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    Introducing myself and a camper

    jrm223 is spot on. Poster SKiZo added a Fiberine top and it's a very cool conversion. See thread link below
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    Project bike truck

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    https://ford.oemdtc.com/1621/harsh-reverse-engagement-andor-harsh-or-delayed-shift-into-3rd-andor-5th-gear-2014-2016-ford-lincoln Known problem with the solenoids on these transmissions. There is an S/B on it. I'm trying to get it performed as we speak. But sounds like a broken axle will solve your issue.
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    18mpg on a 50K 2014 XLT?

    Welcome! That sounds somewhat low but not crazy. Don't know what the local terrain is like but here in the suburb I live in we have lots of hills. I have seen as low as 7MPG average when just driving around locally with no interstate. I get 25 to 28 on the interstate depending on speed and terrain. 70 or 75 doesn't seem to matter much 80 is a little bit less but sometimes necessary to keep from getting run over! For diagnostics first check is tire pressure, the OEM tires run 42 PSI if memory is correct. Doesn't help the ride but goes around corners better :-) Second thing to check if alignment. If the front wheels are toed in or out that can hurt mileage. Ive wondered about mine but haven't checked - its only got 11,000 miles on it - a 2016 I bought new a year ago. You know everyone is going to say bicycle person doesn't know about alignment but I align my motorcycles all the time. If the rear wheel is not true to the front wheel they don't turn correctly. A third thing is the gas, if you get real gasoline mileage goes up, with the E10 mileage goes down. A few years ago I was driving every Saturday to see my mom. I would get on the interstate and set the cruse on my Volt at the same speed. I could tell a difference in headwinds but sometimes the mileage was a few MPG different. Rain is bad for mileages well. My plan was to use the TC for trips and hauling stuff but use my Volt for local trips. My son's car broke and he has been driving my Volt while saving for a new car. He has a job and no wife or kids or debt so Im expecting my Volt to return very soon!
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    G B L

    Taxi Driver

    The CNG definitely helps it is a very clean fuel. The other thing that helps is Orange county Ca!
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    Custom Platform

    Ya... the tube is a 10ft pvc pipe cut down to about 8.5’. Painted it black to match the rails on the platform... The L brackets on the platform/tube actually had another hole in it which made it perfect for the hardware to attach the conduit. Finished it up the other day, but it was getting dark. I can take some close- ups of the connections if anyone’s interested. Just need to set it up with better lighting🔥.... like next to a campfire:) might have to wait until after the new yr for that camping trip. Thanks for the interest guys.
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    Taxi Driver

    Lots of miles but wonder if the CNG helps. Gasoline has some blowby and does contaminate the oil, haven't thought about it but if CNG doesn't contaminate the oil as much maybe better oil life and lubrication. If its had regular repair and maintenance should be pretty good but Id expect to have to fix some things. Keep us posted on how it performs. Lots of knowledgable folks here. If I think mine is slow I go out and ride my Honda Metropolitan scooter. After that everything is fast!
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    Drivers seat side trim broken?

    Yeah what I think it is, is that when you get out the side bolster pushes down and hits the top of the trim and is able to put a lot of pressure on it. Over time the flexing of the trim breaks the mounting point. Just a bad design. They are plastic in every car I've ever seen, they just need more clearance from the seat to the trim.
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    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    I didn't get a pic of it, but I saw a gas station in Oklahoma (I think? Or maybe it was Missouri) that already has an E15 option, lol. Here's a pic of my MPG from the trip up north & back. Note that the mileage is corrected because I'm running 215/65R16 tires, GPS shows that the dash is off by 5.9%; total trip just under 2135 miles.
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    Wife bought me another TC...

