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    Well not much of a story. I was living in Kansas City and we had a two week period when the jet stream dipped down from Canada and brought negative temps and snow. My diesel tractor would not start so my wife and I had to shovel the driveway by hand (it was a large one). We both had jobs that we could not call in, so we had to clear it to get the vehicles out of the garage. During the first snow fall and driveway clearing, she twisted her back and was out. The next three snow falls, I was on my own. So the exact moment occurred halfway through the fourth shoveling when my feet slipped on the ice melt from the last snowfall and I fell on my butt. At that moment, while still sitting on my aching butt, I yelled out loud "THIS IS B*** S****". Got up finished the driveway and starting making plans to move. A year later I was in South Carolina.
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    Tariffs are always counter productive in the end. Producing products where they can be made the best and cheapest keeps every body honest. Is is usually the governments protecting a special interest that fouls things up.
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    Disallowing American companies importing their own products from overseas factories tax free is really counter productive. There is no point of tooling every factory for producing every single model. It’s obviously logical to produce the Connect in Europe where the main market of that body type is. Just like there’s no point of producing Mustang in Europe where it’s a rarity in parking lots and streets.
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    Beta Don

    Trying to decide, and I need help!

    Gee, I never looked at it like me changing my own oil was saving college girls their dignity - See what you learn from helpful forums like this one!! Don
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    I wonder if they got the idea here on the forums from the member that did something similar?
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    Since it does so much, we should have a subforum for using ForScan. What kind of hardware are you using? Apple, Mac, PC, laptop, Android tablet, Microsoft phone, Motorola, Samsung, et cetera? Bluetooth, WiFi, physical cable from OBDII to your computer? Which brand or source for your OBDII connection equipment. What did you do with the application? Step by step to help the next guy. Maybe screenshots. Looking forward to Transit Connect specific task performed with ForScan. Or maybe some other app or program which you are using, and care to share the knowledge with the next guy.
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    John PDX

    Ursa Minor - Intro

    Hello Transit Connect Forums - I just signed up for the forum, and wanted to introduce myself and our company. Ursa Minor has been building campers since 2007, and we started playing with the Transit Connect this year! We began production of pop top camper conversions this summer, and are ramping things up for 2019 We still have more components in design, but here's a few photos of recent builds. Cheers, John www.ursaminorvehicles.com Portland OR | San Diego CA
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    Gen 2 Steelies

    I haven't like the hubcaps on my 2018 XLT, since the day I bought it. (They reminded me of snowflakes!). So after a little bit of research, I decide to go with center caps and possibly trim rings. Originally, I was going to go with black wheels, but it looked too much like a cop car. I still haven't decided on the trim rings. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    I can tell you personally that Forscan can turn on (activate) cruise control in a TC2 that was not equipped with it from the factory. I swapped my steering wheel, used Forscan to enable "Cruise Control" AND "Adaptive Speed Control" - I found out the ASC the hard way when CC wouldn't work when I hit the buttons, lol. I've also tried enabling global open/close on the windows, but it didn't work for me... I'd love to correct my tire size, but the 5 or 6 options in the computer are all too small for the size tires that I'm running (215/65R16 General Grabber AT2). Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 10, and I used this OBDII wired USB converter from Amazon - I'm a computer tech and I prefer wired instead of wireless, whenever possible, except for keyboard/mouse lol. I've used my laptop & converter for my 2015 TC2 and my e-1999 & 2000 F350's with 7.3L ZF6.
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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    Yeah, I'm not used to the kind of awe inspiring acceleration a TC is capable of. It's a truly intimidating performance beast.
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    Well up here you know what is going to happen, Block Heater for the tractor and a good snowblower ! You have to be in the Game!
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    Pour lukewarm water on your car when it's 20 below outside - THAT should be fun to watch!! Forget about going ANYWHERE that day! Don
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    It actually took him a whole year.
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    Don't leave us all hanging. You've got a story to tell.
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    Solving the 4x8 problem

    Which is why commercial users install those metal screens. I believe that in Europe, vans are required to have bulkheads.
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    My real concern with the jumpseat, and don't let this prejudice you, is the lack of a headrest. Headrest are not for comfort. They are lifesavers in the event of a collision.
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    Trying to decide, and I need help!

