out to see whats closer to me. I have gotten used to them and they do work. It just bugs me. Although, I do like the heated feature. Works great for clearing the frost I forgot to scrape off before I left for work. I'm sort of on the fence as to road noise. It got more noticeable after I got used to the van. On most roads its just there, no big deal. But there as some roads where it crosses over to annoying. I'll probably add some sound deadener eventually. Overall, I REALLY, REALLY like this vehicle. It is better than I had hoped for and I plan on keeping it a long time. I do think that a stripping out the back of a Titanium wagon could have been even better. That way, I could get all the goodies like the windows, headliner, electronics and would still meet my hauling needs. But I wouldn't trade mine in for one, now. Oh and my buddies are still giving me crap about driving a van
  15. davidparker

    Hi from the SF Bay Area!

    Wow, that is a change G500 to TC. Send us pics when you get the rack and wheels. I have been eyeing the Rhino platform. For a rack its pretty cool.