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    Don Ridley

    K&N 33-5002

    In the turbo world it seems everyone installs a "high flow" air filter. But there is serious doubt if they improve performance. Add a new air box, cold air intake, new hoses etc and the vehicle will sound different but real measurable gains on a Dyno are elusive. Only after upgrading the tune or turbo do you see real performance improvements. Install the K&N if it filters better and you want it, but don't expect more horsepower.
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    MODERATOR - In my opinion it would be very useful to setup some ground rules regarding forum content. I think thread hijacking with non-related garbage has gotten out of hand lately. I'm noticing a big drift in forum content. The forum never used to be like this when I joined back in 2014. Most discussions were TC related. At least the forum has maintained a decent level of civility to which I am grateful. Aside from an isolated case of a toaster that caught fire a few times a while back, the forum has been a wonderful asset for me as a TC owner. I realize that threads can drift over time but it seems the amount of nonsense being injected lately is way off the rails. The majority of it has nothing to do with the original poster's topic. Perhaps we can suggest limiting these types of discussions, especially political ones, to the Lounge area only. Posters need to exercise restraint outside of the Lounge to stay focused on the topic at hand. I hope I'm not a minority here in my views. Peace!
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    A few questions after a test drive

    This was a "down & dirty" seat riser mod I quickly banged out in my shop. 2" square stock with 1/4" wall. Replaced the stock seat bolt with something 2" longer. Each of the 4 seat corners got one of these. More commanding view out the window is exactly what I wanted and didn't really want to use a seat cushion to get it. Seat riser.jpg.pdf
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    Closed loop rear heating

    I took a video today, so here you go 😀 Also if anyone doesnt know what a webasto style heater is here is another link. I chose it because the combustion chamber exhaust is outside the vehicle unlike a catalytic heater and the result is reduced moisture in the cabin
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    A few questions after a test drive

    I switched from a 4wd Toyota Tundra to a 2018 TC LWB XLT cargo version. In my case, I wanted 1) the ability to haul stuff without it being exposed to weather and thief's 2) Better gas milage. 3) Better maneuverability (especially parking). It does take some time to get used to the lower ride height. Especially switching from a truck. It took a couple of weeks for me to adjust, but now I am fine with it. In fact, I like not having to climb up in the cab. These are pretty tough vehicles, so you won't have to baby it. It's not for off-roading, but it will handle dirt roads etc just fine. The cargo versions are often used as commercial delivery/work vehicles so they get a lot of abuse and hold up quite well. Initially, I thought it was underpowered, but I have found it has enough power to get the job done. And I REALLY like the improved gas mileage! That "bump" in the overhead console is probably the sun glass holder. You can remove it and replace it with a the filler panel from the XL version. Although a lot of folks would like to have that option, especially with the convex mirror in it to look at your kids. For what its worth the lift gate has much better rear visibility than the barn doors. However, once I got used to the backup camera and the side mirrors, I found I only use the rear view to see if someone is tailgating me. Yep, the invisible front end is a challenge. I've had my TC for 4 months and I'm still not used to it. I think the front parking sensors would help. I have the rear sensors and love them, even with the backup camera. But, its more of a nuisance that a problem. Usually I just end up being a little further away from the car in front of me. But that's ok, because the van is so much shorter that my truck that I'm still fully in the parking space. Good luck with your search! Finding a good used TC can be frustrating!
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    Having worked in the power industry for 20 years, and an operator on the electric grid for 8, the thing about renewable energy that upsets me the most is that very few ever talk about it's true cost. It's such a heavily subsidised component of of the power generation industry, and we're all paying for it, either directly through taxes, or indirectly through our power bills. It's not that I'm against renewable energy; there is a place for it and it will continue to increase it's percentage share of our power generation. But what's it's true cost? Until that's known, we're all being fed a pile of B. S.
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    A few questions after a test drive

    1. I had the same worry since it looks so low. But in practice I've never hit anything due to being too low. Trim under front bumper clears concrete parking stops. I don't creep over speed bumps, just slow enough I don't bounce off the ceiling. And I've used it for work on occasion over rutted dirt and gravel roads. Bottomed the hitch out once driving off a curb that looked like an exit, but never bottomed out the TC itself. Did run over one of those paper towel multipacks that fell out of a pickup on the highway and had no issues. The shields on the underside seem to have the important bits well protected if you do encounter something. 2. It's not a racer but plenty of power for merging onto the highway and climbing hills. At least for me running most of the time with just driver and lightly loaded. Lots of passengers or cargo might be different. But I only do that rarely so not enough experience to say for sure even though I've never had it be bad enough to be noticable. 3. Not an issue on my 2015 XLT, but comparing that photo of the Titanium to a similar photo of my XLT, I have a small gap between mirror and trim above. Sunroof may require extra space and cause trim to be a bit lower. My mirror and the huge rear window make it like looking out with no rear hatch. But my rear seats have been removed so I'm not looking over their backs. 4. I worried too. I even stuck a piece of PVC in the dirt and drove until I hit it both front and rear. I kept getting another foot or two past where I thought I would hit before I actually did. In reality there's not much sticking very far out, that slope looks worse than it is. Half the engine is essentially under that big expanse of glass and dash so there's just not much past the end of the glass. And the rounded off corners let you get surprising close to adjacent cars when turning into parking spots. 5. No kids but my neice's family visited and I put the seats back in and our group of 6 did all our sightseeing in the TC. 4 adults and 2 kids and I'm over 300# so the TC was full, but only 1 carseat. I specifically asked my neice's husband how the third row was for him after a longish trip and he had said it was fine, close but not cramped and able to move his legs around enough for comfort. My second row is the 60/40 and folding the 40 back gave easy access to the third row. We never did try 3 across on row two. But my neice said it seemed doable with her and 2 kids if the carseat was out.
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    A few questions after a test drive

