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  1. BobbyP

    General Tyre size for 17" alloys on a tc gen2

    i went with Hancook ventus concept 2 size 235/45R17 diameter same as stock and these have a high enough load rating
  2. definantly check out the roof rack holes. i had a leak at the carwash from those holes, after installing the rack.
  3. BobbyP

    Some of the things I've done on my 20 cargo van

    nice upgrades. the always on rear view camera is my favorite addition. does your monitor have 2 channels? if so you can add a second camera to cover the right side blind spot.
  4. i found a good unused switched fuse behind the glove box. 2016 model
  5. BobbyP

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    let us know what happens. mine has a hesitation when going from park to gear sometimes for 2 secs. had ford look at it and they didn't find anything.
  6. BobbyP

    Side Cameras

    thanks for the positive feedback on the install. i wired the side camera to a hot near the aux 12 volt in back. ran the wires behind the tail light. fished the lines thru where the light wires power the tai light. video line i ran along the inside and under the door moldings then all the way up under the roof liner. don't remember where i grounded it. must be in the back. came out clean, all wires hidden. my van didn't have a rear view mirror so had to modify the supplied mount to to factory mount or stub for the mirror.
  7. BobbyP

    Side Cameras

    Hi. here is my set up to deal with the blind spots. i have a 2016 xlt. van came with back up sensors and no factory back up camera i added to first cameras above the license plate. second camera to right rear trim. pictured below. I added a 7" monitor with 2 av channels. av1 is the rear view, which i leave on all the time. the picture is better than that. camera not focusing. when I want to check my blind spot, right rear I switch to channel av2 it really helps when backing out on parking lots. i really don't miss having rear or side windows now.
  8. BobbyP

    new member in SoCal

    I was lucky to get it. Only a few turbos left. All 2016s were been held because the door latch recall. Found one where the dealership had one set of recall parts. They gave it priority and cut me a great deal.
  9. BobbyP

    new member in SoCal

    new member saying Hi! 2016 SWB XLT ecoboost