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  1. CAGE B8

    Rear speaker harness location

    BOOM! Update for those that give a care! That c710 harness, although it appears to be located inside the vehicle where you can get to it easily, it's actually located just behind the side door "chain". You simply open the sliding door, pop off the smal round plastic clips and snap out the chain guid conector at the base of the door sill - BAMB.. there's your harness. I am however regretting to inform that my VAN version doesn't seem to have wires in this location. I will however update the SECOND i figure out how far back in the harness they are.
  2. No problem guys. I of course have a life outside of the van, and I just don't think he quite gets that messaging MEGAN back/forth isn't high on my priorities list (which is also why this thread isn't booming with updates). I am however climbing in mileage on the current setup, and I've even had a guy stop by my place of employment to play the "whats your setup?" game. I'm just not ready to release the DETAILS yet because I don't need another "ToasterVan" scenario, lol. I promise once this SPring show/ride is gone I'll be back hard ta finding a TRUE bolt on "list" of part #s, where to order/what to order, etc right here on THIS forum and not any other. Speaking of - I was told you are all "old" and have no interest in modifying your suspension and that it would be better suited for the "fitment" crowd...
  3. Her sure man. There really aren't that many places to "hide" a compressor/tank on our vans without having to hear it ROAR inside the cabe/box either. Add in the maintenance/etc. Although I love the look/idea of being bagged, I'm a "static" guy as well. The main thing with the GAZ setup (for me at least) is the lead time post placing an order, the shipping time and additional customs cost, multiplied by the product cost it's self. I'd much rather invest the time in to finding something stateside and releasing the part numbers to my fellow goons, I just want to make sure I have the easiest "go-to" setup ready before releasing some "half-assed" info. Not to mention, If I end up turning spacers for the rear shock solution (I'm still looking into), I want to make sure I have 30 or so turned ready to mail out when everyone is ready. As you can see from the comments LostInTransit made (I think he deleted them), other folks getting involved at this point only makes things more difficult. Still not sure why he felt the need to email the rep at MEGAN to "verify" something he expressed he (and others) had no interest in, but it may explain why the rep has seemed to have lost interest in helping me in a prompt manner. He is however still co-operative so that is a thing The other good thing though, determining a "cheaper" shock fit will give me a solid baseline to approach a company like Fortune, HandR, etc about providing me with available parts/product they already have or could maybe produce for me (at my expense obviously). All I ask is that everyone bare with me and not "poke around" the one guy that actually is helping a little ... while I try to get my project bikes ready for show in June. I promise I'll have more solid info and share it with folks as soon as I have a "solid" setup.
  4. The front is identical (from a bolt-on stand point, save the spring rates) across the Fusion/Focus/Fiesta/etc and the rear only has SMALL visual difference between models, so you're def spot-on. The part numbers however - when cross referencing what other car had the closest spring rate - was definitely not ST (as you can imagine). The many "world chasis'ed" cars kinda made it pain but there's at least two different models. So I went with the MODEL specific that had the matching spring part number - although MEGAN probably runs the same across the range as long as they "fit".. which seems to be evident from the email responses I've gotten. The rear bump stops however need HEAVY modification to set flush and clean inside of the perchs that come with the "kit" rear springs. Check the other posts to see the problems with "limiting" - you'll have a good idea of how dangerous it would be to ride around with loose perches lol.
  5. LOL @ Doctored images. Can't tell if the "FAIL" remark is sarcasm of not but... emailing the guy I'm sure didn't help my process at all. I have project bikes that pull priority so I don't have much time to focus on it outside of poking around when I can't sleep (like now). My last correspondence with him was on March 18th when I shared the finding below with him. I've been screwing around with the idea of "universal" shocks and simply turning the spacers needed to properly fit in their respective perches to actually make the rear setup "safe" for constant use. The stock shocks simply do not "limit" the rear travel enough for me to confidently navigate sh** roads. With that being said, I've determined fully Decompressed and Compressed measurements as well as "load" height measurements. It seems like currently I'm in the sweet spot of needing no more than 18" fully decompressed for the CURRENT rear setup that came with the "kit" I ordered, and 11" fully compressed. Otherwise limiting straps may be in order. The limiting issue is literally the only thing holding this back from working flawlessly. The last email I received from Richard was the willingness to help search for matching brand eye-to-eye options they CURRENTLY carry, simply so I can finish a "matching " setup with part numbers to order for those that are interested in the application. I haven't heard anything back though - richard@meganracing.com Mar 18 (7 days ago) to me William, Let me see what I can do for you. I don't recall having a double eye style shock laying around, but I will check and get back to you next week about it. thanks. Richard Kong Business Development & Operations Manager Megan Racing Inc 19481 San Jose Ave City Of Industry CA 91748 USA Tel: 626-581-0988 Fax:626-581-4332 www.meganracing.com www.meganracing.co.jp www.meganracing.co.kr After researching compatible parts they actually produce, the closest they have are for an older ?Nissan? and aren't any where close to the limiting/travel distances needed. I have however found a set of DJM LT rated drop shocks that are DAMN close - should make for a pretty good test bed considering they will limit travel enough to not worry about losing a coil/perch when fully decompressed, but still allow proper suspension travel when nailing bumps. I want know about comparing the valving/ride/load capabilities until I actually have them in hand and on the van.
  6. I don't have the exact figures of the spring ratings (im sure I will in the next few days), but it rides like pretty much every application specific coil over equipped car I have ridden in that wasn't bottomed all the way out. The way I went about parts cross referencing as well, the application I chose to shop shared the SAMe EXACT part number for Coil springs in the Ford Parts catalog as the Transit Connect LWB Van. I can't delve too far into what application just yet, considering the following: I posted the above pic to the MEGAN FB page and got a response inquiring about the application I used, and I expressed my concerns about improvements/changes that could be made to the rear to basically seal the deal on this being a TRUE "suitable for retail" application to be added to their catalog. For that I want to hold off for a few days on letting out the info. I actually tried contacting the folks at Fortune Auto considering they aren't but a 20 min drive from me, but the person on the other end of the message box either had no clue what I was talking about (doubt it) or didn't want to help me with info thinking I was up to no good,after free stuff, or either assumed I was a "BS'er". I really just wanted to be able to "put hands and eyes on" to measure/eyeball the items before I purchased. I even COMMITTED to buying whatever worked while I was there. Isuppose they didn't want some dude with a VAN coming around to help add to their product line up. I have noticed a lot of folks looking to "lift" ..... I can assure you that this particular set of coil overs in the FRONT will give AT LEAST 2" lift over stock considering how much of the threaded adjustment is left on the shock body when it was set close to "stock" ride height (approx 3.5/4". Not to mention, the pre-threaded aluminum perches leave just over an inch of stud left sticking out of the top of the shock tower. I'm sure that would be good to run a solid strut spacer without an sort of worry about failure. As for the bumper - I did have them painted (came as black), and they actually match perfectly. The reason they look a different shade is that the entire van received a decent wax before adding the painted parts. Tripping to PA/NY/FL over the past 4 months without bathing it has retained dirt better on the non-waxed parts. The van actually spends more sitting in between long runs than anything. it only has 10k on the odo in right at a year of use, but its been to West NC 4 times, FL once, PA twice , NY once, and a few other... really no where that wasn't over an 1:30 one way. I need to clean it lol Here's a few I grabbed today in the rain. Excuse the rake, I raised it up a bit to load a motorcycle and deliver across town, this was on my way out of the drop off.
  7. Well Ladies and Gents.... after getting tired of searching for info from over seas, and/or trying to order a GAZ coilover setup from the UK for my 2015 TrannyVan. After mucho research, parts cross referencing at Ford .... I've ALMOST nailed down the perfect setup... with slight modification of course. Still hunting for that TRUE bolt on rig that requires the LEAST amount of modification, which leads me to this: Was curious if you guys wanted a write up, considering I took TONS of pics and busted quite a few knuckles in the process. The picture upload format for this forum is...um...well... terrible to deal with, but if I get enough interest I'll definitely go through the trouble. Here's a few pics of the finished product attached below (with better shoot coming soon) - Hope you guys dig it EQUIPMENT: MEGAN RACING EZ STREET@ coild over setup 18x9 ROTIFORM VCE Monoblocks on 205/40's
  8. CAGE B8

