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    Don Ridley

    K&N 33-5002

    In the turbo world it seems everyone installs a "high flow" air filter. But there is serious doubt if they improve performance. Add a new air box, cold air intake, new hoses etc and the vehicle will sound different but real measurable gains on a Dyno are elusive. Only after upgrading the tune or turbo do you see real performance improvements. Install the K&N if it filters better and you want it, but don't expect more horsepower.
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    MODERATOR - In my opinion it would be very useful to setup some ground rules regarding forum content. I think thread hijacking with non-related garbage has gotten out of hand lately. I'm noticing a big drift in forum content. The forum never used to be like this when I joined back in 2014. Most discussions were TC related. At least the forum has maintained a decent level of civility to which I am grateful. Aside from an isolated case of a toaster that caught fire a few times a while back, the forum has been a wonderful asset for me as a TC owner. I realize that threads can drift over time but it seems the amount of nonsense being injected lately is way off the rails. The majority of it has nothing to do with the original poster's topic. Perhaps we can suggest limiting these types of discussions, especially political ones, to the Lounge area only. Posters need to exercise restraint outside of the Lounge to stay focused on the topic at hand. I hope I'm not a minority here in my views. Peace!
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    MotorCraft Oil Filter

    More stuff online I've run across over the years. You guys will form your own opinions. What this does not show, which you can find online videos of, is how some filters have very poor quality media, parts are glued together, gaskets that get stuck to the oil filter mount which you have to scrape off, and gaskets that fall off. Not all tension springs and clips are equal. The best videos also show what those filters look like when cut open after XXXX thousand miles. Even the canisters aren't equal. I recall some canisters being so flimsy that when I tried to remove it with a filter wrench, the canister crushed like a beer can.
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    Modern day sedan delivery?

    So I was watching old movies (as in black and white) over the holidays and saw an early (around 1940-1950) sedan delivery flash by on the screen. The thought hit me... "That kinda looks like a TC" (it was probably the wine...) Anyhow, as I thought about it some more, I realized "Duh, what do you think a sedan delivery is!". A delivery vehicle built on a car chassis. So for your amusement, here is a pic of a '46 and a link to short history of the sedan delivery. https://macsmotorcitygarage.com/another-look-at-sedan-deliveries/
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    Sounds like you are making it work for you. There's a triangle shaped plastic trim piece in front of your mirror and behind the door hinge. Remove that. You will see a hole which will allow you to run wire into the cabin. Then you can run your wires into the van, and to the rear, right alongside the OEM wire run.
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    Use a 2 conductor wire which is already jacketed.
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    2012 TC wouldn’t go into overdrive

    So your mechanic cleared the code, did not perform additional diagnostics, and that was it?
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    MaxxAir Fan for 2018 LWB Wagon

    You may want to check this roof adapter out. I have not purchased from this seller but he seems to have a good rep. Also sells 3M Thinsulate https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Transit-Connect-Roof-Vent-Adapter-for-2014-or-Later/142515465891?hash=item212e956ea3:m:mBzibOMwMKr0bwakbnkxZJw&var=441506560218&redirect=mobile
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    MaxxAir Fan for 2018 LWB Wagon

    You can do it. Then fan and lights are on the same circuit. Circuit will be overloaded; fuse can blow or fire can happen. You are already cutting holes into your van. May as well run the wiring.
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    The S mode changes the shift points even when you don't use the manual buttons. In my 1.6l TC it removes the shift delay when I accelerate hard. I use it all the time and never use the shift buttons.
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    I had a four banger with a stick , still like it a lot more than automatic.
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    Says you. I wish I can find a girl who is even cheaper than I am. Do you know how much I could have saved over the years? All my ex's spent money like crazy. They just didn't care. Don't women know what coupons are anymore?
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    If you have a heavy trailer you might use the S mode to keep the TC from going into 6 gear.
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    G B L

