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    I then slapped the mat back down and cut out the rubber around the hatch cutout. Dropped in the hatch, popped in the step trim, and screwed down my cargo tie downs. Finished product, thanks for looking at my creation, feel free to ask about anything I might have left out!
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    Dog Crate Platform / 3rd Row Removed

    Dog crate project. We have a 16 LWB, we removed the third row of seats and built a platform that has storage underneath. Everything is easily removable in the event we would need to get a large item with the van. In fact the rear crates, platform and storage containers can stay in place when using the second row of seating for passangers. Since we have three dogs and the front crate (2nd part of this) project should be complete by the weekend, pictures to follow. The platform is made form aluminum uni-strut, closed cell foam tape, birch plywood and rubber matting underneath the crates make rattles non existent. Some pictures of the crates with the seats removed, the frame installed, second row seat up and completed project.
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    Whats up guys. I made a few updates to my TC. I accidentally left my water spigot on (with the pump off) last summer and leaked water inside the van. Luckily it found its way out the rear of the floor somehow, but the birch wood does not handle water well at all. It absorbs it like a sponge and then becomes very brittle. The black sealant de laminated as well. I decided to scrap the entire cabinet and re-build it with unistrut. I posted 2 videos of where I'm at with it//
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    TURTLE roof rack from Turkey

    While researching aftermarket rail and rack options, I came across this company in Turkey. Looks like decent manufacturing. 3 cross bars. I literally just ordered one, so will be excited to see how it works out. What was interesting to me was the rails are basically L track, like what is used to secure airplane loads. Should be versatile enough for me to load kayaks onto. The brand is TURTLE http://turtlecancarry.com/ https://turtlecancarry.de/ Ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/To-Fit-2014-Ford-Transit-Tourneo-Connect-LWB-Roof-Rails-Roof-Rack-Black/323761409103?epid=20029726155&hash=item4b61af0c4f:g:7s0AAOSwB6ZcsuYL Listed at $380 from Germany, I'm paying $275 (shipped) from Turkey to Michigan, via the email address in the Youtube comments. I was originally thinking of doing a Unistrut system for rails, but wasn't confident on how many mounting points to use, and whether or not the roof curves front to back or is level, then got the price for this rack and just went for it.
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    @bone - great job on your installation. Thanks for sharing your work. I too captured this storage space in my 2015 cargo with a different approach. I couldn't stand the vinyl cargo mat so used carpeting on plywood instead. I separated the foam from the vinyl mat and used that as filler under the plywood, which is very good sound proofing material. It's great to have the extra storage space making use of this dead space. Time for you to finish those bare door panels next! I used black paint on mine. Gives the van a nice finished detail.
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    With Fiberine, the problem is not the roof, it's the installation. Roof will be great. You can imagine all the things that could go wrong with a bad roof mod.
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    G B L

    Screen solution (pricey, but easy)!

    Looks very interesting let us know how it works. 39.97 for that is not outrageous.
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    Here's how I converted my wagon to a van layout. Removed second and third rows, removed center bracket for second row, added plywood to span from back of first row all the way to the tailgate, and topped it with rubber matting so things don't slide as much. https://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/4109-converted-2015-lwb-wagon-into-a-van/ Most of the photo thumbnails aren't showing now, likely due to the forum changes over the years. But if you click on the markers they still take you to the photos. If you scroll down about halfway through page 1, you'll find download links to some pdf files with dimensions of the cutouts in the plywood for an exact fit. If you just want to skim through the photos, here's the link to the album. https://fordtransitconnectforum.com/gallery/album/160-2015-tc-lwb-wagon-modifications/
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    Welcome! Love the color, same as mine. I have a 16 with the Sync navigation system and don't have any complaints. Don't know abut updates, I'm sure others will respond to that. Agree with you on the ride, firm but not harsh. Doesn't ride like my daughters Honda minivan but when it comes to going around corners the TC is much better. My 3rd row seats are in and out, a bit of a hassle to take out but lots of space without them and make it easy to haul my scooter.
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    Dog Crate Platform / 3rd Row Removed

    @bug512 - thanks for the pic. I recognize that pooch pack. You posted that pic back in March. Seeing cool dogs never gets old. Right on!
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    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Yepp Sure Did Ed. Has anyone upsized? Any issues with tire rubbing or traction control? I could deal with any speedo changes...perhaps a mile per hour or two presumably. Could mathematically figure it out pretty easily. Tire pressure from Tires Plus Installers was very close. They went with 41 all the way around it looks like. I went back to the door jamb stickers suggestion of 41 front 43 rear. Yeah PhotoAl. You got me standing up on the pegs. My CBR was a 1992 1000. It was my ex boss's son's. He took it all apart in the cafeteria of our shop and bought every top dollar part available for it. From wheels and "Upside down" swingarm to stage 2 cams and WiseCo1040 high compression piston kit. Then he landed in jail with the bike still torn apart back in the corner of our cafeteria. I got a phone call late one night from his dad, asking me if I wanted to bail the kid out of jail. This was in 1995. Bail was $1350.00. Took me about four months to put that wicked beeahhh all together. Called her my "RD on steroids". Cams were so hot that it loped like an RD gurgling just before coming on the pipes. What fun. Never built a 4 stroke before. Won the area's horse power shootout just trying to see if any timing adjustments were needed. Apparently not.
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    Dog Crate Platform / 3rd Row Removed

