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  1. Thank god I havet posted up in years... y'all are breakin this poor guys Balls over HUBCAPS. REALLY?! That's kinda petty. Just be happy anyone still has the 11' model that's not totally destroyed or Delivers Flowers and Oxygen to dying people in hospice. Triggered? Na. Just hate bullies. Can't wait to post up my lifted mountain camper so you can pick it death for all its impurities. Laters y'all
  2. Wunderwagon11

    Custom Floor Drawer System

    Very nice work! Great idea. Did it add much weight? I'm currently doing my own fabbing to my TC. Making a steel workbench and such. Fabbing outside in the snow... Been their as well.
  3. Wunderwagon11

    Wunderwagon11 from Carson valley NV

    We just got ours in early August and we freakin love it!!! Bought it for our Mobil business but now want to get one for our daily and rec vehicle. So versatile and compact. Anyways... Hi and see ya around.