    You got good priorities.
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    I personally used a 2.5" x 1/4-20 socket head screw, with a 1" x 3/8 coupling nut as a spacer and a stack of washers. The screw was sent through the washers and coupling nut, into the nutsert so it just starts to thread into it. I then inserted the nutsert into the hole, held it in place by the coupling nut with a crescent wrench, and turned the socket head screw with a hex head & socket wrench. Doing it manually helped me control the torque a bit more, and I had a better sense of when it was set. Instead of overtorquing it and risking the headache of extracting a damaged nutsert.
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    Yes, you can pry the door panels off with other tools. But the panel tools make it much easier and you are less likely to damage anything. Many other parts of the TC are held together with clips. I promise you will use these tools more than once. Only $10 Tresalto Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit, Set of 5 Pcs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L8GHB7O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.P1rCb60KATKH
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    Eddy Kilowatt

    Wont Change Temperature

    Do you have the automatic dual-zone panel (left), or the manual twisty-knob panel (right)?
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    Adding an audio amplifier, power inverter or other high current loads requires connecting heavy gauge cable directly to the battery. The Gen 2 TC’s battery is tucked under the front cowling and is enclosed in a covered box so making this connection difficult. Plus, having a big cable bolted to the battery with a big in-line fuse looks amateurish. There is a professional, safe and easy alternative. The front wall of the battery box holds the high current battery junction box (BJB). This is where all the power is distributed to other fuse blocks and modules in the TC. Remove the air filter housing. The BJB is attached to the front panel of the battery box. This panel lifts up and out to access the battery. Disconnect the (+) terminal and carefully pry open the BJB cover (5 tabs). You will have to cut some cable ties holding the cable on the front of the BJB. Here is the front of the BJB (air filter housing has been removed) This is the inside of the BJB. I have already added a cable on the bottom post of the unused slot on the right. The BJB has 10 circuits from 40A to 150A. The last slot on the right is used for glow plug power (60 amp) for a diesel motor. This slot will be available in all TCs in the United States. Connect your new power cable to the bottom terminal of this or any other open slot. Install the proper size MIDI style Littlefuse brand fuse. Attach with 5mm nylon locking insert nuts. I used #4 AWG cable and this fit with some trimming of the plastic housing. The #4 lug had to be shaved to fit the narrow slot. #4 AWG was overkill in my application. Remove the battery and battery box. Run the cable into the cab using the plastic square knock-out located on the firewall on the left (driver’s) side behind a perforated cutout in the padding/insulation. You can see the knock out under the master cylinder. I routed the cable under the center console. The console is easy to access by removing 4 screws. You do not need to remove any dash panels if you use an electrical fish tape or other stiff wire to pull the new cable under the short section of carpet and padding between the dash and console. The fish tape will poke out under the carpet near the accelerator pedal. Route the cable to your load. Plastic knock-out on the driver side firewall Important notes: Use the proper size and type of cable. I bought power cable designed for automotive audio amps. This is much different from cable used in homes and buildings (THHN for example). Automotive cable has many more strands of wire and is much more flexible…and expensive. Many of the cheaper offerings will be copper clad aluminum and the gauge may not be true. Use pure copper if you can afford it. My cable was sold by Kicker. What size cable? Note that the OEM cables in the BJB are #8 or #10 AWG but they are fused at 50 to 80A. This amperage does not comply with the NEC and does not need to. Do a Google search and you will find that you can safely use # 8 cable for automotive, 12 volt loads of 70 or 80A depending on the length of the run. The #4 AWG cable I used can handle well over 150A. If you are going to run large loads continuously, like power tools or large air compressors, you need to use an external generator. The TC is not a power plant and you should only connect large loads that are on intermittently, like a coffee maker or espresso machine. The standard alternator outputs 88 amps at 1800 rpm (150 amp max), so running the engine may not be enough power for large loads.
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    I am not entering the fuel debate. On the Towing and diesel debate I will say this . The current Medium and light duty diesels do not seem to have the reliability and longevity that the Class 7-8 truck engines have. The advertised hp of the transit connect Diesel is 120Hp. The current 2.5 liter engine in my TC has 169 hp. I have done lots of towing . The higher Torque will not make up the 49 less Hp . I will drive a diesel when I find one as I am very interested to see how it drives.