    My wife bought this sweet TC for me at Home Depot yesterday. I think she said it was 69 cents.
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    Help me decide

    mrtn; NAFTA (or the new version of it) applies to commercial import/export. Private individuals need to deal with Canada Customs, Federal AND Provincial tax depts., and provincial licensing rules. A BIG "PITA" !! Sgsf12: to the best of my limited knowledge, all transit-connects were imported as 'passenger' models to avoid the US "chicken tax". They were/are then stripped at a US plant and the removed parts are reused. If you plan on converting to a minicamper, then your final choice is probably the best idea.
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    G B L

    Thanksgiving 2018

    Just a holiday greeting. Home from a freight run, 6 degrees here.
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    G B L

    Movable Cargo WAll

    That look like a very good partition. When you have time up load a Video of how it works. Fifty 150 you are a city person, once you get to a rural area all the Mail Carriers own there own vehicles. The popular carrier around here is a Jeep wrangler with right hand Drive
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    Engine Swap

    You can feel the torque steer on the Gen2 also. I just did not think the little engine had enough power to do that. I discovered that on my test drive. Dealership salesgirl was wide eyed, and speechless, as I chirped the tires and the steering pulled hard on take off. I looked at her with bewilderment, and said, "first time in a minivan, do they all do that?"
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    Beta Don

    Engine Swap

    . . . . and it will do so at about half throttle! - If you're in a hurry from a standing stop, you've got to be reaaaallllly careful!! Don
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    Want to Purchase

    You are in the market for a used car, 5 - 8 years old. You need to look out for everything! As with any used car, check the VIN to see if there are any recalls or TSB work that needs to be performed by a dealer. Then have a good mechanic inspect it, and do all the service work that the previous owner may or may not have overlooked. All fluids should be replaced. Transmission, coolant, oil.....doesn't hurt to inspect the brakes, front wheel bearings, front axles......new air filter, cabin air filter, recharge the A/C, and it's probably due for new spark plugs. With the 1st generation, most of the vehicles were used for commercial purposes. If you get the commercial ladder racks, pipe carriers, or bulkhead screen divider, then consider that a bonus since those are very expensive. Even better if they installed a rooftop cooling unit and drove the van as a mobile walk-in freezer. They were driven harder. Sometimes overloaded. Shocks and springs may need a little attention. Any car that age could have from 50,000 miles, to hundreds of thousands of miles.......between service work & wear items, budget yourself accordingly. Don't spend $$$XXX on a used car, that you will have to put $$$XXX after you buy it. You could easily find within the first year of ownership, that you just paid for the privilege of paying for all the deferred maintenance that the last owner did not pay for. Even a new set of tires could be $300 - $500 - and that may the first thing you'll need. Look at the interior. Is it the configuration you have in mind? What condition is the cockpit? Do all the knobs & buttons work? Is the seat sunken in, worn, faded, and ripped? Is the spare tire still there? How about the body work? Is there rust? Are body panels straight? Do all the lights work? Is there a residual odor which makes you want VapoRub in your nostrils? Are there still logos or lettertype which identify that the van was used to transport cadavers? If the van was used to cater soup, salad, and sandwiches, it may be in better shape that a plumbing van with worn suspension. With any used car, you will luck out if you find one that belonged to a little old lady, who kept it in her garage, and only drove it 2 miles to worship services on The Sabbath. Or you get the Animal Control van with assorted animal odors of urine, feces, and different stages of decomposing roadkill. If you're paying attention, the dog catchers are carrying automatic rifles.
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    Don Ridley

    Resetting TPMS

    Yes, I put the TC in learn mode by using the ignition on/off sequence. Then I triggered each wheel by releasing air in the order prescribed.
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    Resetting TPMS

    That procedure works if you are rotating the tires, then it will know the front from the back because of the different tire pressure settings. But when I first installed snow tires on a spare set of rims I needed to perform the longer procedure that is as follows because of the new sensors; 1) Make sure all tires are inflated to the vehicle’s recommended inflation pressures (found in the owner’s manual on the door placard). 2) Turn the ignition switch to OFF then press and release the brake pedal. 3) Turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN (engine OFF) 3 times, ending in the RUN position. Do this within 10 seconds. 4) Press and release the brake pedal. 5) Turn the ignition switch back to OFF. 6) Turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN (engine OFF) 3 times, ending in the RUN position. Do this within 10 seconds. 7) The horn should sound letting you know the vehicle has entered into TPMS relearn mode. 😎 Place the top of the TPMS triggering tool against the sidewall of the driver’s side front tire in the location of the valve stem. Press the left button, wait until the horn sounds, then press the right button to turn the tool off. 9.) Once the horn sounds, move on to the passenger side front tire and repeat the process. Each tire should only take 30 seconds or less. 10) After the passenger side front tire has been learned, continue on to the passenger side rear tire and finishing with the driver’s side rear tire. 11) You may now turn the ignition to OFF. If the horn does not sound, the sensors were learned successfully. If the horn sounds twice, then the process must be repeated because there was a malfunction. If you dont have the TPMS triggering tool people say you can trigger each wheel by letting air out but I just bought the tool, its like $30 or something. I hope this helps
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    Hi Folks, just joined the forum, heres my 2007 camper conversion. Looking at lifting the front and putting on some AT tires, 18" rims are from the previous owner and look nice, but not much use off road here in Sweden.
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    Oil Change

