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    I got the cruise control to work yesterday. I did not need to replace anything but the steering wheel and I have a base cluster. I previously used IDS version 101 and did not have any luck it had some bugs with reading the central configuration in my vehicle or maybe the problem was with vcm clone, idk. But with IDS version 109 it worked better. I was able to read the central configuration and it showed all the features but I still had problems downloading to the vehicle. after editing it. The way that I was able to successfully save the changes was to make the changes in the as-built file and upload that entire file from my computer. If anyone would like more detail or I can send the .xml files directly contact me via private message. I cant wait to drive this more now that I have cruise control and it only cost $60 😀
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    Fog lights

    Can someone explain to me how to install fog lamps in my 2010 ford transit connect that has a unpainted bumper cover with the dummy lamps in it , do I cut out the dummy lamps with a saw and then install a aftermarket kit if so what’s the procedure
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    I plan to use these spacers to lift my van. Probably two spacers (1") and one size up on the tires (Sumitomo HTR XL 215/60-16 = +.8"). About 1 3/8" lift overall. SPACCER® offers the following benefits: Increased clearance - 12 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm or 48 mm (.47 in, .94 in, 1.42 in or 1.89 in) https://www.spaccer.com/en_US/makes-and-models/ford/transit-connect.html
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    Lost Membership Card.

    The difference between a V8 getting 11 - 15 MPH & an inline 4 cylinder..........your fuel cost could increase by 50%. At least in case. With my weekly fuel consumption in the Transit Connect being about 12 gallons (weekly fillup) - same driving in the F-150, weekly fillup is always at least 20 gallons. No science there, since every day is a little different. And my driving is a little more "spirited" in the truck - wide open throttle on freeway onramps, revving the engine at red lights, heavy pedal take-offs......maybe you won't do any of that. And cost of fuel in your part of the country is probably a lot lower than cost of fuel where I live.
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    Windshield Cracks

    Thanks, all - the "quick quote" from SafeLite is $270 - much better than I feared, assuming they stick to it when I make an actual appointment!
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    Doc Hoy


    Yes. Found that out. In fact I have just bought a second scanner (Foseal ELM327) which will work with an iPad rather than incorporating a display as part of the design. I was initially hesitant about my iPhone or iPad getting to look like the oil pan but after using the Ancel, I realize that the use of the scanner has two phases. 1. Do the readings. 2. Work on the truck. Then it repeats as the repair action continues. Plenty of opportunity to wash my hands before handling my phone or iPad. iPad never leaves the seat of the truck. Never handled by greasy hands.
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    5x110 Wheels on 5x108 Hubs

    Mr. Parker If you REALLY want a set AND you buy into the premise of this thread (some wouldn't) check out these.......not sure if the link will take you straight there. $142 each. https://www.autoanything.com/wheels-rims/american-racing-torq-thrust-m-wheels Part #: AR105M77552A Offset: 45mm Backspacing: 6.02" Max Load: 1600 lbs. Centerbore: 65.10mm Diameter: 17" Width: 7.5" 5 x 110mm Single Bolt Pattern
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    There are more options out there. Just keep looking. With this piece, you can measure and drill the holes yourself - right into the plastic bumper or the plastic upper trim piece. Or if you are thinking outside the box, cut off the mounting tabs and affix with epoxy. There is even special epoxy for "plastic to plastic". https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B074W9RV82/ref=gbps_tit_s-5_aa19_9e865817?pf_rd_p=e1da54c7-110f-4046-97da-aa11c13eaa19&pf_rd_s=slot-5&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_i=gb_main&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=EW9E6VXQ0CZ6BBAWX46Z 3D Optic Red LED Rear Bumper Reflector Turn Signal Brake Tail Lights Lamps For 2014 2015 2016 Ford Fusion Mondeo
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    In case anyone really needs to see it, here is what the trim piece looks like once you take it off. Two torx screws. Two mounting plugs. Remove the screws. Then gently nudge away from vehicle body with a trim tool Or just grab it, pull really hard, and hope that you don't break off the plastic mounting plugs.
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    5x110 Wheels on 5x108 Hubs

    I really want a set of these "old school" American Racing Torq Thrust, but a over $500 each, I'll have to pass... http://www.americanracing.com/wheel/25671/vnb425-torq-thrust-sl
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    5x110 Wheels on 5x108 Hubs

    Tapered lug nuts are the way to go if you use anything other than the exact match wheels. Those should help center the slight difference in the Saab spacing pattern.
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    OEM Seat Compatibility

    I already installed the seats and belts. Was just too lazy to upload the pictures... Here ya go! I guess it's worth noting that there are holes for mounting other seats but only the ones seats were actually installed in were tapped, at least in my vehicle. I believe the bolts required for both the seats and belts were flange M10-1.25 length 20.
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    That's not cheating, that's thinking outside the box and getting the job done. Never have been a purist at pretty much anything.
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    I cheated ... <G>
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    Oil Change

