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  1. emassa15

    17 TC wagon headliner access

    I'm replacing the stock roof rack with a Yakima track system. Was hoping to do the same thing but it's easier to take the whole roof down then risk damaging it. The airbag system is pretty massive. The trickiest part is the plastic retainer with the airbag logo above the sliding doors (don't worry it's not connected to the airbag system). The center of the retainer pulls straight out, then the clip can be removed. I'll upload some photos this afternoon.
  2. Thanks for the inspiration! Looks great so far! I'm going to start my soundproofing and insulation job this weekend, so far I have the seats, roof, floor and all rear trim removed..... I haven't removed the front seats, shelf, or front headliner yet... any Pro Tips? I was also thinking about "carefully" using spray foam in some of the pillars and wall pockets?
  3. emassa15

    Eyeglass holder - Third Party

    Has anyone else done any mods on this? I know some of you guys have to have a 3D printer.....
  4. Thanks for the great feedback guys, not what I wanted to hear but it makes a lot of sense. I'm planing on removing the rear interior side panels and wanted to incorporate the rear vents in my new build. What initially sparked my interest was the Webasto heater, found on the Wellhouse "Evie". I realize going from a fan to adding heat, is a compleatly different game (and our vans arn't diesel) but that's the level of finish I'm looking for. *perhaps a little less tea time with grandma and a little more Mountain bike frendly, but you get the idea.
  5. Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight how to run my wagons ventilation system overnight with an auxiliary battery? No heat or AC, I just want it to blow air, I figured it would look much cleaner than the battery powered fans I currently hang on the windows while camping. I don't really have any vehicle wiring experience but I'd like to learn. I was thinking about a Fan-tastic Vent, but the roof cutout is a large commitment and it might be overkill for my occasional use...
  6. emassa15

    Interior LED lighting upgrade

    Yes I would like to add additional interior lights, however first I was wondering if anyone has swapped over there interior light bulbs to LED's? I want to make a few power additions and really don't want to have to add another battery, so I figured I'd try to get the lighting as effiecnt as possible. Thoughts?
  7. emassa15

    Eyeglass holder - Third Party

    Thanks for the update, I just looked into it, it sounds like like if you want the sunglasses holder you have to either buy a titanium or replace the whole upper console. Crazy?
  8. emassa15

    Eyeglass holder - Third Party

    That's pretty slick, Thanks! I just purchased a 2015 TC wagon and it has the plastic spot for the holder but it was never punched out. .25 cent part, come on Ford! Has anyone hacked this?
  9. emassa15

    Am I missing trim on my 2015 steering column?

    Thanks for all of the feedback. The weathertech mats are pretty nice they fit well, nice and deep. I also have the full length interior mat which is huge and great for throwing gear in the back. I think I'm going to cut it down though so that I can fold up the middle seat, (too much junk rolling around while driving) we'll see.
  10. emassa15

    Rear storage

    Very nice, where did you get the sliding hinge and hardware?
  11. Just put in weather tech matts and noticed you can see the steering column on the 2015connect wagon xlt?
  12. emassa15

    Window Tint

    Just had the driver and passenger door done, also did a strip across the top of the windshield ($170). I wanted to do a limo tint on the rest of the windows but the shop dident want to do it, "too much work"!!?? Im pretty happy with the windshild strip it looks stock, and helps for that huge windshield.