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    G B L

    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    If the gas door is open then the slider will not open! Already tried . As a side note the gas door closes between 55 and 60 MPH .
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    New TC owner building motovan

    Hi - new to the forum here. I just purchased a 2014 TC and am in the process of swapping in a Euro spec 1.6 l tdci (115PS) with 6 speed manual. Everything is in, just working through the software gremlins. Since we cannot get these diesel manual drive trains configured in a TC in the US, I figured I would build one. I wanted a motovan that got good fuel economy and was a manual so I could tow it behind my motorhome (with a bike in the back of course). Below are pictures of the old 2.5 l petrol drive train removed and the new Diesel installed...Once I get it going I have some more plans for it. Thanks everyone on this forum who proved for me that a dirtbike could fit in the back of one of these.... Thanks, Chris
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    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    I have a 2016 Titanium & it has the small screen so not all Titaniums have this upgrade. Looks like I'll be doing this conversion too/
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    What is this?

    Ya know, if I was doing a conversion, THAT would be the first thing I would attach something to. Looks handy. I have those also.... maybe for seat belts?
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    Double Nickels

    Ford Customer service (or not)

    Nope. He posted his own.
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    Ford Customer service (or not)

    Did you just post someone else's home address in the public internet?
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    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    Perfect! I had kinda thought about those for my van but went a different direction.
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    That would depend entirely on the physical dimensions of the sofa/recliner you're looking at - They vary all over the place, depending on the style and who made the one you're looking at - Kinda like asking "Will my boat on my friends trailer fit under the low clearance bridge near my house??" 😋 Don
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    2010 XLT Slammed

    Oh yeah....I also sourced and now have the rear drum to disc conversion. First one in the USA to do this.....better yet, first one in the USA to do any of this stuff to a Transit Connect. LOL
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    2.5 Litre Reliabilty

    I had the 2.3 N/A in my Mazda 6. It was amazingly slow.
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    Double Nickels

    Live News Report

    Is this a 1st generation Transit Connect? KPIX is channel 5 in San Francisco. This reporter is jumping into action....after his cameraman set up the right shot.
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    G B L

    Can I put off trans rebuild?

    Here is a link to some prices and a rebuild company https://www.transmissionrepaircostguide.com/4f27e/. The transmission in your TC is a 4F27E Transmission Transmission Street Smart Transmission Autozone Advance Auto Parts Dealer Retail 4F27E 1440 1630 1749 2637
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    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Tell you guys what, if I ever have any engine problems with my TC I'll update on this thread. I've been running Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum Synthetic 5W-30 since mile 500 - currently over 15K miles now. My maintenance schedule is 1 oil change per year which is working out to be 7-10K miles per year. My theory is that most modern manufacturers are desperate for income (even before all this economic shutdown madness as the auto industry was very long into the business cycle) and I wouldn't be surprised if most management have been willing to sacrifice longevity as well as improve emissions, at least on paper, by running a thinner oil than would otherwise be preferred by someone who is interested in maximizing mechanical longevity. Customers whose vehicles last too long, or too short for that matter, don't make for good repeat customers. I'm willing to be wrong with this theory obviously, so while it's only anecdotal - I'll be sure to update if anyone is interested in the event something engine-related malfunctions.
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    Was hoping to find something like that for the TC when I went to "pop" the top, but ended up going with a fixed roof that gives me a dual purpose, weekend camper/wheelchair accessible ride. Even has some decent lines that fit the vehicle. Hard part was getting someone to do the conversion, but no regrets as it's working well for me ... and best of all ... no leaks! PS ... the fiberglass roof is from a company called Fiberine in California. This one adds eight inches, but they do make one a full foot. I'm over six foot and have to crouch a bit, but it's still a BIG improvement over the stock height. They also do an optional plywood inner liner that adds a LOT of strength if you plan on adding an AC or solar or whatever. And ya, I know I could have gone with a standard raised roof Transit, but really didn't want to end up driving a truck. ;-}
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    2015 TC Longevity

    I;d not call It bright but it was red and clean,, Only reason I can think of was the fact that this van lived on the Interstate. Say 80% super slab, 10% rural back roads and 10% city.. Did those of you who got black , burnt brown fluid out get a better shifting van after the flush ? As I said mine shifted the same ...
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    Double Nickels

    spark plug suggestions

    If I pull plugs, new plugs go in. Same way I am not draining transmission fluid to send in a few ounces for used oil analysis, pour it through a coffee filter in the funnel, back into the transmission. Same thought process for changing the oil filter with the oil. Bizarre that some people will change the filter, not the oil, and just top off because the bottle of oil claims XX,XXX miles. Or changing the oil, but not changing the filter, because filter advertisement claims XX,XXX miles. Some people drain radiator fluid, then pour it back in through a funnel with a screen. Not just reading it online. I have seen all this in real life.
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    Although this video is for a full size Transit van and not a Connect, it's still one of my favorite car show segments. If I win the lottery I want to do something similar with an old beat up Connect. The ultimate sleeper.
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    Let's see if this works. First post after introducing myself. I decided to create a little more room in my 2017 T.C. The front 1/3 of the cargo floor is a false floor !!! I hope this helps someone else.
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    I like the aircraft style storage bins; they are great for storing some of the things that I like to have in my car, but rarely need access to, such as first-aid kit, emergency kit and supplies, flashlight, some small basic tools, etc. They are always there, never in the way, neatly put away. And for $100, I think it is a reasonable option for storage that is unobtrusive. That being said, I never carry passengers who might want to use the bins for themselves.
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    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Here's a couple extras! The first is a drawing with all the measurements for the single piece plywood deck I built. And these measurements were corrected to fix the errors I described earlier. Naturally these were for my vehicle so there's no guarantee they'll match yours if you want to try this build. But it should be close if you have a LWB Wagon. The second is a quick diagram and explanation I had for some alternate ways of doing the job that occurred to me during the build. My initial thought was for a smooth, strong and flat floor from a single continuous sheet. But you can get a bit more coverage, 57" wide at the doors instead of 48" wide, if you are willing to have a cut joint in the middle of your floor. It was also starting to become a pain every time I had to install and remove the single panel for the numerous trials and modifications. A narrower folding floor, 26" wide when folded with hinges, can be made in 3 pieces to make frequent installation and removal much easier. Unfortunately, it will also require a second (half) sheet of plywood. I tried and just couldn't seem to get all 3 pieces to pattern onto a single 4x8 sheet if you want the full 57" width at the doors. They are in PDF format for most universal viewing. That's part of the reason for the delay in posting this thread. It took a week to try to learn the DraftSight program well enough to produce a useful drawing. Transit Connect Floor Alternate Ideas.pdf Transit Connect Floor Dimensioned.pdf But if you want the CAD drawings I generated for these, PM me an email address to send them to. I tried to upload the .dwg files but the forum wouldn't allow it. Update: Found an error in the files orignally posted. Fixed the error and posted new corrected files.