    A fairly accurate summary I'd say, but you say it nicer than I ever would.
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    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Here are my final notes: I went to parts.ford.com and punched in my VIN. I found that a lot of seat related parts are compatible within the model generation, BUT the seats themselves are compatible only with certain years within a model generation and only with the corresponding wheelbase. For example, only seats from second generation long wheelbase models manufactured in 2013 and 2014 are compatible with my long wheelbase 2014 TC. Also, different cars have different seat configurations - 60/40, 80/20, two singles - so be sure to look at you vehicles mounting points to ensure you're getting the right configuration. Mine is 60/40. Hopefully this helps someone down the line.
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    Beta Don

    Oil Change

    I think the 'thought process' went something like this - First, we'll just call it a 'lifetime maintenance-free transmission' so you'll never need to check or change trans fluid, so no dipstick needed . . . . and it is a lifetime trans - When it fails at 75K, well, that was it's 'lifetime'. Second, if we eliminate the dipstick, owners will be forced to come to the dealer for the really easy things they used to do themselves - Win, win for Ford . . . . at least in their thinking I didn't really have a problem with that when we bought our TC - I had already decided I was about DONE crawling under cars to do the routine stuff and I actually planned to just let my Ford dealer do it all. That was before I had a chance to deal with the two dealerships closest to my house - Neither of them will ever touch my car again, so it's a good thing I didn't throw away my ramps. Luckily, more than 90% of all the miles we drive are in electric vehicles, which are virtually maintenance free, so it's not often I find myself on the ground under a car these days . . . . but if I had checked out my dealerships before hand I would never have bought my first Ford . . . . . Don
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    Lost Membership Card.

    BSUPC, I have been driving a full size Transit with the high roof for work lately. Not a big fan. It drives like the old vans. Nothing like the Connect. It can haul a lot of stuff and pull a lot of weight, but you definitely know its a heavy duty vehicle. The standard roof model may be a little bit better, but I suspect it will still feel more "commercial" than the Connect. It uses a lot of gas too. I think a good test drive will help you decide. You didn't mention looking at trucks, but I test drove the Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier before I got my Connect. The Tacoma was way too expensive and the dealers wouldn't even talk pricing. It was pretty much, here it is, take it or leave. The Frontier was ok, but just ok. If a small truck is a possibility you may want to give it a test drive. I thought about waiting for the new Ford Ranger, but I liked the Connect enough that it wasn't worth the wait to me. As the others have said, I thought the Metris was too pricey to even look at. I didn't want the NV200 with the CVT, primarily because I wanted the ability to tow a small trailer. I read on the NV200 forum that in addition to the "No warranty" when used for towing, they actually have a problem with a proper supporting structure for a hitch. On the other hand, it gets good reviews so that may be an option for you if you don't need to tow. I considered the Ram Promaster City. But the Chrysler/Renault history concerned me enough that I just couldn't bring myself to test drive it. Even though I think things have improved with them and I see quite a few of them on the road. So in the end, the Connect was the best option for me. Good luck with your search and let us know what you get.
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    Oil Change

    Here is the link to the vehicle search for the site. https://oilreset.com/ And here is the link for the 2016 TC. https://oilreset.com/?mf=44&amp;mm=Transit Connect
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    Oil Change

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    Beta Don


    Google is your friend! - I had no idea what a 'replock' was, so i looked it up. Seems to be a British thing where you repace the key cylinder in the drivers door to make it harder to steal your van. There are OEM Ford links for the kit and a video of installing one in a Transit - Not a Connect, but a Transit Thankfully I don't live where this is an issue Don
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    This shows the location of the factory CLD-type panels. They are sections of mastic applied before the vehicle is painted. TC noise panels.pdf
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    New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...

    We don't get much rain out here, but mine have been fine when it does happen...
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    Speaker wires, Ford transit connect 2014

    It really depends on your current factory radio. Does your vehicle have the CD player? If it does, then there are 4 speaker outputs. If you have just the AM / FM radio like I did, it only has 2 channels. Anyway I have included a picture of an aftermarket harness that has the speaker channels labeled. The 4 channels are in the white / gray / green / purple pairs. The negative is towards the top near the mating release tab. White/White with black= left front Gray/Gray with black stripe= right front Green/Green with black stripe= left rear Purple/Purple with black strips= right rear
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    Hvac SuperTech

    added subwoofer to system

    Was tired of spending half my day in the transit and not having a good sound system. Since its a company vehicle, I dont want to/cant change the head unit, so I used a line converter, and added a 13 inch power acoustik slim mount subwoofer in a sealed box to the stock radio. I powered it with a 400 wat amp under my seat( sub is able to hold 700 watts). Since I have the bulkhead right behind my seat seperating the cargo area from the from cab area, it had to be a slim line sub. The box the sub is in is only like 6.5 inches wide at the base and 3.5 at the top. It fits pretty good, and allows still some leg room in the passenger seat area, should some one have to ride with me. I have some system tweaking to do, but it sounds really good so far. I'm really impressed with the sound now. I'm sure with a bigger amp t will rattle the truck no problem but with the amp I have, it does quite well to fill the interior with mirror shaking bass. I am still considering upgrading the stock 5.25 inch door speakers with something better, but am going to hold off for now.