    Our pups... Lilly is the black dog, Tripp in the middle and Leia on the left... Lilly is a Certified therapy dog and also has her canine good citizen.
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    Dog Crate Platform / 3rd Row Removed

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new van. Nice job on the platform. Very cool! How about a pic of your dogs?
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    Yep. That was it. Replaced both rear shocks and no more banging noise. Thanks for the advice.
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    Dog Crate Platform / 3rd Row Removed

    Good job with the Uni-Strut. I've always thought that Uni-Strut could build almost anything.
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    Sofa Bed

    This has worked in a Jeep, pickup truck, Honda.......because i'm lazy, and not trying very hard to make things work. If you are lazy, like me:
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    Try a Steelie Ball. Been using one for years. Never comes loose.
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    Check the rear shock absorbers. The bushings or even the shocks may be worn out. But it does sound like a bushing somewhere in the rear suspension.
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    center caps for a 2012

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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    Backed out of the garage three days ago into about 6" of snow, sitting on top of solid ice. (We have not been above freezing for more than two weeks) I stopped and closed the garage door and then attempted to move forward. NADA! My sad OEM Cont's, with 18,000 miles on them just sat there and spun on top of the ice layer. There wasn't enough tread to grip the snow and pull me up off the ice sheet. Only an extensive rocking session got me moving enough to get back into the garage. This caused me to take a good look at the tires, and I realized they had a lot more wear than I would have expected at 18,000 miles. Working at home means I am not forced to go out every day, and can usually wait for things to moderate a bit before I attempt to go anywhere, but the massive fail behavior of those sad Conti's drove me to the computer to research some new skins. I spent almost an entire work day looking for a good alternative to the OEM's. Along the way I brought up reviews of the OEMs that came stock on my 2016. The biggest complaint was the shocking early wear - some people showed extensive wear at only 10,000 miles! Then there were the sidewall bubbles and failures. Not good! I searched for a good all-season tire that would give me a bit more grip in modest conditions than I had at present with the Conti's (none!). I didn't want to have to drive around on snow tires in an area that typically has more dry weather than anything else. The road noise in these cans is bad enough as it is, and I value my 27 MPG average mileage. I ended up settling on a Goodyear all-weather tire that had stellar reviews for all conditions and got raves about their long wear. Unfortunately, as is all too common for TC owners - these babies did not come in the TC's stock size. I could have accepted a taller tire, but I didn't want to alter my speedo readings. Bummer. Further local searches in my area for what the few typical tire stores (Discount, Big-O, etc.) actually offered left me disappointed. I was going to have to pick from what was available and offered in the TC's size. I ended up at Discount Tire, reluctantly taking the suggestion to fit a set of Pirelli Cinturato Strada AS's (a model exclusive to Discount Tires). I Drove off in the 22 degree weather on my new, very unexciting-looking $500 tires for the trip home, expecting to not notice anything different. BIG SURPRISE! The Pirelli's had completely changed the feeling of my van. The steering was lighter. The wheels pointed quickly in the direction I wanted. The van had a much tighter and crisper feel all-around, and maybe equally as welcome was a much reduced level of road noise! This made me realize what crappy tires I had been driving on for the last two years! I have since driven them through some packed snow and over some ice. These things are not winter tires, In truth, they are performance tires, but they do provide a higher degree of grip than the Conti's, and I expect them to be able to get me through modest winter conditions just fine. The best thing is that I feel like I am driving a completely different vehicle! So, here you are guys and gals...Need new shoes? If your needs parallel mine, I think you will find a lot to like about these pirelli's. Check 'em out.
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    Odd Dashboard Scoop?

    Remember how VW has a little vase for a flower? Put a sandwich in there, and tell everyone it's an OEM sandwich tray.
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    I don't need no $300 jack stands. Used by successful "wheel recyclers" for decades !!!
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    This is almost the same idea. But different.
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    OK - I'm done! (In photoshop anyway) <G> Exterior mods will (hopefully) include a raised roof, steps for the side doors, and some slider windows for ventilation. Solar panels and a FanTastic fan on top. Interior is still up for debate, but I got a good idea how I want that to go ...
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    This is what the mirrors look like.