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    Hello lurker joined....2016 TC SWB

    Hello my name is Adam I have owned my Van for over 5 years and love it!! I raised my niece driving a cobra mustang and a fox box body mustang convertible with child seats in them. Now she is 22 and lives at college and NOW I buy a mini van!! Kinda backwards I know....long story short I hurt my leg pretty bad and there is no way i could get in and out of the mustang so on the the way home from the hospital, I stopped and bought the transit connect.....still have the mustang's for weekend fun. Anyway it's a short wheel base 2.5....I have driven up north from Florida a few times with dogs and it was great....only thing I've added is a Curt trailer hitch, a few LED bulbs....the upper taillights "titanium" reflectors. I have purchased a remote start kit in December but I have yet to install it, and I also plan to install my subwoofers and Amp but just keep the stock radio head unit. Well, that's about it...I was an auto mechanic for 15 years of my life then I stayed in the business but moved to an office and became a keyboard jockey in marketing auto parts.....but I kept my tools and still use them, but just for my projects.
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    Forscan help

    Yep. Too new. Gota wait to get it added now.
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    You need a wiring diagram. Almost all electrical loads go through a computer module. The aux outlets may be controlled to set the timeout, switch on with ignition etc. I doubt you will find a wire that goes from the fuse to the socket. You may need to program the module for the new outlet. Nothing is simple any more.
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    Don Ridley

    Turn on all interior lights (2016)

    I said this before: the interior lights will have +12v on both terminals when they are OFF. One terminal is pulled to GND by the BCM to turn the lights on. The dimming effect happens when GND slowly increases to +12v. Some LEDs will dim, others will reach a threshold voltage and flicker then turn off. It depends on the LED driver circuit.
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    New FTC/Van owner

    With this post and the one I posted in brakes/suspension not getting responses I will just post updates to my build here. Feel free to move mods. Raised the front seats with 2” delrin spacers that my friend helped make since he’s significantly better at machining than I am and I’ve been crazy busy, sub under drivers seat, added the 2nd row single seat, A/T tires (215/65/16 Falken - Wildpeaks) and rebuilt the false floor with an access hatch (same friend helped chop the legs and make the adjustable feet). I wanted to reclaim the space under the false floor and it needed to be strong enough to put motos in. We used the stock L bracket that the original floor was bolted to and dropped it down so that the new floor is flush to the rear and also bolts into said L bracket. Using pocket screws I attached a front piece so things don’t go in or out the front of the floor area. I didn’t put it under as there is more than enough support using the extrusion and it gave me a little more space. I figured out the stock rear strut length and am in the process of building some shocks. Hoping I can pull the stock strut soon to dyno match the compression curve so I can install it once and have a great tune. Going with an air shock to be able to pump it up when hauling a moto and/or other gear for trips and take air our when not hauling heavier loads. I also ordered the TEMA 30mm spacer kit. I did a few other small things but I’ll stop boring myself. Here’s some pics.
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    Just wondering if anyone knows what the size (metric or SAE) and thread pitch the bolt for the rear engine mount is on a 2012 Transit Connect XLT. The one that goes vertically into the cross member. The bolt had to be cut out when trying to replace the engine mount as it was seized to the alloy center part of the mount. Tried everything possible to get it out without cutting it but no luck. Looking at the parts diagrams available, it is part # w500526s439 or #6 in the diagram attached. Trying to find a replacement today and I would guess the Ford dealer would be special order.