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  1. mustang

    Typical Mileage

    55-60 mph is the sweet spot on my 2014 cargo van at 30-32 mpg 65-75 gets 26 avg mpg
  2. there is a Lost IDIOT in Maryland that is going to be so jealous ...................................
  3. mustang

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    that's a bent rim in NH !
  4. I don't have any leaks on mine *KNOCK on wood* but at 32k i's time to change the fluid how about you make a thread how to change the fluid and how many qts needed and anything else req'd would it help if I said pretty please
  5. this would have worked well for his avatar ...........hehehe
  6. I'm almost certain it's near 8ft from taillight lens to extreme front of tire it fit ok the real trick is getting past the rear bulkhead on a angle from the ramp.
  7. a certain someone may have deleted their drivel here but rest assured he's still bad mouthin' ya ........................... http://t0astervan.kinja.com/boosting-false-hopes-1768757725
  8. don't have it anymore ..........that pic was it's bon voyage trip to a new owner
  9. mustang

    Alloy Rims

    16's , 7 inch wide rim with 225 50 16 conti extremes they ride way nicer than OEM contis
  10. I think it depends on what trim level you get .............. mine's a 2014 XLT Cargo Van and I have chrome headlight bezels.
  11. Bonneville 650 Triumph 1972
  12. they are for THULE rails only available from factory , they are a thousand bucks , no shit. and you only get the rails for that price ,