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  1. MLB

    Do 15" steel wheels fit?

    You only need to worry about the weight rating if you plan to haul near the 1600 lb weight limit. For most that never approach that, it's a needless concern.
  2. MLB

    Battery Jump Starter?

    If you let any lithium ion battery sit too long and get too low on charge you damage it forever. The only way to keep those kinds of things alive is to charge them (and not up to 100% ideally) every other month or 3 months at most. it's a PITA and next to nobody remembers to do it, so they often don't work when needed.
  3. BS - It's about a 20% hit on mpg's for equivalent cost reduction. It is stupid to make it from corn, that's for sure.
  4. Double DIN installed and got it back with time and date correct but after the battery died I lost the setup and the double din install loses the buttons to set the time/date. There are no steering wheel controls. Any other way to access the settings or should I find a nice picture to mount there as I planned?
  5. SafeLite will put the same one as oem for about $450
  6. MLB

    leather seat covers

    I hate the velcro like nature of the fabric on my seats relative to my dogs hair. i want to add a seat heater and thinking I'll go all out and get a leather seatcovers for easier cleaning. Anyone replaced with anything they'd recommend or know of a good supplier for reasonable prices?
  7. Maximum tongue weight is 200lbs and you reduce that for bike haulers because the weight is further back. Recommendation from the maker was 1/2 the rated tongue weight. You can see from the fender/tire gap that the back is sagging heavily. I wouldn't be happy driving that. JMO I've used a hauler on a heavier XR (300lbs) with a Toyota 4Runner with 750lb tongue weight capacity and you couldn't tell it was there but that was on a very hd vehicle. Does't the back end bottom on any bump?
  8. MLB

    2.5 breaks in

    at 6700 miles my TC is suddenly much smoother and peppier than it used to be! I noticed the idle seemed smoother and then i chirped the tires coming off stops a few time and I don't floor it. The top end performance is noticably better as well. Will see if the mpg change, currently avg 26.4mpg long term (math done, not the stupid inaccurate computer reading). Have liked the car a lot for a stripped cargo van, now I like it even more.
  9. MLB

    Heated Seats

    Iv'e replaced seats in quite a few vehicles and it's usually the bracket bolted to the seat that is the individual part, and that bracket can often (not always) be used with other seats. FWIW
  10. MLB

    leather seat covers

    Decent leather holds up way better than any fabric and is much easier to deal with dog hair. I guess if your dog claws things up you might have a problem. I never have with multiple dogs over multiple vehicles. Yes Katskins or similar is what I'll do. I've also done them in a Miata, small world. Prices are similar.
  11. MLB

    Cargo Mat for Van Models

    They are about 2-3,000 less and it's not hard to see the content difference and feel the driving difference. Tons of TC's driving around our city and almost everyone compared to the Chevy (nissan) because we have a GM truck plant in our city. Most test drove both and then bought the TC, like me. Much cheaper feeling vehicle with much smaller engine and a rubber band transmission. (cvt) There's more there than there is about customs.
  12. Yeh, that's the sole reason for me to buy this versus a comparable earlier disk playing model for $150 less. I make deliveries and looking forward to having a 7" display with maps and voice control. No rear glass so I need a backup camera and the dash cams are just good idea these days for commercial vehicles. I'm hoping the back up cam gives me enough visability to skip getting a window installed in the right side door. If so I'll have paid for 1/2 the system in savings there.
  13. under the passenger seat? I"ve seen a couple of very thin (3" or less) small woofers in plastic housings with amplifier that look like they'd fit under the seat. Anyone tried one? They are small diameter (6-8") so not going for THUMP, just some actual bass noise. Like this: http://www.jbl.com/car-subwoofers/ https://www.shop.com/KENWOOD+KSC+SW11+Kenwood+Compact+Powered+Subwoofer+Enclosure+150W+Max+power+Wired+Remote+Control-1583085226-p+.xhtml?sourceid=298&CAWELAID=120179650037056799&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=22435473779&CATCI=pla-65399634571&CATARGETID=120179650035805681&cadevice=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwmK3OBRBKEiwAOL6t1BW59QJCgBdHqOQOOT3Pzc7YZmZaQRiiiKKqrRuqeosQXXTcCZd4lBoCYGEQAvD_BwE
  14. MLB

    TC Towing a Backhoe

    LOL< Cool that looks like fun! I came to see what crazy mf'er was gonna haul a tractor.
  15. PLENTY of room under there! I got the Kenwood ksc-w11 self powered subwoofer and it fits' in the little storage space under the passenger seat but I'll probably put it under the drivers seat to keep the silly little storage space. Sub and rear speakers (JL Audio) , back up camera and dash cam came today. Head unit (Kenwood dmx7704s) and front component speakers coming separately. Gonna have it professionally installed. Can't wait.
  16. Is there a problem using their steering wheel controls?
  17. Not much there. Has anyone figured out how much height there is to use under the seats?
  18. MLB

    Wheel Size Question

    Unless you plan to actually haul 1,600lbs (or something close to that) you don't need specially rated wheels or tire. The car weighs the same or less than a Fusion.
  19. MLB

    Aftermarket Bluetooth

    My 2.5 is flex fuel. E85 loses more mpg than it saves equivalent $. Great for turbo's and hotly modified cars.
  20. What if your TC doesn't have steering wheel controls?
  21. MLB


    You're wasting oil that could easily go 4 -5 times that mileage.
  22. MLB

    E85 regular users?

    ALL the turbo's and high hp guys run E85 with special tunes due to it's higher performance capabilities. (cooler, less chance of detonation) No it won't give you equal mpg, yes it will make more power if the car has the tuning to take advantage of it.
  23. MLB

    Pics of the new DD modded

    Looks great! Crossbars will howl.