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  1. Slonie

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    Oh yeah! I think I read in another thread that you ordered it from Germany? Would love to see the details on it...
  2. Slonie

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    Just wished they folded crazy-flat like the Euro-market front bench, seen below:
  3. Slonie

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    Another 2019 picture, but outside of the refresh to the interior materials and center stack, this is just how a 2014+ looks. ProTip: Make sure the seatback in its fully upright position before you fold it forward, for maximum flatness.
  4. Slonie

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    At least in 2016, it's not the XL vs XLT that determined whether your passenger seat folds flat, it's whether you had leather or not. This feature is the main reason I had to find a wagon without leather. As a side note, here's a photo from an upcoming 2019 model. Looks like the seat upholstering has changed, and you can see the passenger seat folded forward just as on the earlier models:
  5. That looks great! I would get it if I was local or if it was made for a SWB wagon. We can only fit a 30" unit behind the seats. I found some plastic bins on Amazon which fit nicely (three side by side) on the SWB, so that's my quick n' dirty solution...
  6. If you're doing a sleeping platform, the fold-flat front passenger seat makes length a non-issue, even on the SWB (which I have). However, if you're sleeping on the floor it is indeed a bit of a crunch for people over 6'... The fold-flat passenger seat was the main reason I was sure to get non-power cloth seats instead of the leather ones which don't have that feature. That all being said, this last weekend we slept on the floor of the SWB... Smallest rig at the RV park by a mile!
  7. Slonie

    New member new van

    I'm pretty sure he's got a door on the other side, at least judging from all the other pics of M-Sport Connects I've seen. But welcome, Packa, more pictures of the van's M-Sport bits, please!
  8. Has anybody (successfully) had the recall repair completed? I received the letter last year that basically said "we'll contact you when we have the parts to actually do a repair".
  9. Great writeup, thanks! It's only a matter of time until de-Sync'ing this thing and getting a real headunit. Thanks especially for collecting the part numbers and going the extra mile about the iDatalink hoops.
  10. Slonie

    Cargo security shade, anyone have/seen one?

    After like three times sending mine back and getting another broken one, I just decided to keep it (or rather, the dealership stopped sending me shipping labels to send it back and I just accepted...). I do agree that it's overpriced and wish the vehicle came with it, but I don't regret having it.
  11. Actually, I've been looking again for the coat hook parts... And there are indeed part numbers for the moulding and cover for the upper bar of the cargo net to go into. From the (admittedly, CGI) video, it looks like the actual mount for the bar is in the reinforcing rail along the edge of the roof. See the following parts diagram from fordparts.com. What I don't know (for both the coat hook and the cargo net mount) is if the roof rail has the right mounts even if the headliner doesn't come with the holes to use them. If so, it should be fairly trivial to cut holes in the factory headliner and add these parts. Just a warning, a replacement headliner is about a thousand dollars(!), so you've gotta be damn sure before you break out the cutter...
  12. Slonie

    WeatherTech vs Husky vs Ford Liners

    I bought the first row Husky and second row Weathertech, figuring that the extra coverage outweighed the OCD feeling of having mats that don't match. Happy with both! ;-)
  13. I was looking through one of the ford parts sites, and that divider is hundreds of dollars if you were to order it later, so don't throw it out! That video shows that maybe, just maybe, there are good mounting points hiding in the roof structure of the van, hiding behind the headliner. I hope so, because I really want to be able to hang stuff from above (say, when camping) and my van doesn't even have a coat hanger in the back seat area...
  14. Slonie

    Ford EcoMode: Anticipication vs Speed

    If you leave the display on the EcoMode screen for a while, it will give you congratulations when you drive in an economical fashion! That's really all it does.