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  1. Thanks for the videos, Fifty150. I've already mounted the rack but if I ever decide to change it up it looks like rivet nuts are the way to go.
  2. mountainman

    We all know the answer.

  3. Whoops, I didn't even see the rail there. Sounds nice and easy. I had to fasten some bolts from the inside of my TC. A bit tedious to say the least.
  4. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Unfortunately it looks like it's going to be cheaper to just have the closest yard pull the parts and ship them to me. So no boba tea for me ;)
  5. Looks good! How was it installing the rack on the passenger version? Did you have to remove the headliner?
  6. mountainman

    2012 Ford Transit Van

    Hey grimaldiauto, I actually started a thread about this last week. As others have mentioned, the cargo and passenger vans are actually the same. In the case of the cargo vans, a false floor has been installed behind the front seats to hide the 2nd row seat footwell and mounting points. Based on the discussion in the thread I started, it's my understanding that as long as you get seats that match your mounting configuration (60/40, two singles, etc) from a TC that's the same generation and wheelbase as yours then they should be compatible. For example, my TC is a 2014 long wheelbase model. After removing the false floor I found that the mounting points are configured for a 60/40 split bench. So any 60/40 2nd row bench from a 2nd generation long wheelbase TC is compatible.
  7. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Ha! I certainly will. I just want to be sure the seat belts that end up in my vehicle are safe.
  8. mountainman

    New Ford Owner

    I'm new here too. So far the forum has been a great resource. Welcome!
  9. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Yes. All the anchor points appear to be present and tapped. Great! I've been able to find a handful of 2nd row benches, but the ones that are geographically closest are not from 2014. Regarding the mounting hardware, a lot of the seats I've found live in vehicles sitting in a scrapyard, so I should be able to pull all the necessary hardware when I get the seat. We'll see if the seat belts are in tact in the vehicle I pull the bench from. If not, or if their condition is at all questionable, I'm willing to order them straight from Ford. It'll be a bit spendy, but it won't break the bank. I'm certainly willing to take the gouge to ensure it's safe!
  10. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Is the picture of a 60/40 in the "vertical" configuration? I removed the false floor from my van last night and found that the existing carpet is cut for a 60/40 seat, not 2 separate seats. My question now is does it matter what year the seat was manufactured? It seems like as long as it's from a second generation LWB model then it should be compatible.
  11. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    Thanks for the insight, Don. I didn't realize Ford uses different back seats depending on the wheelbase. I think these seats actually fold flat and then slide into the footwell, rather than flipping up vertically. Here's a video of what appears to be the exact same seats in action in a 2014 TC Wagon:
  12. mountainman

    OEM Seat Compatibility

    I'm on the hunt for an OEM 2nd row fold down bench for my 2014 TC XLT. I came across this ebay post for a bench that is supposedly compatible with 2016-18 models. But looking at the Ford parts website, it seems like any 2013+ bench should be compatible with my rig, although I've seen talk around here of seats being specific to certain model years. Can anyone provide some insight? The manufacture part number listed on the ebay post is F-TB3B, which I haven't been able to find anywhere... Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Thanks, Mike. I suspect I'll have to hunt one down at a scrap yard. By the way, I've really enjoyed watching your build videos. Keep it up!
  14. I have a 2014 TC XLT I'm looking to get a 2nd row fold down bench for. I'm located in the Northern Rockies, USA but can travel to basically any state along the Rockies if necessary. Any and all leads welcome. Thanks!
  15. mountainman

    Taking the plunge

    Hi there. I'm the proud owner of a 2014 Transit Connect XLT with extended cab. The warranty is going to expire at the end of the month which means I'm about to dive into building it out. Short term goals: Remove the false floor and install a second row bench. Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with Fabricate a platform that's level with the seats when folded down for sleeping, hauling, and additional storage. Roof vent Insulation / sound proofing Replace plastic rear panels with floor to ceiling cabinets Long term goals: Manual transmission swap Diesel engine swap Small lift + bigger knobby tires Sliding door windows I've had the van for about a year. During that time I've been doing research in preparation for my build and kept finding myself on this forum. Needless to say, I'm excited to participate in your community. Cheers!