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  1. I have called numerous dealerships. Usually they don't even know the TC SWB exists. I finally got through (evening Jan 2, 2019) to the one selling me a TC SWB diesel who wrote the order the end of August, 2018, The same guy who had emailed me Dec 31, 2018 writing "The information from my Ford rep indicates that they should begin scheduling the SWB Transit Wagons with Diesel Engines sometime in the month of January.".Now he is saying that the TC SWB's have been delayed and would not start issuing build dates before the END of April, 2019, and to expects my order to take 3 months more than that before it gets in my hands.I'm losing the little trust I had with Ford dealers. And it seems they quietly canceled the TC SWB, but I guess that does not count as a car
  2. Went to Ford 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Build your own page.Diesel is no longer offered, choosing the "Regular" wheelbase gets a "Combination not available."WHAT HAPPENED??Wife wanted a SWB.
  3. OP here - Ordered ours about 2 weeks ago with swb, diesel, symmetrical rear doors. Not much else because it's primarily SWMBO's vehicle. SWMBO wanted a SWB Ford minivan , it only comes in Diesel
  4. Tried to find a way to private message (PM) you but didn't. Tried to edit my prior message but the forum told me it was too late. SO You wrote ordered in September. Was there any special reason it took so long? I'm wanting to order a 2019 SWB diesel. Many reasons. But it is listed as limited availability and I'll probably need another vehicle in the interim between ordering in September and eventual delivery. But the dealer said that might be a month to ???. If I figure on looking at 6 months my best bet might be to pick up a used econo box in the interim. If it will be a month a short term lease/long term rental might be better. So I'm wondering why your order took about 6 months.
  5. Love it! That's the color I'm looking for in a 2019.
  6. ford-diesel

    Looking to get a diesel

    Presently OWNING a Hybrid AND having had to replace the battery at about 108K it's not rare to me. I've an '88 E350 Diesel maxivan, and '02 F350 CC dually and the '09 VW Jetta TDI I know the tradeoffs with diesel. I'm not the typical "American" consumer. As I wrote: Or is this forum one of those where people can't stick to a topic but must spout whatever comes to their minds? I hadn't seen it necessary to put in that we "commute" between north Mississippi and Northern Virginia, about 850 miles, every few months. A single 14 hour trip on the average. That tends to rule out pure EV.
  7. ford-diesel

    Looking to get a diesel

    Perhaps you didn't read: What hybrid mini-van does Ford offer? The C-Max with a whopping 42 cubic feet with the seats folded? Could she load as much in the Cmax's 42 cubic feet as the TC's 77 cubic feet with seats folded? What will it cost to replace the battery pack? The pack ALONE without labor costed $800 for our 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. $800 buys A LOT OF diesel. Thank you for responding, it shows this forum is not dead.
  8. ford-diesel

    Looking to get a diesel

    I'm in the quest for a diesel to replace my 2009 VWTDI. My wife wants: a Ford (because it's the only dealer in town) A minivan for ease of parking with plenty of room for shopping (she had a Dodge Caravan mini, circa 1996 and loved it) An automatic. We were about to buy a 2017/2018 SWB Transit Connect when I read about the 2019 Transit Connect standard/SWB coming standard with a diesel. I was very happy when I read about that. I HAD a 1978 VW Diesel Rabbit, loved it got up to 65MPG on trips running light. I've GOT a 1988 Ford F350 diesel conversion van, a 2002 F350 dually diesel and two diesel Kubota tractors so I like the diesel powerplant.. I'm primarily here for hints and tips on the rest of the vehicle.
  9. Just recently found out that the diesel was going to be standard. Now I'm wondering what else I should plan on ordering. It's replacing a 2009 VW TDI that got up to 47MPG on long trips so I'm rather excited that ford decided to introduce it. What are "useless" upgrades versus "got to have" upgrades?