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    Let's see if this works. First post after introducing myself. I decided to create a little more room in my 2017 T.C. The front 1/3 of the cargo floor is a false floor !!! I hope this helps someone else.
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    I've searched for the past few weeks and can't figure out what these are for, can anyone help? It's in the 2015 ford transit connect wagon... Sorry, I'm noticing my drawing on the photo looks a little obscene... It was not my intention!!!
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    Yup - When an 8 year old car with 275K on it starts eating up large chunks of cash, keeping it and pouring even more money into it could rightly be called insanity I do feel for you, but I've not made a car payment for more than 20 years. I only buy what I can afford to pay cash for and as the years have passed I've eventually got to the point where I can pay cash for whatever I want, new or used Don
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    Cornucopia of problems. I need therapy.

    Just win a lottery jackpot. People do it all the time. Just nobody I know. Not me, because I can't afford to buy a ticket. But it could be you. We have all been there. You have a car that you don't want to lose, but you are throwing more money at it than it is actually worth. Now you're in the hole. You will never get out of it, what you're putting into it. It's like a bad relationship. You don't want to let it go, but can't afford to hold onto it. Your car can be fixed. Today's modern vehicles, almost everything can be diagnosed and corrected. The right technician, with proper diagnostic equipment, could pinpoint all of the car's issues. And as you already know, most of the time, it's just changing parts. Every part on the car can be changed for a new one. But at what cost? You just put a over a thousand into this car. I don't even want to think about how many thousands you have put into it over the years. I've done the same myself. I put over $10,000 (little by little, over many years) into an old rust bucket Jeep, until I figured out that I could have spent that money on a new car. Like you, a thousand here, five hundred there, and 10 years later, it added up. Your car's KBB value may only be in the $2,000 - $4,000 range. It may be time to figure out what your budget allows for car payments, and to talk to a lender about financing. The math is not in favor of putting more money into the car.
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    I called this morning and while setting up the appointment, the service advisor made a strange comment that the recall was for the front doors only, not the sliders. I went back to the original recall notice I received and it specifically mentioned the slider latch breaking, nothing about the front doors at all. So I decided to go take a look at my front door latches. They were not very worn at all and I could see a few very small scratches on the screws. It appears that they may have done the recall on the front doors only and never touched the rear door sliders that the recall was intended for at all. I called back and had them add that info to the ticket. Still not sure how it will play out, but I feel a little more confident that I know why it broke, the recall repair was never fully completed. Hopefully once the dealership sees the same thing they'll have the sense to finish the job under the recall and not try to stick me with out of warranty charges. As a side note, if you ever have this problem with your doors failing to latch, here's a way to strap it so the door is secure and the vehicle is drivable. I initially only had a single strap pulling the door in, but was getting momentary "door ajar" warnings on each right turn. Not trusting a single strap anyway, I added a backup but still got the warning with both straps pulling in towards the center. But then I thought to rig the second strap so it was pulling the door forward against the pins on the door frame. That worked much better and stopped all the door ajar warnings. Since my seats were already out, I used the seat base mount for the pull in strap. For the pull forward strap I looped it around the bottom post for the drivers seat belt attachment. And both straps are attached at the door end by looping around the center slider mechanism mount pivot pin. I didn't think to take a photo of that part.
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    2012 fuel injector replace

    Leaning hard on two empty bottles of seafoam probably has some humor value.
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    Different Cargo Dimensions?

    ** Not seeing anything for the older TCs at the links provided. I had the roof bumped up on a 2011 with good results.The new top adds about a foot, and height was around 54" without. Few other mods so far on what's still a work in progress. I was gonna get fancy with steps and such (notice the step bumper on the rear doors, but decided to go with a portable for the side door. Not much weight, 350 pound capacity, sturdy with no wobble, and just pick it up and toss it inside when not in use. The two stepper is perfect for splitting the height up to the cargo floor. I'll be adding a couple grips once I get the "kitchen" and storage unit installed. Six foot tall, so I still have to hunch over a bit, but I can actually walk into the thing now. Mine came with a two piece cargo wall, so I just removed the section behind the drivers seat so I'll be able to fold that forward for a bit more sleeping room. Left the passenger side cargo wall in place as it's handy for the already mounted inverter and such. Total length from the rear doors to the back of the drivers seat set all the way back is around 70 inches. Width is four feet between the wheel wells, and about 57" wall to wall. Yes, you DO need to get creative when setting it up, but there's a lot of different options, and lots of ideas from other folk who've converted them over the years. My plan is to just use it for a weekend solo camper, so it should work fine, and I figure it'd be good for a couple if you're extremely friendly.
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    2012 fuel injector replace

    Ford wants $3 to install a little green tree that smells funny.
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    2012 fuel injector replace

    At the local Acura dealership, they charge for that service. Yes! Honda owners will pay the dealership to "install" a little bottle of Techron.
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    Hello from Minnesota

    So I am still a novice on how to best use this site for adding text and photos. Not quite sure wether This is all one post or how the heck I got two of the same shots in the first post. I will keep messing with
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    2012 fuel injector replace

    Try running a couple bottles of Chevron Techron concentrate through it before changing injectors. https://www.techronclean.com/ Walmart usually has a decent price. Beware that the boxes of 6 at Costco usually aren't the concentrated version. Plus you probably should go with the big bottle. Maybe you need the one specific for fuel injector cleaning...
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    Harbor Freight

    $200? I don't see spending that much on a Harbor Freight set, just to get one piece. I hate buying open stock tools because I know it's cheaper to buy a set. But then again, I've bought a lot of open stock tools, because I didn't want to spend more on a set, when I only needed 1 piece.
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    Official Membership Card

    Saw a brand new looking one (with a Finnish plates, not the one on the pic) a couple of weeks ago:
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    Official Membership Card

    It’s deliberate. They want to separate the Connect and full size Transit. They make more money on professional vans so they need to make sure the Connect is not fully usable for building contractors and such other than to haul tools and compressors around. It may feel too big of a jump in the US market but they actually have the Transit Custom in Europe to fit exactly between the Connect and fullsize.
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    Don Ridley

    Transit wipers gone wild!

