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  1. I stumbled upon this thread and became concerned that I ought to replace this bushing on my 2016 TC. So I went to the Ford dealer and bought the bushing and cover and attempted to replace it. But I can't figure out how to detach the shift cable from the trans. I got my hand on the cable end and pushed and tugged every which way but nothing gives. Is there some secret to detaching the cable? The bushing certainly doesn't appear ready to detach on it's own and leave me stranded. Then I realized the existing bushing is orange, same as the new one I bought ... not black and nasty like the failed one shown in the pictures posted by Kruss77. So maybe when my TC was built they used a newer improved bushing and I can just forget about this issue? Thoughts? BTW ... I am a recent forum member with 2016 TC Titanium purchased three years ago with 5k miles on it, now with 55k mostly trouble free miles.