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  1. NateTheFknGreat

    Window Tint

    I have my windshield and windows ceramic tinted on my 2016 xlt lwb.... The front windsheild is 50%... Legally it's supposed to be 70%... The thing about the TC's is the windshield is big and allows more light to come in... I have factory privacy glass with 20% over it... The rear looks good, doesn't seem to be darker than 5%... The front doors looks lighter because the privacy glass isn't as dark... Our tint tickets here are $287 per window if you get caught...
  2. Isn't it always a 50-50 chance something works or it doesn't.......? I'm just being a jacka$$.... I was going switch my fogs to LED's but got the 32" light bar instead... No fog here...
  3. NateTheFknGreat

    How to remove front grill on a 2015 TC XLT?

    I bought a 32" light bar to mount behind the bottom grill... Haven't had the time to install it yet... I'm not going to cut my grill out, just keep it factory looking... The bar is pretty bright but I'm unsure how it'll be tucked behind... It's not really going to be used for anything other than pissing off my friends when I blind them... My LED headlights do a great job by themselves...
  4. NateTheFknGreat

    Dashboard Cover.

    Bedliner the dash? Minus well bedliner everything else too.... I'm still needing to bedliner the roof to my Ford E350... Those gutters look like crap when water finds it's way under the seam sealer.....
  5. NateTheFknGreat

    19x8.5 front & 19x10 rears

    My next set of wheels will be:
  6. NateTheFknGreat

    Dashboard Cover.

    Mine is exactly like Donnie's except Black.... It was ordered when I bought my seat covers by a local company here.... It had wrinkles in it and the company I ordered it from said it'd come out after a few weeks on my dash... I have a tinted windshield so it didn't come out.... I used a steamer to take out the wrinkles... I'm sure if your windshield isn't tinted, it should relax....
  7. NateTheFknGreat

    Interior LED lighting upgrade

    I have a 32" light bar I'm going to install on the bottom grill and tap a relay off the fog lights to power it... Serving no purpose but would come in handy with someone cuts me off... Possibly trains horns also when the air ride goes on...
  8. NateTheFknGreat

    19x8.5 front & 19x10 rears

    I scored them for $300... The bolt pattern played in my favor, because no one wanted to buy them.... I actually don't need to dodge the potholes and I'm surprised the ride is very smooth... I made it so it's reliable for my gf to drive and my 2yo not to become a bobble head....
  9. NateTheFknGreat

    Seat covers...

    We have a local company who is known for there custom seat covers, but they order them from the mainland U.S.... It's made to fit and made of neoprene... I do like the look and comfort of them but they are a little pricey considering... $265 per row, I did all 3 rows, which in hind sight I should have never done the 3rd row because it's folded most of the time... The 2nd row seats I lost the ability to use the fold down arm rest in the middle of the seat... Having 2 kids I think its still worth the protection....
  10. NateTheFknGreat

    19x8.5 front & 19x10 rears

    So I just put on some 19" wheels on my TC... I have 225/40/19 tires on them... The back tires have a small nice stretch on them but the fronts look a bit meaty.... I still need to put air ride on my TC but the wheels help get me motivated to do more work on it... The et/offset is +32 front and +38 rears... The rims were off a Jaguar... I would have gone with a 35series front tire but Oahu's roads are pretty bad with potholes and what not.... I've messed up a few sets of rims by hitting them with 35 series tires.... This van is daily driven and I rather worry about my gf curbing them than pothole damage.... And if anyone is wondering what the front plate says......
  11. NateTheFknGreat

    WeatherTech vs Husky vs Ford Liners

    I ended up purchasing the WeatherTech front and 2nd row due to being talked into it by the dealer.... They said they carried the Husky Liners when they first came out but they were having complaints about the Husky's not holding they're shape over time.... They said the WeatherTech's are a lot more rigid and they haven't had any complaints..... For me to order any floor mats to Hawaii is an arm, leg and first born..... The dealer only charged me retail cost and didn't mark it up on the shipping.... Buying it online would have cost me $125 just in shipping.... I opted for the less riser on the dead pedal....
  12. NateTheFknGreat

    Interior LED lighting upgrade

    I replaced my dome lights and map lights with the t10 LED's and I like it a lot better... I bought some other ones at first but the stock light was brighter... My friend gave me some of these... The black bulbs are in the dome light, the white bulbs are in my City Lights in my headlights... I also put LED's in my headlights as well as my reverse lights... https://www.amazon.com/JDM-ASTAR-10pcs-Bright-market/dp/B00OH0S5Y2/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1470732342&sr=8-19&keywords=t10+led City Lights: Tail lights: Headlights:
  13. NateTheFknGreat

    TC Turbocharger

    Was it only a weight issue for the LWB not to come with the 1.6? I'm a little late to the party.....
  14. NateTheFknGreat

    Aftermarket wheels for 2014 Transit Connect Wagon

    The bolt pattern is 5x108... Only a select few cars have the same pattern... Jaguar, Volvo, Some Fords, Range Rover... Not much to choose from... I've read on the Ford Focus forums that some guys have done the axle swap with the Mazda 3 axle hybrids.... It's a lot of work but if your looking to get or gain a better selection of wheels, it'll be worth the money... I have a set of 19x8.5 front and 19x10 rears... I was able to find the set off a Jaguar... I'll be stretching some tires on them and also putting AirRide on my TC... I'm one of those guys... Form > Function.... I need to make the TC mine...
  15. NateTheFknGreat

    2016 Ford Focus ST wheels.

    Out of curiosity, can you find out how much to "buy back" your van from the insurance? I just like to know prices they're looking to get from the scrap yards.... At least that's how it works here... They'll total the vehicle then offer you if you'd like to buy it back.