    You need a scanner to work on these vehicles. Everything is controlled by micro computers (modules). A scanner will show the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that have been triggered by the wiper operation. An OBDII reader is not sufficient. Buy an aftermarket scanner or use Forscan and an ELM converter. Attached are the first 6 pages of the wiper troubleshooting from a 2016 service manual. Note the DTCs on the last 2 pages. This is where you need to begin. wiper operation.pdf
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    Mike Chell

    New-ish Owner

    Welcome to the site. This "oil life" issue seems to be a common discussion point ... and no one seems to be in agreement with the people who ACTUALLY work in the petroleum industry. Since I am an instructor at a school where we teach people how to work on vehicles of all types, I've had the occasion to speak to visiting representatives from that industry. Engine oil will last well over 10,000 miles in a good engine. Even the "cheap stuff" from discount and department stores will last for more than 10,000 in a good engine. It's the definition of "good engine" that determines how often you should change your oil. New vehicle, less than 100,000 miles on it, with oil changes at the required intervals ... is still running within "break-in" tolerances. Modern day engines, unlike the folklore, are NOT designed to fail. They will outlast most other parts of the vehicle, if the lubrication system is maintained. I would say, without reservation, that you can trust the "oil change indicator" on your new vehicles.
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    Official Membership Card

    BSUPC: They'll buff it & paint it but it'll still cost you $30g+ to look as good as mine 8-) GK
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    Fuelling the Air conditioning

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    All Season Tires

    As I have always said, it means equally bad in All Seasons.
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    Mike Chell


    If you really want to tick people off ...
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    Then you can have unfiltered air going directly into your engine. That does not sound appealing.
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    Mike Chell


    JC Whitney still exists ... online only, I think.
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    Can I get a Valet key for my 2010 XLT?

    @timbo - The keypad is great. I use it all the time because I surf and windsurf in the ocean and don't want to stash my fob or carry it in a waterproof pouch. If I lose my fob for some reason, I always have a way to get inside the van where I have a spare key stashed. As you can see from the pic below, I mounted mine on the rear door because that's what I mostly use for getting gear in/out and the location is most accessible. You first program the keypad like a normal keyfob and then mount it anywhere with adhesive. Don't think it will come off on it's own. Battery is supposed to last 5+ years, I think. There is another thread about setting up the keypad (see link below). Very easy process. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/2991-keyless-entry-keypad/?tab=comments#comment-8793
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    Don Ridley

    Upgraded 2016 speakers

    As part of an ongoing stereo upgrade project, I finished the speaker upgrade. I have a 2016 XLT with 6 factory speakers ( 4 door, 2 tweeters). I installed 6.5 inch 2 way speakers in the rear doors and 6.5 inch component speakers up front. I think most 6.5 inch speakers will fit the TC and there seems to be plenty of depth for the speaker magnets. I used the factory wiring. It is too much hassle to rewire the entire van even though the sound quality may be better with larger gauge wires. The stock speakers have an integral mounting ring and electrical connector. I used these plastic mounting rings to mount the new speakers. 1.First check the polarity of the speaker connections using a 9v battery (see youtube). Mark the connector because both wires are black . 2. Cut the speaker cone out of the stock speaker. You were going to save this cappy speaker only to throw it away years later. 3. Cut and grind the plastic speaker supports away from the mounting ring . Check for sizing on the new speaker. The plastic is easy to manipulate. 4. Mount the ring to the new speaker with small scews. 5. Solder two short wires from the integral connector to the new speakers. Now you have a upgraded speaker that mounts and connects like OEM. The tweeters were more work. You will have to see how your tweeters fit in the OEM bracket that has 3 locking tabs around the circumference of the tweeter. I notched my tweeter mounting ring to match the mounting tabs. I added a dab of glue to keep things from rattling. Disconnect and secure the stock connector and wire. Splice speaker wire at the back of the head unit (see other posts for wire colors). You are connecting in parallel to the wires going to each front door speaker. Install the crossovers in the void below the head unit and run wires over to each tweeter. The sound with the new speakers is significantly better than stock. The stock head unit has enough power to deliver good sound. But I need more power and will install a digital signal processor (dsp), amp and sub in the near future. I am waiting for the 2017 audio products. I will probably pre-wire the van while I am waiting. The amp will require 4 sets of speaker wires to and from the head unit. The amp and sub will need separate power wiring. So there is plenty to do while I wait.
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    It really depends on your current factory radio. Does your vehicle have the CD player? If it does, then there are 4 speaker outputs. If you have just the AM / FM radio like I did, it only has 2 channels. Anyway I have included a picture of an aftermarket harness that has the speaker channels labeled. The 4 channels are in the white / gray / green / purple pairs. The negative is towards the top near the mating release tab. White/White with black= left front Gray/Gray with black stripe= right front Green/Green with black stripe= left rear Purple/Purple with black strips= right rear