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  1. 2016 TC XLT. cargo, nice and quiet on fresh or dark pavement,older gray pavement gets noisy..no complaints but while i'm in my panels and wheel wells adding power ports, shore power and other wiring etc i would like to add insulation...something non adhesive and easy to pack in such as polyfill or kraft type insulation...kind off a 50/50 sound deadening thermal application would be fine...suggestions..advice
  2. Used retired credit card edge to scrap off the majority then 91% isopropyl which works well but leaves a slight residue. Hit it with some quick auto spray wax to restore shine. Thinking there has to be a better way
  3. 2016 TC XLT Is there a way to pop this out?..i need the receptacle where the coin holder is so my adapter clears my parking brake handle.
  4. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/06/14/ford-fusion-hybrid-taxi-diesel-transit-connect/
  5. I have been leaving spare fob on the mat and using my other fob to gain entry(fob always stays clipped to my belt)...once inside grab fob off the mat and use it to start vehicle. Am i violating protocol possibly draining vehicle battery(has not occurred) or draining the fob battery? So far all is well with all operations.
  6. Lots of posts on this subject but nothing in particular on the 6F35 transmission. I quite often slide the shifter in N at extended stops..idle smoother and easier on my left leg. In N is the pump working and still pushing fluid through the cooler ?
  7. Willygee

    Long traffic lights is ok to shift into neutral?

    Thanks Mike..My TCgen2 seems happier in N at stops especially with the AC on..less buzzy. Without the AC on idle in D is quite smooth..nature of a 4cyl engine i guess.
  8. Looking forward to your results..the f150 forum a guy was getting results w/ his 2018.I'm trying to disable lights at idle in park.Both dealers completely useless.
  9. This one gets decent reviews...still researching if it will work on a 16 gen2 TC. https://www.amazon.com/OHP-ELMconfig-compatible-interface-diagnostics/dp/B01F0GVBWY/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  10. Willygee

    2014 TC Rear Blower Motor

    Cold air can push the envelope...i feel your pain..glad it is quiet again.
  11. I would like to kill all lights at idle parked...rears are easy as they are off with lamp ring switch all the way clockwise but the fronts stay on. Looking at the headlamp PDF i believe from beta don,it looks like i can interrupt the grounds at G109 and G106,my thoughts using a relay and interior switch for this. Yes,no any other options?
  12. I understand this will disable lights eng off doors open but will it kill the lights engine idling in park?
  13. Willygee

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Road noise @ 70....more, less?
  14. I'd like to size up the wattage of the headlamp units(high beam highest) x2 and size the appropriate relay unit normally closed and have a toggle at or under the dash.
  15. I do know headlamp connectors are easy to get to. Colors match schematic.
  16. Willygee

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Any link to these titanium thermal shims?
  17. Disregard the lower schematic...can't seem to edit it out
  18. Speaking of secret hiding places for a single FOB...thinking of a waterproof container or bag but where to hide it? My 97 ram van class b(sold) spare entry key inside of tail lite housing.