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  1. Dave Spicer

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    I just returned from a 7300+ mile trip from far northern Maine to Asheville NC, then Salt Lake City, then home to Maine. Took most of August. That helped me make the top 5 list for my '14 XLT LWB passenger model, bought used in February 2018: #1 is comfort. Even the 800-mile push on the last day back wasn't physically demanding. #2 is economy. Interstate speed limits as high as 75 and 80, elevations of 7000 feet, various cargoes - all of it returned 29 mpg. #3 is capability. Even long mountain climbs at high speed and high elevation on I-80 were no problem. The cruise control could call up 5000 RPM in 4th if it needed to. #4 is visibility. All that front, rear and side glass gives a really good view out. #5 is overall thoughtfulness of design. The whole package seems really well thought out. Kudos to Ford Europe!
  2. Found the answer on this forum - a search for "ransack" is the fastest way there. The dealer was right.
  3. I recently relocated from western NC to far northern Maine, and asked the local dealer about having a block heater put on my 2014 TC 2.5L. They told me the exhaust manifold would have to be removed and the job would be from 3 to 5 hours labor. Has anyone else run into this?
  4. Dave Spicer

    Row 2 and 3 seat weights - 2014 model

    In case no one had mentioned them in the forum before: Row 3 - 54.5 lb. each Row 2 single - 54 lb. Row 2 double - 72 lb. Total - 235 lb. These figures are at least close - standing on a bathroom scale while holding each of them was a little dicey.