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  1. lmtd8099

    Driver's Side Rear Door Ajar

    Thanks for your thoughts. I got the second recall notice and that checked out fine with their online instructions. I'm wondering if the dealer might be willing to still take a look. Perhaps they originally weren't installed properly and they failed anyhow. Just a bit frustrating since I just purchased the van.
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased a 2014 Transit Connect passenger LWB. Today I started getting errors regarding the rear driver's side door being ajar. The latches have been replaced properly under the recall. I've been doing lots of research but have yet to find the conclusive answer on what is needed to resolve. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hi there, new to the forum looking for some opinions on a FTC I'm looking at. Unfortunately, there is just a lack of info on Consumer Reports about these vans. I'm looking at a 2015 FTC passenger with long wheel base. It is priced at $10,500 and has 80k miles. I'm most concerned about reliability and whether I should be looking for something with fewer miles. I'm comparing it to minivans, most of which cost significantly more and get less gas mileage. Appreciate any thoughts.