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  1. mrtn

    low power

    Check for leaks. I had a leak in boost sensor hose and also a bad boost sensor. No power whatsoever.
  2. https://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/7465-3-front-seats/?tab=comments#comment-27853
  3. mrtn

    GOT IT!!!

    In the world of halogens they are. Complete crap compared to my Toyota or Honda with factory HID which light up the moon if needed but better than Gen2 with halogens.
  4. mrtn

    Basic Maintenance Suggestions

    Heh, my dealer insisted on the transmission fluid to be for life.
  5. mrtn

    GOT IT!!!

    Gen1 headlights are much better than Gen2.
  6. mrtn

    GOT IT!!!

    Osram Nightbreakers work very, very good in the headlights. No need to mess with LEDs.
  7. mrtn

    Basic Maintenance Suggestions

    In snow belt it’s advisable to perform underbelly wash every once in a while in the winter to get salt/mud out of places you don’t want it. The thicker the dirt layer the better it is for salt to do its thing. It should be available in every car wash.
  8. My leaf springs never made a squeak during the 10 years of ownership.
  9. Exactly. Dont remove them unless absolutely necessary.
  10. The front suspension is quite fordish. Luckily the suspension parts are cheap. But the tie rods only have outer ends. If the inner ones go it's the steering rack.
  11. The wrap shop removed mine and offered to order me a new set as they saw that the plugs will not be watertight when reinstalled. I said screw this, I'll fit them myself. Took me 10 minutes to fix the plugs with some silicone. Been fine since.
  12. mrtn

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    Intercooler pipes enlarge under boost, that's normal. That's why they have the metal rings on them.
  13. mrtn

    What part is this & how do I stop it leaking?

    You'll get an instand reply in transit connct'ed facebook group. Lots of diesel guys there.
  14. I don't have the roof rack either, just the plugs for the bolt holes.
  15. My rain groove rack plugs leaked after removing them once for vinyl wrapping. Put some silicone under the plugs.
  16. mrtn


    That’s pretty good. The fact that the all glass roof piece survived the head-on collision without cracking speaks of excellent passenger compartment rigidity.
  17. mrtn

    Transmission/clutch related noise?

    Note that the bearings are different for ABS-equipped variants. Pretty sure the bearing is available locally as it should be the same as in Focus. Not 100% sure.
  18. mrtn

    Transmission/clutch related noise?

    How does it go away with disengaged clutch then? The wheel bearings are a weak point in these vans tho.
  19. mrtn

    the OH CRAP tote

    Most normal contractors drive Rangers and Hiluxes, some Nissans and Isuzus, but these are minority. I never have and never will understand the bling watch fetish. I get it if your business involves hanging out with wrinkly old white dudes on a golf course but other than that - a G-Shock or even the F-91W should do just fine on a normal work day.
  20. mrtn


    Word. The Bug was never intended to save anyone from a bigger than average bird in a collision but I still get the true radical conservatives praising superiority of old American Iron. Right:
  21. mrtn

    the OH CRAP tote

    There's a warehouse construction next to my "home" gas station 5 minutes from my house. All the guys there are hauling their gear around in the latest model Denalis, Laramies and Raptors. If I was the client I would think that I might be overpaying for the job. Note that these trucks cost A LOT more over here, Denali and RAM Laramie are €70K, Raptor is €86K.
  22. mrtn

    the OH CRAP tote

    I have the same floor jack. It's great but has only one issue: it doesn't fit in the case with the handle installed. Have to remove it every time after use.
  23. Once you have removed the nut just soak the connection in WD-40 for a few hours and pull the wiper off the peg. It's a cone with miniature splines. Do not yank or you'll damage the underlaying mechanism or break the wiper. The best solution is using a small puller. Now that I think of it I recall having used these as a single-sided pullers:
  24. mrtn

    My air filter was torn - is my engine in trouble?

    You must have thought we had ran out of stupidity in the world by now?