    Rear speaker harness location

    Hey guys - just a little update/questions. I have a 2015 TC VAN and went hunting for the rear speaker wires just a few minutes ago. I went for the PASSENGER side (no link above for a pic of it's location in DonShockley's post) and didn't see ANY... I mean ANY ... Plug clips under the side step/rear clips. In the same general location as specified. Any help would be appreciated from those that have completed wiring in rear speakers as to the correct/exact location of the "710/810 plugs". I was thinking that maybe some of the "base model" stereo equipped models may not come wired this way, but considering the "Chicken Tax" aspect of all of these coming as wagons FIRST, then being converted to vans - along with the fact mine came equipped with the SYNC CD/etc second tier stereo (that even has adjust ability for the rear channels within it's menus) that if a VAN were going to have the terminals, it would be the one. Again, thanks for any help in locating, I'll continue the physical search while I have it apart.
  9. (4) 18x8 Rotiform VCE monoblocks with 205/40/18 tires 5x108 and HUBCENTRIC TO OUR VANS (no rings) LOCATED: RICHMOND, VA See ad for photos FOR WEAR/TEAR, TREAD DEPTH, AND SHINE! Light curb rash on one, and a small rock ding in the other, but otherwise in great shape with plenty of life left on tires. Looking into a house but extremely short on funds, so of course the extras go (along with the motorcycles :( ) I AM WILLING TO SHIP AT BUYERS EXPENSE, AND EVEN WILLING TO DRIVE THEM WITHIN A REASONABLE DISTANCE UPON NEGOTIATION. Check the ad... http://richmond.craigslist.org/pts/5214999748.html
  10. CAGE B8