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    HELLO ALL YOU FELLOW HAPPY (DISGRUNTLED) CAMPERS. Are you plain SICK AND TIRED of the STUPID "Perimeter lights" (aka: courtesy lights, courtesy lights, etc ad naseum) staying on when you are camping, in a quiet spot of the woods, wherever you wish to go unnoticed? I finally found / got the answer and the fix. It is as follows: JULY 20 2018 _ DISABLING 2016 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT TITANIUM PERIMETER LIGHTING_POLICE DARK MODE (Please note: This will work for 2014-2017 Transit Connect vans): SSM 46321 – (Dark mode) for 2014-2017 Transit Connect - Battery Drain Due to Frequent Door Openings and Approach Light Strategy). Ford has come out with a firmware update for the TC's Body Control Module. When your vehicle's module had been updated with the new firmware, the tech will be able to access the menu to turn off the lighting. The software update and programming change was covered under warranty. Others TC owners confirm that the 2016 transit connect titanium can have this function disabled. At an online TC forum; many others with the same complaint were able to disable this feature under warrantee by having the “BCM” and/or the “PCM” upgraded/reprogrammed. After this is accomplished, the service tech needs to find the proper “box” to check off (disable) this “feature”. Two steps to perform: 1) Update the BCM. (If the vehicle was built on or before 11-Dec-2016, reprogram the BCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 103.05 and higher. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.motorcraft.com. Prior year vans need to have the BCM updated first as step one of the SSM. Vans built after 12-11-16 already have the updates for the dark mode loaded in their BCM version). 2) Set the approach lights to dark mode. For all vehicles access the BCM Configuration Parameters. Select -> Module Programming -> Programmable Parameters -> Personality -> Approach Light -> Choose “Disable” and follow the screen prompts to completion. (It takes about 15 minutes). If there are problems setting the dark mode, (if the service technician can see the option in the programming, but it won't let him save the change or move out of that screen, it may be the programming device but probably not the van. Also, it may be that the PCM might have been updated instead of BCM. Disabling will not work without doing updating the BCM first if the Transit Connect was built prior to that 2016 date in the document). If this is the case, the dealer will have to update the BCM, then disable the perimeter lighting, then enable (again the perimeter lighting, then once again "disable" the perimeter lighting - AFTER performing the software/firmware update. (Updated BCM codes: The SMM uses the term "Approach Light" per below: The print out the dealer gave me for what my van BCM shows: Approach Light - (BdyCM) = Disabled). You can check the history of your vehicle at http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicle/softwareUpgrades.do -> Summary -> History (registration as an independent operator is mandatory - and free). This enables you to cross-check to see if any changes have occurred since your vehicle was first built. This means that you now have the means to verify statements made by dealers or garages. (If no updates to the BCM are flagged the dates shown are the original manufacture dates). Police Dark (Stealth) Mode - keeps your interior (and Pony) lights off when you enter/exit/turn off vehicle BCM 726-32-01 : xxxx x?xx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off-default), 1-Enable (on) When the dealer updates the BCM they need to activate dark mode. Check the Ford ETIS for your VIN before and after you have your BCM updated to see if that BCM status changes. Here's the link, (First register and create a free account: https://www.etis.ford.com/home/about.do I am VERY please to state that my 2016 ford transit connect van (built Mar 14 2016) is now in the "Police Dark Mode" - and I am not waking / irritating any fellow campers around me, not draining my battery dead. YEAHHHH...!!!! I wis the best for you. PS: There should be NO CHARGE from dealers to "update" this annoying software. Mr peabody56
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    the OH CRAP tote

    Kangaroos have no laces and a little pocket.
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    Solving the 4x8 problem

    I wish the TC was long enough for 4x8 sheets of plywood. As for pickups, I've not found anything quite suitable for that without going to a single cab full-size truck. I did have a standard cab Ranger pickup for a few years. It had a 6' bed, which was okay, but the 5-speed and 4 banger made up for that in mileage. For a very long time, I've been using a 1960 VW singlecab pickup with a 5 1/2' by 8 1/2' bed. And with the sides folded down, the bed makes a great workbench. VW still makes all the variations of the Transporter, but they havent' imported them into the US for over 40 years.