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  1. kookmyers

    Switched power source up top?

    I ended up using switched power off the connector that was easily accessible at the headliner when I removed the shelf. I also found unswitched power there and used it for the converter. When loaded, the voltage dropped to 4v. Took off the converter, put it on the switched line and all seems to be working well. Not sure why the garage remote works with power removed all the time.
  2. kookmyers

    Switched power source up top?

    I just measured the draw on the unloaded converter. Using a battery charger as the input, I had 12.7V on the unloaded leads. With the converter as the only load, and nothing on it’s output, it drew 7.2mA. That seems high considering I don’t want to be over 50 for the whole van. Thoughts?
  3. kookmyers

    Switched power source up top?

    Thanks. That's a great idea for speakers. I just realized that my garage remote is the kind that cycles codes. Whenever i replace the battery i have to pair the remote with the opener. So hooking the converter to the switched line isn't going to work for me. 😞 I will measure the current draw out of the car and if the 12 to 3 conversion loss isn't too bad i may proceed.
  4. kookmyers

    Switched power source up top?

    Bummer, i forgot to select the "Notify me of replies" button and the edit feature doesnt bring it back so here is another post.
  5. kookmyers

    Switched power source up top?

    I was just going to start a new thread but was not able to in the Accessories and Modifications section to ask this exact question. I have installed my garage door remote in the trim piece that easily prys off the center of the overhead console. I am frustrated by having to replace the battery and i also used a very small button from the remote's circuit board to actuate it. I drilled a very small hole and mounted it flush. It looks very nice because you cant really see it as the button head is the same color as the panel. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding it in the dark. So i have decided to do a couple modifications. I would like to add a 12V to 3V step down off a switched power line and would prefer it come from the overhead center console like the OP. Note that my van is the Titanium trim and I have the glass roof and the auto wipers. There is certainly power up there. I also hope to install a new button that has an LED ring so i will need switched power for that as well.
  6. kookmyers

    Power Liftgate kit available

    awesome. looking forward to the details
  7. kookmyers

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Thank you very much. Funny thing is, about a cup of fluid came out and I have only added about 3.8 l of fluid. I looked at my obdii tool and it only provides codes and the ability to clear them.
  8. kookmyers

    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    I just went through this for my first time. I’ve replaced the fluid three times and on my third, I did not start the engine and go through the gears . I filled until fluid came out the side port. Do I need to put it in N, run through the gears, let get to temperature, then when the motor is still running, pull the side plug and check the level? I believe this is what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  9. kookmyers

    Third row seatbelt holder

    Called the dealer and they were nice to give me this part number in case anyone needs it in the future. Too spendy for me! AM5Z1731066AA
  10. kookmyers

    Third row seatbelt holder

    I am looking to replace this part and cannot find it online. Anyone know the right part number? On the back, AM51-U-1066-A AW (best guess) is written on it but that does not seem to lead me anywhere. I searched the parts diagrams and could not find it. 2014 Titanium
  11. I also have the railgrab setup. I am bummed because I bought it when Yakima had it as a fit for our vans. They no longer specify it due to a pretty major problem. There is too little clearance between the bottom of the bar and the roof to really use any accessories. I was barely able to get the Yakima surfboard system to fit. In order to get bike racks up there I had to go on the outside of the rails. I would not recommend it unless you are just using it to haul plywood or something.
  12. kookmyers

    Hello from San Diego

    Message sent Re keyless entry pad.
  13. kookmyers

    WISH LIST!!!!

    #1 item on my wish list. The ability to open the hatch while the motor is running.
  14. kookmyers

    Roof Rack -OEM -2014

    I might be interested. What would you sell them for?
  15. kookmyers

    My audio project

    Hi there. My crossovers are mounted in odd locations behind the dash. I'd say they are less mounted than just placed in the spaces I could fit them. It was one of the easier tasks to run a wire from the crossover to the A pillar for the tweeter. I did not use the factory wiring for the tweets....just for the doors. I am now regretting not getting an aftermarket deck and avoiding a lot of the splicing I did into the factory wires. I don't use Sync much at all and could get a Bluetooth steering wheel control for track and volume. Sorry I can't be more help for crossover location. I might have suggested buying the A pillar that comes with the upgraded radio but I think you could make a hole easily enough that will look ok. It will just look more stock to get the Ford parts.