    A not so automated WELCOME, CAGE B8

    I've been contemplating doing something very similar but now that I've loaded 3 scoots - I've noticed that the spongey'ness of the floor actually allows me to "ghost steer" the bike forward when loading myself (keeps the front wheel relatively straight even though I have no hand on the controls. I'm torn but we'll see once I have a SOLID wheel chocking system in place. In the mean time... I'm working on aesthetics and SOUND SYSTEM! PRIORITIES! LOL Hey man, I work for a dealer so I know that feel... on both sides of the fence. Taking my experience as a SMALL dealer I am not at all envious of the big box automotive dealers (like FORD). There are so many people that could "screw up" the customer service process that there is ALWAYS someone on damage control. Compound the fact that most customers walk through the DOOR with the assumption they are going to be taken advantage of, it's one of the most DIFFICULT industries to work in. Some people don't understand that - ANY retail space is there to not just provide you a product/service, but to make a profit while doing it. It's hard for people to understand that even that complimentary water they are sipping on costs money. An explanation to "my" sales guy prompted a complete change in his sales tactics: Me - " I WANT this and the sticker price is justified under that guise. Beating you up over the price JUST to save money will only make all of our lives harder. I pay for "convenience" everyday of my life, and I don't beat the guy at 7-11 up over the price of Gatorade all because I saw it cheaper at Walmart....." I said a lot of other things as well.... but it changed the ENTIRE dynamic of the sales transaction which resulted in them not only STOPPING their push to sell me current inventory that I really didn't want, but they found the van I wanted with extra options I hadn't considered (cost vs need/want) - BU camera/CD player, heated mirrors, and side glass and NO extra cost, at another dealer. Although there were a lot of short comings in their service, I was still overall pleased. I'm actually a little disappointed that I havn't heard back from my sales guy - follow-ups are a BIG thing at my place and they mean a lot to the customer - " Wow. He actually gives a damn about how I and the vehicle are doing. " (sorry I lost your comment in scrolling) OH YEAH! I already have a cheapy locking wheel chock and various parts to mount to a "modular" idea I have - basically a .38" piece of aluminum flat stock with the chock mounted to it that will easily come in/out with threaded retainers that drop in to the d-ring tapped locations, it's just a matter of getting the flat stock and trying it. Otherwise in regards to the SCOOTS - I've already hauled a few easily with out due to the fact they have center stands: Position bike, put on center stand, strap rear of bike to rear dings, strap front to front d-rings (putting the rear under tension), then one or two retaining straps to the "side" d-rings. '79 P125X VESPA - took 89 miles one way with ZERO issues
  11. CAGE B8

    A not so automated WELCOME, CAGE B8

    Hopefully these are uploaded and view-able. These were 3 days before I signed for MY TC xL. The dealer was kind enough to let me tool around in a 2.5 xL (NO side glass), run my normal errands, and test to see if any of MY cycles would fit - def got my CB in there - which is going BYE BYE this Thursday to make way for some much needed upgrades to this puppy. I think with the wifes b-day out of the way, I may have some time to devote to the "Free Candy Van" here in the NEAR future.
  12. CAGE B8

    CAGE B8s TC xL

    Project stuffs, customization, trip/event photos, and more
  13. CAGE B8

    A not so automated WELCOME, CAGE B8

    Oh yeah! I think I stumbled upon the stuff you're referring to WIndGuy, but I went wit hthe stuff I already had experience with. There are FOR SURE better products on the market, but for the cost and the fact there is next to NO sound deadening in the vehicle past the passenger cabin - the Frost King and Peel-n-Seal I grabbed should do the trick enough to kill most of the road vibration/etc. Admittedly , I've been SUPER busy with work and haven't been able to make the time to get around to the stuff I'd like too... compounded by the fact it was the wifes birthday weekend. Hopefully this week is the week I at least start on the deadening and at least getting the rest of the parts for the motorcycle "rigging." In the mean time, I'm trying to get some photos I've taken to upload but apparently my phone takes them in too large of a file to upload directly. I'll keep trying though. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  14. Hello all! New guy to the forum (obviously) but no stranger to forum usage/banter! I work in the motorcycle industry as a General Manager of ScootRichmond LLC and have been a "wrencher" for a little over 15 years now. I was out and about one day after spying the "latest" generation of Transit Connect and figured I'd take a look at a local dealer. Needless to say after getting to take one home for the evening, I was SOLD. I am now the owner of a BN 2015 EcoBoost Transit Connect XL VAN (Dual slider/window) in the oh-so desirable "County employee" white/black commercial scheme. The temptation of possibilities to thoroughly MOLEST it to conform to my liking and day-to-day life were the main drive behind the purchase. The first project I am taking on is to effectively sound deaden the vehicle to make it a little more "wagon" with the "van" capability of hauling small motorcycles/scooters. I've also purchased an inexpensive motorcycle wheel chock from Harbor Freight to fabricate an "on the fly" motorcycle securing system that utilizes the factory floor d-hook mounting points that are just behind the driver/passenger seats. I will make sure to start separate threads on each topic in their respective sections and I hope to see you all around the forum! Thanks for having me!