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  1. Tnick

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    Thanks. I was beginning to gather that. Bummer, because that would really improve cargo ability for long things.
  2. Tnick

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    Here's my passenger seat. Am I missing something? Maybe the heated seats make it impossible?
  3. Tnick

    Passenger seat fold flat?

    I have a 16 Titanium wagon. The manual says that the passenger seat fold flat. Anyone have any idea how to do it? Is this an artifact of the cargo models? Thanks!
  4. Tnick

    Slippery seat angle

    I have the same gripe. On the power seat adjuster, it seems to lower the butt if you push down on the front of the seat part of the controller (totally counter-intuitive), but it still feels slightly pitched forward. Hard on the knees after enough hours too.