    That little mirror is designed to work with the oversized visors, to work with the oversized windshield. Any larger mirror you install, will interfere with the visors.
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    Okay guys. Here is a Toyota Sienna with a lift kit. Nothing is over the counter. Every part is custom fabricated. Gives Transit Connect owners an idea of what they could look forward to.
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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    The guy with the work van, loaded with tools and material, going up a hill, probably thinks that the Transit Connect doesn't have enough power.
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    Eddy Kilowatt

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    It would be nice if there was an alternate, less aggressive accelerator map that could be selected with a scanner. Something suitable for a wedding-cake delivery business. "Limousine Mode", if you will.
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    Eddy Kilowatt

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    The 2.5 (and I would bet the 1.6) has drive-by-wire throttle, and they seem to have mapped it to give about 50% throttle opening with the first 10% of accelerator pedal motion. Perhaps an attempt to fool motor journalists into thinking there's more engine up front than there really is. Anyway, it's hard to get a smooth takeoff even in good weather.
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    MotorCraft Oil Filter

    More stuff online I've run across over the years. You guys will form your own opinions. What this does not show, which you can find online videos of, is how some filters have very poor quality media, parts are glued together, gaskets that get stuck to the oil filter mount which you have to scrape off, and gaskets that fall off. Not all tension springs and clips are equal. The best videos also show what those filters look like when cut open after XXXX thousand miles. Even the canisters aren't equal. I recall some canisters being so flimsy that when I tried to remove it with a filter wrench, the canister crushed like a beer can.
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    Modern day sedan delivery?

    So I was watching old movies (as in black and white) over the holidays and saw an early (around 1940-1950) sedan delivery flash by on the screen. The thought hit me... "That kinda looks like a TC" (it was probably the wine...) Anyhow, as I thought about it some more, I realized "Duh, what do you think a sedan delivery is!". A delivery vehicle built on a car chassis. So for your amusement, here is a pic of a '46 and a link to short history of the sedan delivery. https://macsmotorcitygarage.com/another-look-at-sedan-deliveries/
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    Modern day sedan delivery?

    Over the years, I have heard all of the bad jokes about vans and "free candy" signs. Mine has a different sign. It says "free champagne." I go for a different demographic. I think there's the potential for a beautiful friendship with Rick in Casablanca.
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    Help me decide

    LOL, agree that is a bad day for the salesperson but they need to get it right. Depending on the problem I would not automatically write it off but certainly a bad sign. My son looked at a Ford Focus ST which had a check engine light on and it was at the Ford dealership. Car had some mods on it, price was way to high in my opinion. For about the same price he bought a new one two days ago - at a different dealership. Kind of like a shrunken flattened Transit Connect with some real horsepower. Cabin is very familiar as to be expected and I finally get my car back :-)
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    New and have a question

    I have a 2018 LWB Cargo with the barn doors. There is a latch on the inside that will unlock the doors. Please note, I have the default locking scheme that requires a separate, 2nd key press, for unlocking the rear doors. Therefore, I had to use the inside barn door latch twice to unlock it. But, it did unlock from the inside.
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    Sounds like you are making it work for you. There's a triangle shaped plastic trim piece in front of your mirror and behind the door hinge. Remove that. You will see a hole which will allow you to run wire into the cabin. Then you can run your wires into the van, and to the rear, right alongside the OEM wire run.
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    Use a 2 conductor wire which is already jacketed.
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    2012 TC wouldn’t go into overdrive

    So your mechanic cleared the code, did not perform additional diagnostics, and that was it?
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    Eddy Kilowatt

    Wont Change Temperature

    Do you have the automatic dual-zone panel (left), or the manual twisty-knob panel (right)?
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    Solving the 4x8 problem

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    Solving the 4x8 problem

    In the effort to make America Great Again, I pick up as many as I can from my local Home Depot parking lot, and transport them right up to the front door of the INS building.
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    Solving the 4x8 problem

    Transporting illegals?
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    Loading ramp questions??

    Harbor freight makes a foldable aluminum ramp we/re used to load motorcycles and gun safes. it's wide