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    Side view mirror adjustment

    My 2018 XL cargo model also has manual mirrors. Yes, you push on the glass to adjust. Did it once about 2 years ago and haven't had to re-adjust them since. Not all vans come with electric adjust mirrors... not a standard feature.
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    hey thanks for the reply jrm223 Upon some more scanning of similar forums, I found 2 or 3 posts confirming my fear - the 1st gen TC's that were imported to Canada were ordered as true cargo vans from the factory in Turkey. The floors are definitely without the anchors, inserts, or even the nutserts. Just plain, unmolested steel. Huge bummer. Then as some incredible luck would have it, an excellent condition, low mileage, black in colour (!), 2010 Transit Connect Passenger Wagon that someone had imported from Seattle to Vancouver dropped on Craigslist. I couldn't believe my eyes - and to make things just too weird... It had no back seats! The guy had removed them and used it for his business delivering flowers. They were long gone - and here I was, destitute with nothing but a set of mint condition back seats for a vehicle I'd resigned to assuming I'd never find gets dropped in my lap just begging for it's beautiful seats to be returned. (The passenger version was a flop in Canada, so they're basically a unicorn up here - nothing but cargo versions). I just put the seats in today with shocking ease, and shed a tear of joy. The van goes in on Monday for all new motor mounts, which I understand is a notorious weak spot with these. I know I could do it myself, just no time. The total labour is like $120 (on top of the cost Ford OEM parts of course) so I'm happy to let them bash up their knuckles. I couldn't be happier.
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    Hello! I'm after remap advice

    Never done that to any of my cars. BUT; More power AND better fuel consumption ?? Reread your high [middle] school Physics and Chemistry books ! Power comes from burning fuel => you can have more power OR better fuel consumption - NOT BOTH.
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    LeBra Frontend Mask

    Finally got my LeBra frontend mask. Took a while to get it (about two months) but it was well worth the wait. Some people don't like them but if you use a good wax and remove it regularly for cleaning you won't have a problem. I also used some Road Trip Tape along the fender well edges where the mask clips onto.
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    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey Marquizzo! Thanks man! I added the locations to the pictures. You were spot on with the locations! Are you in California? Funny, I was originally wanted a black TC when I started looking but I couldn't find the right black one so I went with this blue. But it definitely quickly grew on me because I don't think I'd trade it for another color.
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    I can tell you personally that Forscan can turn on (activate) cruise control in a TC2 that was not equipped with it from the factory. I swapped my steering wheel, used Forscan to enable "Cruise Control" AND "Adaptive Speed Control" - I found out the ASC the hard way when CC wouldn't work when I hit the buttons, lol. I've also tried enabling global open/close on the windows, but it didn't work for me... I'd love to correct my tire size, but the 5 or 6 options in the computer are all too small for the size tires that I'm running (215/65R16 General Grabber AT2). Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 10, and I used this OBDII wired USB converter from Amazon - I'm a computer tech and I prefer wired instead of wireless, whenever possible, except for keyboard/mouse lol. I've used my laptop & converter for my 2015 TC2 and my e-1999 & 2000 F350's with 7.3L ZF6.
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    LeBra Frontend Mask

    So what does that make me, your buddy?