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  1. I just tested it, and I have the universal down on my 2015 TC Titanium LWB, but the universal up doesn't work. I even tried resetting the one touch up feature per the manual, didn't work. I wonder why Ford would equip a car with the universal down, but not up. I would think it would be a both or none thing.
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    Typical Mileage

    I just bought a 2015 Titanium LWB as the new family hauler for my wife. We only have 2200 miles on the thing. Today we had a 4hour road trip where we took my siblings along. 5 adults, 2 in carseats, so we were pretty well loaded. I ended up getting 24.5mpg at 75. I haven't verified the trip with a fillups, but id imagine thats close to actual. I also noticed milage start climbing as I hit construction and dropped the cruise to 55. My big question is, where is the turning point in the milage? 65? With the speed limits all going up to 70, I cant stand the idea of not doing the speed limit on long trips just to get better milage.