    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    If you go to the wix website you can find all the relevant filter cross reference information , size, thread size , gasket dimensions . anti drain-back info, and bypass valve pressure . This is the way I get under my TC
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    Here is the page from the owners manual with the indicated jack points. This is what the bottom looks like with the splash shield removed. Oil filter is really easy to access; behind the fan and in front of the oil pan.
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    I use a small floor jack to lift. Then once the van is on 4 UniJacks, I lift it up to where I am comfortable crawling under. You can use ramps, jack stands, or whatever you want. Personal preference is not to use the OEM emergency scissor jack, ever, on any vehicle. There is even an inflatable balloon jack that is perfect for lifting a low profile car to a comfortable height for service. Just don't buy a used jack at 007's garage sale. He only sold it because it doesn't work. And when he gets a lift, all the Left Coast members are going over to his place.
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    But with a K&N drop in air filter, it will be fine as long as it fits.
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    Please be aware that things that fit may not be correct to use - especially when it comes to oil filters. Some have baffles and restrictions inside to do things like restrict oil drain if they are mounted face-down or face-up, etc. Not saying these, as mentioned, are not cross-compatible, but having a history as a parts guy (back when you had to use books to look things up) and in a rural area where farmers had older equipment you could not find in a book - I had to do a lot of creative parts finding. Anyway, just saying - external dimensions are not all you need to consider when changing a part out to another part.
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    Low mileage 2014 TC Titanium

    I've read about the issues some have had putting in the K&N on this year TC, but I'm not going to dig into this until we have at least a couple hours, or more, of dry weather here. I don't need it so bad to get soaked doing it. As for oil changes - I find these to be the least satisfying to do myself. I do my own oil changes on my collector cars, for obvious reasons, but to move those out of the garage (when I had one to move them out of) to do contortionist moves on these new cars to reach where they put filters, and such, has not been happening of late. But I doubt I'd have an issue doing it if I wanted to. I'm not yet familiar with what's under the hood, or under the van, since the same soaking issue would apply. Spring will be here soon enough and I hope to be fully equipped with what I learn here, and elsewhere, with the things I'll do to it. Hopefully by then I'll have some forward movement on my garage... fingers crossed. Thanks Fifty150 for your tips.
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    Browse and search the forum. Several have upgraded speakers and sound systems. I posted info on connecting power to large loads. The basic Sync and Sync3 head units are made by Sony. Install a quality amp (that accepts line inputs) and/or DSP and the sound is great. Only reason to upgrad head unit is for custom features and display. Finally, there are some discussions on sound deadening, but more info can be found on car audio forums. Check out the Audicontrol products to convert your line level inputs if necessary. Have fun and welcome.
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    The dealer informed me this can be done, but they had to refer me to an outside independent installer and told me I would likely lose some of the control functionality on the steering wheel. I was shocked to discover, after purchasing, that there was no easy way to connect satellite radio! Seems that today, if what you want is not already on the vehicle when you buy it, it is very difficult to add aftermarket electronics, essentially because the necessary interfaces aren't there. Maybe this is not the case with other vehicles. In any case, it was too difficult and I didn't want to lose my steering wheel controls, so I gave up on it. After a while I accepted that the interior road noise was so overpowering that I would have to crank up the volume of ANY add-on to such a level that what is left of my hearing would be compromised (you probably don't worry about that unless you are my age). This opens up an even bigger can of worms.....considering how to noise-insulate the interior so you can hear your music (and everything else). I gave up on that partway through. It was all just too overwhelming for a vehicle I would not own any longer than 5 years. There are some great things about the TC. And some not-so-great. I would like to see a cargo version with interior insulation and paneling for those of us who value the space and don't need the seats, but would appreciate a higher level of comfort.
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    I did the front and rear mud flaps on my 2015 LWB and it wasn't too much fuss. It's been 3 1/2 years so I don't recall all the details. IIRC, just a little bit of frustration to keep the edges aligned as you press home the clips that attach the flap to the existing trim. I don't remember if it was just an issue of not enough hands for the job or just how precisely everything needed to be aligned to get the pieces to interlock. But I did have to loosen the fasteners back up a couple times before I got everything to fall into place correctly. But the instructions lay out the process so it's not one of those installs that requires special tools or knowledge.
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    G B L

    How to remove hitch

    If the after market hitch structure were mechanically attached to the factory hitch it would definitely handle the load. The only question would the weight cause a drive-ability issue . You would want to add a anti rattle to control the hitch slop .
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    Loading ramp questions??

    Harbor freight makes a foldable aluminum ramp we/re used to load motorcycles and gun safes. it's wide
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    Performance mods.

    HeyZeus, There is a plastic boot on the intake in front of the radiator. It's shaped like a long cone with holes in it. It restricts airflow and makes it quiet. I loosened the front clip by removing snaps until I could reach down and pull it off. Now I have a factory CAI. I thought about cutting a hole inside the upper grill to add more airflow but I don't want to inhale water when it's raining. It sounds good and probably is faster but I can't tell. It has at least 1/3 larger opening than stock. Combine that with exhaust mods and you'll know the difference. Really the only other mods you can do are to the computer...