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  1. Hi all, Whats the general 17" tyre size used when fitting 17s on a gen 2 TC swb. Thanks.
  2. sibzy438

    Eibach Lowering Springs

    Thanks for all the replys, i contacted eibach, the spring loads are differnt for the swb and lwb, the swb is no longer being made (didnt give a reason), the lwb can take more load in the rear so therefore the spring rate is bigger, if you put them in a swb model you might not get the drop it quotes but a toolbox or a bag of sand could sort that out.😂
  3. Hi all, Im new to the forum, Just having a look around and it brilliant, fair play, i have a 2016 TC short wheel base and im looking to lower it, i like eibach springs but i can only seam to find them for the Long wheel base model, are they the same kit or spring or am i totally wrong. I presumed they would all be the one. Maybe someone out there knows the answer and i can get lowering.