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    My post was not meant as criticism,only that the groups were not a good fit for me.
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    Resigned from 2 TC Facebook groups because I got sick of wading through "look at me" and "me too" posts. Very disorganized,impulse driven,no search and lack of technical info. Also seemed to be dominated by Brits with diesels,mods and strange slang.
  3. JackGrimshaw

    Water dripping from overhead console

    Google is your friend! My memory wasn't the greatest............In this instance it turned out to be windshield. . To those who want to remove roof plugs........ Treat them as one time use!! I installed the mounting rails for my rack and most of those plugs broke when I tried to remove them. I used rubber washers on each bolt with silicone sealant and no leaks in 4 yrs
  4. JackGrimshaw

    Water dripping from overhead console

    Why do you think condensation?Do your windows have condensation on the inside on cold mornings? To have that much condensation,something must be soaked,like carpet or padding under the rubber mat in the panel version.Check the cowl drains on the engine side of the fire wall. There have been reports of leaks around the antenna in some TCs
  5. JackGrimshaw

    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    Whatever rack you decide on,I suggest you install a mounting channel to spread the weight using the existing holes covered by the plastic plugs. Here is a picture showing a rivnut on the inside of my 2016 TC that secures the chanel for my Weatherguard adjustable ladder rack. As you can see,this "trough" has a lot more support than the thin sheet metal of the rest of the roof. Using rivnuts in the existing holes also means not having to remove interior trim or drilling near side airbags (View is passenger side rear hole showing roof and side wall just forward of rear door)
  6. JackGrimshaw

    Bulkhead Vents

    I have read that there are 2 vents in the rear pillars that allow air out under the rear bumper. This allows fresh air to come in through the cowl(unless you have the recirculate button pushed). They also allow you to slam your doors and not pop your ear drums. I imagine the bulkhead vents equalize pressure between the front and back
  7. JackGrimshaw

    It’s a mystery...

  8. JackGrimshaw


    Footwell space has a hump in the middle as if there were a driveshaft for rear wheel drive. Not much height to mount a winch. No clue why.I'll look in the spring when the snow melts. First thing to do is figure how much pull you need. Then see what is available in that range. If you have the false floor,pull it up and you will find various threaded holes(8mm I think) Most likely you will need to build a subframe to support your pull and mount the winch
  9. JackGrimshaw

    Interior bed liner

    I would be concerned about unpleasant/toxic odors when the interior heats up in the summer. As for the floor,nothing beats a sheet of plywood for protection. The same goes for the side walls,you only need 12 inches.
  10. JackGrimshaw

    Inexpensive rubber floor mats?

    When I bought my 2016,my kids bought me a set of Weather Tech for the front.I have a gravel drive and deal with mud in the spring and snow in the winter. They are not cheap but I thank my kids every time I pull them out to empty out the crud.No vacuum,no brush,just a slight fold and they slide out without any spillage.
  11. JackGrimshaw

    Solution: Blower Fan noise, dash vibration and MICE

    I folded a piece of 1/2 in hardware cloth and with creative folding managed to create a shape that remained in place.Note the double fold. Make sure any screen does not impact door operation. With these 2 cowl pieces removed I vacuumed loads of maple seeds and rodent stashed acorns from this area.There are a few drainage channels above wheel wells that are easily blocked. I would recommend all TC owners to periodically check your cabin air filter.There are many horror stories on the net of plugged filters,burnt out fans,macerated mice,mouse feces and persistent bad odors. If your TC is still under warrantee and the filter is damaged ,go to the dealer and BITCH! There should be a software fix to solve this open door.
  12. JackGrimshaw

    Solution: Blower Fan noise, dash vibration and MICE

    At a service last month(2016 LWB),the tech noticed rodent damage to my cabin filter so I did an "exploratory" to find the rodent path.There was a previous post by another member who had the same issue. Carefully remove wiper arms(I had to buy a puller) marking shaft and location. Remove plastic piece with intake vents. Remove lower plastic piece.Cabin intake door(open) is seen on the firewall top center. Now here is where Ford has screwed up.Certain combinations of heater controls and cabin air recirculation button will leave the intake door open when key is turned off. Pictures 2 and 3,opened and closed. To be continued:
  13. JackGrimshaw

    2014+ TC Camper Conversion

    Justin,post your location and the distance you are willing to drive to get your measurement and ask for a volunteer.You are welcome to stop by and measure my TC. Also,join the Transit Connect Camper facebook group.You may find someone in the middle of a build who is willing to measure.
  14. jdub3 Yes,I believe so.(no label but measurements seem to match)
  15. Don't know if this will help but here's a picture of my 2016 with an older yakima box. There is room to slide the box over towards the edge even more but I like to access it from the rear sometimes
  16. JackGrimshaw

    Installing an RV roof vent/fan

    Some thought should be given to placement.I know centering looks the best,but if you ever plan on purchasing a roof box like Thule or Yakima ( I have one and they're great),you will need to offset the location.
  17. Just guessing you have right hand drive? I went out and looked at my 2016 and when I tried to pull hood latch with the door closed,the latch handle would hit the plastic door panel before the hood would pop. However,if i grabbed the handle on the side closest to the exterior,I could gently pull it diagonally enough to clear the plastic panel. Some booster packs will charge your battery through your cigarette lighter. https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/15893/is-it-possible-to-charge-car-battery-through-cigar-lighter-socket
  18. JackGrimshaw

    2014 Vent Adapter "Offset"

    I would try and contact seller.He has a pretty good rep and has been mentioned in a few conversions as a seller of thinsulate insulation.
  19. JackGrimshaw

    Load restraint tracks

    You don't say what you want to install.There are some threaded holes on the side walls that I assume are mounting points for seat belts in the passenger version.I have installed D rings for load restraint in my 2016. There are also metal ribs where you could use self drilling screws for lower strength attachments.Your ply lining is attached to something.It may be best to remove plywood and inspect,depending on what your needs are.
  20. JackGrimshaw

    2016 passenger 350 xlt rear seats

    Silicone caulk. If you change your mind it would be easy to remove. If you don't care if it's flat,use hex head metric bolts.
  21. Do you have a number or picture?
  22. JackGrimshaw

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    My wife says she "hates" my 2016 LWB because the passenger seat is so uncomfortable.We both have had hip issues,she has had a hip replacement and I have had a metal rod inserted through my hip joint to repair a broken femur. We called this type of seat a " bucket seat " in the 60's.The raised sides would keep your butt from sliding around as you made fast corners in your Mustang or MG,something that's not really needed in a TC. On longer trips,the TC seat becomes uncomfortable because you are forced to sit in one position with the seat sides applying pressure on the hips.(neither of us is exceptionally wide). I have purchased memory foam bathmats from a big box store which,when folded in half,adds about 2 in (uncompressed) to the center of the seat which does help,but does not solve,the problem.
  23. When I used to haul my sail boards,I would use 2 straps for each board on the cross bars if side by side or use 2 straps on stacked boards with a foam "wishbone" in between.You also need a stiff foam covering(think pipe insulation) on the cross bars. When strapping to roof rack systems,you want most of the force downward ,not outward,to eliminate any side to side movement.