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    I have a 2010 TC Passenger that I took one of the rear seats out of. I gave it to a friend to try to fit in her 2013 TC cargo. All the mounts are there for the seats and seat belts, but there is no footwell. The rear passenger has to sit with their knees up by their chest... not ideal, but it works.
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    I can't speak for the Gen 1 but the Gen2 already has that mounted under the rear.
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    4,000 Miles

    You could obsess over it with trying to decide on the perfect oil brand & formulation. Install a Fumoto valve, and then send in a sample for used oil analysis every 500 miles. Buy an $80 tool to cut open the $3 filter. Then definitively select the perfect oil, filter, and oil change interval based on hundreds of dollars worth of "science" and "research". I'm gritting my teeth. Conventional wisdom from decades past old technology. 3 months. 3,000 miles. They have brainwashed me. I am clawing my eyes out, as I await the oil change dash message. I've got 3 cases of filters and 100 quarts of oil stockpiled. Every day, I pick up my 15 mm socket, already attached to the ratchet handle, give it a few turns to hear the clicks, and feel the heft in my hand. Maybe I need to find a new girlfriend.
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    The black metal hoop that they attached to bolts onto the metal volume below the one for the door slider (might be covered by a plastic cover). Here's a somewhat blurry photo of what the whole setup should look like. I'll ask the friend that I gave the seat to about the floor mounts, and replay back.
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    Wow. It's already chilly. 8°. It's about 24° here.
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    There are aftermarket seats and jump seats which have built in seat belts and headrest. A lot of options. But you will have to decide for yourself if it is safe. Your state's vehicle code may have something to say about it also. But as for function, they will all be functional once you have measured and factored in your available space.
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    tinting front windshield

    There are clear ceramic products (can't really call it "tint") available that will block 70% of heat trying to come through the windshield. As mentioned, it's pretty expensive, but worth it. You can also get ceramic tint in different levels that will block more heat than any cheap non-ceramic tint, but at a cost. Check out this video, they use a heat lamp & meter to show the difference between cheap junk tint and ceramic. YouTube Texas Tint Masters video
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    Don Ridley

    tinting front windshield

    The 3M Crystalline product significantly reduces IR heat without needing tint. It works very well but is expensive.
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    tinting front windshield

    I tinted mine, 50%. It made a huge difference in the amount of heat from the sun came in in the summer. A/C works much better and cools off faster. I'm mostly happy I did it. Downside is it's illegal in California, and I have noticed as I am growing older it makes it harder to see at night. But, these days I don't drive a lot at night anymore.
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    You won't be able to mount a 2nd spare under the van. You will either carry it inside, or mount it on the roof. It's too much weight on the rear door hinges. Look for something like this. Make sure that it will accept the bolt pattern.
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    Good work eggman14. You get bonus points for backing up ALL of your modules. And now you are one more example of why you should buy the recommended (and more expensive) ELM-327 adapter. Now you can leave the MX+ plugged in and use it to read data with your smartphone anytime.
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    WELL ALL, GREAT NEWS - finally got it to turn on and work. thank you for the support from this forum. i had sucess with obdlink mx+ It worked flawlessly with forscan and it gave me many more options within forscan compared to the Crappy ELM clone (bbfly obd) so in short my procedure is this. Replace steering wheel for one with cruise control switch pod Connect to car via whichever adapter ( i strongly recommend the obdlink mx+) which is a bluetooth connection ( i bought a tplink bluetooth dongle from amazon) go to each as built module and start the service procedure ( modules are in the tab with the computer chip down the left hand side) once the service procedure has started back up the as built module you are in (save to file) Exit (stop) the service procedure you are in once backup file is saved and repeat the backup for all As Built modules possible Then click on bcm central configuration and start service procedure it will prompt about secondary bootloader ( read prompts and follow as instructed.) you will need to change the following 2 settings adjustable speed limiter and cruise control write settings and follow screen prompt to cycle ignition. end service procedure central config bcm (stop Icon) then check dtc codes for errors and clear as necessary disconnect from forscan , remove obd dongle and take for a test and see if switches operate. i hope this helps anyone who needs it. i will monitor the post and offer any help where i can and once again thanks everyone who took the time to help or even write anything on this post.
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    Windshield pitting

    I get that. Just used the VIN number and the quote drops to $399. Apparently there is an electric defroster option I thought I have but do NOT.
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    Lovely repair
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    G B L

    Not starting!

