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    Thanks Don - appreciate the quick reply and info. Your confirmation gave me the confidence to continue exploring but with the battery charger connected going forward. I had a better session today and saved the BCM and IPC as-built configurations as a starting point before I make any changes. Also took a screen shot so I could save it in readable text format. I've got a question regarding what Forscan shows in the as-built config versus what Motorcraft was showing for the IPC Module. Below is screenshot of both. In comparison, Forscan doesn't show all the registers but does show a few extra ones in the upper range (720-24-01 and 720-25-01) that didn't show up on the Motorcraft site. Wonder why? Also, what are the Restore and Write boxes to the right of several of the registers? I'm assuming those are the only ones that Forscan will allow you to change. Thanks!