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    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    Would be nice to add the XLT light. This can turn on the local light, turn on all lights, or prevent all lights from turning on.
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    G B L

    Citroën Berlingo

    The large number of Burger Kings reduces the demand for smaller seats!
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    Remove struts? Bottoms on axle.

    I found a super easy way to spread it. See the bolt that fixes the strut to the knuckle? In the pic it's actually threaded in from the "wrong" side, and I put a washer in there so it pushes against the washer and spreads the joint.
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    Don Ridley

    Any SunPass Users in Florida?

    The heated windshield has a grid of very small wires across the entire windshield. You can see it if you look closely. It was an option on my XLT. At first the grid bugged me but I got used to it. It clears the windshield in less than 2 minutes. The heater does not stay on very long so the windshield does not get hot. It will not affect suction cups or stickers.
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    Carpeting the rear

    Looks nice. Impressed with how you got it over all the surfaces.
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    Carpeting the rear

    Is that the "four way stretch" carpet? Supposed to do a lot of weird shapes with that if you're careful. Plan here is to just do some carpet inserts in the big flat sections and paint the rest. Got a six pack of that new DupliColor lumpy paint that's supposed to give you kind of a naugahyde surface depending on how thick you put it on. You can also peel it off for a few months if you decide you don't like it.
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    Citroën Berlingo

    It's very uncomfortable for anyone bigger than a child. Or a very small adult.
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    G B L

    Citroën Berlingo

    Great Idea Less Choice so the Rest of the Manufactures can take its easy and let the products become not as good!
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    Those Upper Taillight Reflectors...

    The never-ending search for those upper reflectors for the rear taillights seem to yield very little results. Either order them from the dealer, or buy them on eBay and wait months to be shipped from Europe. I came across this website that searches junkyard inventories. You can select your specific year, make, and model, and even your specific part you are looking for. You can even narrow down the region to search. I did a nationwide search for these reflectors, and found quite a few. I inquired pricing and shipping estimates from as many as I can find. Only one responded (there are about 10 other ones I found). After some conversation, I had a set of reflectors sent to me for $70. Installation was a breeze: two torx scews and a little prying gets them popped right off. I definitely will go back to this site for any other parts inquiries as well.
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    Don Ridley

    Euro Rear Fog Light modification

    I saw a guy on the Focus RS forum was trying to add a rear fog light his RS. The Euro RS comes with a rear fog light you turn on from the light switch module. Based on his findings, the US vehicles will respond to the light switch signal by illuminating the icon on the cluster but the BCM does not output the signal to turn on the rear fog light. The BCM firmware can only be updated by a dealer and no dealer will install the Euro BCM firmware. The Focus RS guy gave up an added a separate switch. I looked for another solution. I bought a light switch from eBay UK. I confirmed the rear fog light illuminates on the cluster and the BCM does not output a signal. I tried in vain to find a signal from the light switch module I could use to turn on the fog light. The switch is only sending out LIN Bus packets, there is no physical switching of signals/power. Next, I focused on the power that was controlling the LED on the cluster and found the circuitry for the rear fog LED on the cluster circuit board (I used my spare cluster from a recent cluster upgrade). The LED does not turn on/off with a simple on/off voltage and the power is pulse width modulated (PWM). After a lot of testing and some circuit design, I found a circuit that will turn on a rear fog light by pressing the button on the light switch. I built a circuit that reads the voltage on the cluster LED and turns it into a signal I can use to drive a relay. I know this is probably too complicated for most, but it is a functional solution. See the attached sketch of the circuit diagram. Half of the circuit is home-made and the other half is a relay driver that I bought on Amazon. I soldered a wire on the cluster circuit board for the LED signal and connected it to the circuit (I briefly panicked when the new, upgraded cluster PCB was completely different from the old, but eventually found the same circuit components). I used power from the front fog lights to operate the circuit and the rear fog lamp so nothing is powered if the front fog lights are not on. The circuit is under the dash cover behind the IPC. Next, I had to modify the socket for the rear marker light. I bought a used wiring harness with all of the rear bulbs and sockets. I carved out the marker light socket to match the keys on the larger socket. It fits perfectly and the 2-element socket locks in place like OEM. The “bright” element is the fog light. The “dim” element is the marker light. I am still experimenting with different bulbs. The lens is not designed for projecting light rearward. A 7443 LED seems to work the best for providing a bright red fog light. Maybe someone (Chong?) will design a circuit using an Arduino that will read the LIN Bus and close a relay when the fog lamp switch is pressed. This is beyond my skill set.
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    Don Ridley

    Liftgate release switch upgrade

    The original switch had one large button for front fog lights. This is my latest project, rear fog light. Details to follow soon.
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    Citroën Berlingo

    I'd be interested in the new Suzuki Jimny. Looks like a lot of fun.
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    Double Nickels

    Carpeting the rear

    Is it soundproof? If some was in the back of the van, screaming, would the cops be able to hear?