    If after the Jump it is worse, check the battery connections something could be loose. The battery is definitely suspect. As a side note . every once and a while mine just decides to kill the battery. New battery , old battery does not matter . No charging issues , No codes, no clues, just random. My defence is a well charged booster pak and several well worn swear words at the ready.
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    I then slapped the mat back down and cut out the rubber around the hatch cutout. Dropped in the hatch, popped in the step trim, and screwed down my cargo tie downs. Finished product, thanks for looking at my creation, feel free to ask about anything I might have left out!
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    @bone - great job on your installation. Thanks for sharing your work. I too captured this storage space in my 2015 cargo with a different approach. I couldn't stand the vinyl cargo mat so used carpeting on plywood instead. I separated the foam from the vinyl mat and used that as filler under the plywood, which is very good sound proofing material. It's great to have the extra storage space making use of this dead space. Time for you to finish those bare door panels next! I used black paint on mine. Gives the van a nice finished detail.
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    So, I finally gave into the voices in my head and bought a 2018 TC Van LWB XLT. I had been driving a 2001 Toyota Tundra 4wd pickup. But I moved from the Midwest to South Carolina and a black 4WD pickup was not working in a crowed southern city where it gets really hot, rains daily, doesn't snow and has no parking. Hmm, you probably already are nodding your head. So here are my first impressions after about 2 weeks. PROS: - I really like the maneuverability. Although its the LWB, which I've read is not quite as easy to maneuver as the SWB, this is WAY better than a full size pickup. -Talk about room, man this thing is big on the inside. It makes me feel small driving it. I already have a lot of stuff in it and still have room. I think I'm going the like the LWB for that. -Very comfortable to drive. OK, it's not a Cadillac, but it is every bit as comfortable and my old pickup. I really like the telescoping steering. I'm 6ft, and with most vehicles without it, I have to choose between cramped knees or stretched arms. -I like the backup camera, but being over 50 I have to put on my reading glass for tight spots. -I like the cargo doors. I know some like the lift gate, but I have had a few hatchbacks and I wanted to try them. However, I would not get them without the glass. Even with the glass, it takes a while to get used to the reduced visibility. I'm used to it now, so I have decided I do prefer the doors. I like just swinging one open and throwing the stuff in. -I like having a roof and locks. With my pickup, I was always covering up my stuff when it rains (which happens a lot here) and taking it out at night. Now I just lock the doors! -I like the rear sensors. I wasn't looking for them, but they were on it when I bought it. And now I really like them. Already saved me a couple of times, even with the backup camera. CONS: -No passenger side sliding door window. So when I was looking for a TC, I wanted the cargo van with both sliding door windows. The dealer couldn't find one, so I negotiated a lower price on one without them. I now realize that I'm OK without the drivers side, but I really miss the visibility on the passenger side. I park in a lot of angled spaces and invariably a SUV parks next to me. Then I have to do the "creep out of the parking space while some numb skull blows the horn at me" maneuver. Even with a passenger looking for me, it still can be tricky. And while the backup camera gives me a safe start, in the city they come at you way too fast to pickup on the camera. I read in this forum that the panel can be replaced with glass (a big thank you to the poster!), so I felt better about my decision. However, I think I am going try mounting a side view camera. I will post the results after I do. If it doesn't work, I will be replacing the panel. If it does work, I think I'm going to like the added security of the panels. -"Fisher Price" kiddie key. I know some people can't live without remote entry and locking. I get it. But I really don't like having the remote ON the key. Yes I know there is a transponder in there, but it doesn't require a key the size of a tablespoon. I have ordered a remote less transponder key, but I will be giving up the remote entry for the ability to put the key in my pocket. It would have been nice to have a separate remote to take when I have a passenger and a simple key when its just me. MEH (indifferent): -Sync. So I ended up with the Sync system and I like the Bluetooth connectivity for music. But the voice command system is marginal. Some will like it, but I'm not a phone guy so it doesn't do much for me. -Blindspot mirrors. These are the small ones with the convex corner in the upper outsides. So, yes they help. But I think I would have preferred the large mirror with the bottom convex section. I might get the aftermarket add-ons posted about in the forum. But I'm going to drive it a little longer. They are getting better, but even so, they are not great. -Hardboard panels. Yes it is a cargo van, so I get the use of hardboard (Masonite to some). But I will be painting, covering, or replacing them. I am sure they will look really bad when they get stained. -Performance. I have yet to enjoy the benefits of better gas mileage, but it DEFINITELY is not fast. (Hmm, on second thought, it might save me a few tickets!) -The crap I get from my friends. Some get it, some don't. (Happens a lot in my world!) Overall, I am VERY satisfied with my decision. I'm really happy to be part of this forum, since it was a big help in making my decision. I hope this post will help others figure out their purchase
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    Oil Change

    One really has to wonder what the heck the thought process was on this one. The only thing I can think is that they must have passed out tubes of glue at engineering meetings.
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    New-ish Owner

    Agree with you Mike. When I bought my Volt decided to just go with the oil life monitor in the car. Has been very nice and worry free. I did change the oil on my TC at 5,200 Miles as when I bought it it was a model year old and had been sitting around a while. Only exception to the oils are the VW turbos I’ve had. 2 1.8t’s and 1 2.0 TSI, the 1.8t’s cooked almost any oil which said to me a poor design or undersized oil cooler. The 2.0 TSI has been better about cooking the oil (sludging) but at 75,000 has three separate internal engine part failures which are all design related. No engine codes thrown either. Maybe it wasn’t designed to fail but was poorly designed :-) When end I changed the oil in the TC it was so easy, the drain plug and filter were easy to reach. Removing and replacing the under panel was also much better than on the VWs. Love the way it fits into place and the screws and clips can be put back in place easily. Rhino Ramps were a big help as well.
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    Windshield pitting

    Just got a quote to replace TC windshield at Safelite for $709 due to a rock strike. Is this normal? Sounds high to me.