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    Forscan is free software that can scan for codes and read vehicle parameters. It also can make changes to the configuration of vehicle options. This function in Forscan takes some time and reading to understand and use properly. It's not factory approved and you do everything at your own risk. But it works. See the posts in this forum that discuss Forscan (one member added cruise control). Go to forscan.org. You will need a OBDLink brand converter to connect your PC to the vehicle (do not go cheap with other brands...you are messing with the core of your vehicle). If all this is too much, any dealer should be able to activate DRL...maybe for $200 or so. The Forscan route will cost about $70 and you will have a scan tool when you are done.
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    Get the original European one for the door. It'll be fine.
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    One last photo of the van build in action 🙂