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  1. I bought a generic XL mirror online it slips over current, or you could remove it and reglue it a few inches over
  2. This is great news, Ford is one of the few american icons left
  3. Thelegend

    Where to begin with TC?

    I daydream every day about turnung mine into a lone wolf camper.
  4. Thelegend

    Transit Camper

    Would be perfect for 1 guy and his dog to put around the woods. Ahh sounds like a dream
  5. Thelegend

    Crash Test

    If they work together that would be an awkward locker discusion.
  6. Thelegend

    Wunderwagon11 from Carson valley NV

    I feel the same way. Got mine for work, and when I am sitting in the back eating lunch, I find myself daydreaming about buying another and making a camper myself.
  7. Has any one done their own tint on one of these beasts yet?
  8. Thelegend

    Crash Test

    I know it's in poor taste to reply to my own topis but found this video after made me laugh.
  9. Thelegend

    Crash Test

    Found this video while bored, pretty cool. Maybe that is just because I grew up with "the crash test dummy commercials"
  10. Thelegend

    Hello From Tallahasse

    Hello Mortals, I am a supisingly proud owner of a 2013 XLT, I own a small handyman service and have found many advantages in the short time I have owned it. I resisted this beast at first but have grown to appreciate the ease of driving down small tight roads, Which are plentiful where I live. The saftey is also a bonus as to were would the world be without The Legend! After-thought: I have heard of a deal between aftermarket and ford, does anyone know a specific website?