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    Window Tint

    I have done a lot of tint over the past ten years, below is what works best for me... Patience and time is the key, don’t rush it. 1 – cut the exact size rectangle out of the film by placing it on a hardboard surface and using a steel rule and very sharp knife (new knife blade) 2 – tape the film to the window so the top, sides and bottom are in the right place 3 – hold the film down at the rounded corners and trim with the sharp blade (make sure none of the film will be lifted over the rubber seal) 4 – clean the window area with slightly soapy water and dry off with a lint free cloth (you don’t want the cloth to leave tiny bits on the glass to get stuck under the film) 5 – spray a soapy water mix onto the glass, make sure the whole area is wet 6 – remove the backing from the film (pick a corner and using tape on both sides, peel apart) 6a - spray the sticky side of the film as you peel the backing off, it helps prevent the film sticking together if it folds over 7 – make sure the film doesn’t bend over and stick to itself – if it does, bin it and start again(this happened to me alot in the start) 8 – place the film on the wet window 9 – spray soapy water onto the top of the film – this will aide the squeegee in the next step 10 – squeegee the film - start in the centre and hold in place with your hand next to where you start each stroke then squeegee away from your hand towards the edge of the window (I find a 3 to 4 inch squeegee is the right size) 11 – as you get the water out of the film, dry around the edges For a window that winds down, cut the film an inch bigger in height. When you apply it to the window, have the window wound up and apply the bottom part first, sliding it under the rubber seal (make sure you have wetted under the seal before applying the film). Cut the edges at least an eighth of an inch away from the side seals so they don’t touch the film at all as the window goes up and down. Also make sure the top of the film doesn’t touch the top seal. The only thing I find difficult is keeping the area clean and keeping dust out of the air. Any dust on the film will show as a speck/bubble. Don’t let the film sit around once the backing is removed, it will collect dust very quickly. Hope that helps
  2. Carguy1981

    Transit Camper

    Wow it looks really tight but it would be a nice woods camper,for hunting and such.
  3. Carguy1981

    Crash Test

    Someone has some esplaining to do. lol