    It worked. Yet another "fluff and puff" nuisance feature.
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    Common practice for the military to REQUIRE either their serial number or SSN on personal belongings to discourage theft. I knew a dude who fixed a crashed Aspen with Volare parts ... the birth of the Volaspen ... I was missing a couple trunk letters on my current Aurora ... so I just rearranged what was left ...
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    Got a little angst built up there, Fifty? I didn't read your whole diatribe but I get the gist. I wasn't complaining about CarMax. As far as I am concerned, they deserve the extra interest rates, because they give people a chance to reestablish ruined credit histories. My first wife destroyed my credit ... divorce happened and it was so bad, I couldn't get anything on credit. Carmax saved my hide ... and I didn't mind paying the higher rate. Plus, it's not exorbitant ... just higher. As far as "taking advantage of immigrants" ... I hope you're talking about legally admitted citizens. I couldn't care less about what happens to the foreign invaders that are illegally flooding our Country.
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    Towing equipment questions

    I'll second that - great job with this project and sharing your notes with the forum. You did a lot of homework that will greatly help someone down the road. So now that you have a factory hitch, you need to save your shins some skin, cause that bare metal sticking out is going to bite you a few times. Consider adding a hitch cover like I did. I was more prone to bang into the hitch in the beginning, but have adapted to it for the most part, but protection helps. Link below is the one I got because it was available at a local auto parts store chain. I like it and it helps to create a buffer. https://www.pepboys.com/product/details/9133444/00739?quantity=1
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    One year ago I bought my 2015 TC titanium. It had right at 10,000 miles on it and now I'm at 51k miles so I've put a lot of time behind the wheel of this thing. Overall I'm super happy with the van. I am a sales rep and I always have a pile of samples, catalogs, etc with me. I also have two young kids so the roominess of the van is great for me. I took out the third row to give me a little extra room in the back and haven't needed to put them back in yet. I've tracked every tank and I averaged 24.2 mpg with a best of 28.7 and low of 22.7. I wish the mileage was a little better but I generally am going 70+mph and on trip I take has a speed limit of 75 where I'm doing at least 80 for 4 hours so really not too bad given the room it has. Still have the stock 16" tires and they still really look pretty good and I'd say I'll get another 10k or so out of them. No major issues so far either. I did have a leak from one of the roof rack plugs but they took care of it quickly. Mine has the touchscreen nav, heated windshield, remote start etc and all the features have worked great. I did crack a windshield and it took a few days for them to get the right one in but I don't think the heated windshield is super common. I'm hoping to get 200k or so out of this and I maintain it to a high degree. I do 5k mile oil changes with full synthetic oil and will get the transmission serviced soon as well.
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    G B L

    Transmission fluid change

    Here is the post I did on the Transmission Change. The hardest part of this operation will be getting the TC Jacked up. Should be almost level . Remove the Under body dust shield . Look for the Drain Plug. 11 mm or 7/16 wrench. ] This style funnel will slide down into the Vent plug you just removed Put 3 quarts of fluid in [attacjpg] ] Run the TC for 5 to 10 minutes . Then drain the fluid again. Repeat this 2 more times You have Now used 9 quarts of fluid. Put the Drain plug back in make it snug this time. Add 3 quarts of fluid You have now used 12 quarts. Go under the car and Look for the indicator plug (14 mm wrench) Loosen the plug. Do not remove yet Start the engine with the engine running and the Car in park pull the plug and add fluid into the funnel until it just drips out the Indicator hole Replace plug put the Dust shield on , Pull the funnel and replace the vent cap. Total Fluid 13 Qts. With most of number 13 left There is no filter to change on this operation and the type of fluid is Mercon LV. Have fun!
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    Rplacing roof brake light module

    What's wrong with the Euro brake light in terms of safety? The fact that it's off center by 4"?