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    I was always afraid to make a mistake so I didn't want to use glue. I also didn't want to make new holes in the van. It took forever to make sure I only use the existing holes for rivnuts and still have the cedar planking ceiling I've been dreaming of. https://youtu.be/FeSpucwYLW0
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    Well the answer is.... I took it to the dealer as it is under warranty. There are 2 tabs at the top of the windshield that were leaking. The water dripped down and damaged the speaker and "radio" module that controls the heads up Ford Pass system including the GPS module. They removed the windshield and resealed the tabs. They had to order all the parts so I picked it up and am awaiting parts. Thanks for all your good suggestions. Hope this helps someone in the future. Jim
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    It's the same issue in my business. Delivery of goods postponed for months, then silence, then 6 weeks delay. Then 2 weeks. I can not promise any delivery dates. Wanted to buy a bicycle, called my dealer I have gone to for ages. They said their containers allocated for spring sale are stuck on Evergiven in Suez canal, there nothing big enough in stock. All suppliers have informed me of price hike, 3-30%. Never before have I experienced such global s***show.
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    I understand your frustration, but if you love the vehicle, stay with it. I went through the same process in 2016. Ordered in mid May, couldn't get a production date. Vehicle was built in Spain on July 4th, and by the time it was shipped to the US and arrived on the West Coast, I took delivery on Sep 23. It seemed like forever. Ford winds down production of the 2021 models in April/May, begins re-tooling for 2022 models in May/June, begins building in July for Aug and Sep deliveries. That's just logistics for a multi billion dollar company and thousands of employees. Changes don't happen quickly in consumer time. I waited, and got exactly what I wanted, and it was worth it. Still driving the Black Beauty today. Hang in there.... Peace
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    Dashboard Reflection on Windshield

    I got an inexpensive camera set from eBay. I mounted it on the roof, right above the windshield, centered approximately with the steering wheel. The drivers side viewpoint corresponds with the OEM backup camera on the drivers side above the license plate. Since the windshield was already blacked out, I used duct tape and secured the power cable right down the windshield edge in the groove where the weather seal is, slips right alongside the hood hinge, and to the fuse box. To run the RCA cable for the video feed, I drilled a hole through the roof and headliner. I mounted the screen on the dashboard right in front of the steering view, to simulate what I would see if the windshield weren't spray painted black. Now the only problem is that it's a backup camera, with a reverse screen image. I have to turn left when I want to turn right.
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    Dashboard Reflection on Windshield

    Last week, as I was in Sacramento working on recalling Newsom and electing Caitlyn Jenner as the next Governor, I noticed that there was a terrible reflection on my windshield. Right before my very eyes, was the Krispy Kreme I got for free because I had a vaccine card. Erik Estrada, who was riding in the 3rd row, behind the tinted windows, said that his cousin Stevie might know a guy. So we headed over to NYC to see what's up. Stevie's guy was up in Calgary, and couldn't enter The US, because Canada hasn't vaccinated him yet. The only thing to do was go over there. He had the fix. He had this spy coating for the glass which eliminated the glare and reflection 100%. Now my windshield looks like this. By now, Bruce Penhall was getting grumpy. His wife kept calling, and nagging him about what time he was getting home.
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    Ditto on the hardware. Traditionally these are called plus nuts in my circles and work wonderfully. I have i think 4 that secure my channel. Some were installed using factory oval holes and couple i had to drill. Important getting visual on where you will drill. Especially around where curtain airbags are . Tape measure is your friend. Reinforcement crossbars are also should be avoided.
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    Platform Overland Style Roof Rack

    Whatever rack you decide on,I suggest you install a mounting channel to spread the weight using the existing holes covered by the plastic plugs. Here is a picture showing a rivnut on the inside of my 2016 TC that secures the chanel for my Weatherguard adjustable ladder rack. As you can see,this "trough" has a lot more support than the thin sheet metal of the rest of the roof. Using rivnuts in the existing holes also means not having to remove interior trim or drilling near side airbags (View is passenger side rear hole showing roof and side wall just forward of rear door)
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    I installed Vantech USA roof rack that has channel i bolted using some original plugged holes and adding some anchoring points of my own. I will try to post some pictures
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    Cargo weight

    I mounted an aluminum plate with 3/8" spacers that's properly centered then put the tag on that.
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    Cargo weight

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    Now you just need to photoshop a tent on top.
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    I would use aluminum framing. It's light weight, and incredibly strong. Measure to exact needed lengths, and easy to cut. Very easy to bolt together any size platform you want, with as many cross pieces as you want.
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    100% agree. RTT should be fine when parked as long as total load doesn't exceed the listed limits while driving.
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    Just got these from the dealer to show me what the color looks like on the FTC in person. This is a van in Florida that has the new Solar Silver color that I ordered. Love it~!
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    Adventure van camper conversion

    HI Bart! I also plan on using my FTC as a mountain biking adventure mobile. I plan on keeping my bike (Yeti SB140 XS) in the van most of the time. My most recent plan is to use a fork mount just behind the seats so that the bike will roll in from the side doors. Love seeing other people's builds and bike ideas!
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    Cargo Tie Down Points

    I didn't want to listen to D-rings flapping around so I bought a bunch of fixed M6 & M10 Lifting Ring Eye Bolts on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PPMR8D8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
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    RUST on leading edge of hood!

    I have been enjoying my time with my . RED TC 2012! pleased with its drivability and decent fuel economy. Last week i was doing under hood clean up and found BAD rusting under the caulked front edge of the hood .. i scraped away the caulk and found this: cleaned and scraped loose rust and applied several ´╗┐coats of Rustoleum Rust Preventer. I will keep an eye on whether or not it really stops the rust as advertised....members might want to check this area... i assume i am not the only one with this issue...
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    I like the curtains. Keep up the good work.
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    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Here are pictures of my simple camper conversion. I needed a bed for two, a sofa, a table, a place for a cooler, it had to be easy to install and remove. I built this during a week and then we went on a 3 week camping trip spending every night in it. Overall, it works well for us. 3300 miles on the trip and averaged 29.0 mpg. I have since removed the top half of the folding seat back, it is more comfortable w/o. The eye bolt thing on the rear door holds the door open a couple of inches for ventilation while at the same time being able to lock the door. The third cushion fits nicely behind the seat back. The unit is held in place with 2 turn buckles, 1 in rear shown in pics and the other is at the L mid tie down point. I can remove this in a few minutes by myself and have an empty van again.
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    In case anyone was curious, I ended up just gently pressing the vinyl flooring under the plastic and using a staple gun. It is pretty secure and once we get the platform built I think it will be a tighter and more secure for sliding storage boxes etc...
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    I've had a couple vehicles with liftgates including several Ford Explorers, an Expedition, and an Aerostar van. I actually prefer the barn doors for loading items. It's nice to pack stuff in and shut one door to load against. The middle blind spot from the doors does take some getting used to. Ford should make the rear camera able to be activated as desired.