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I bought a white 2019 Transit Connect XL for 24K on 5/3/19. I got the tow package, cruise control, and SYNC3.


My long term goal is a modular set up that allows it to be both a camper van and a moto van without a lot of hassle.


Moto Van Requirements:

  • Able to secure my 2008 WR450F without it bouncing around on a dirt road (a second dirt bike would be nice)
  • Able to fit riding gear
  • Able to fit camping gear


Campervan Requirements:

  • All equipment removable for motorcycle hauling purposes
  • Lightweight for the mpgs and modularity
  • Pretty wood and cool design for the future lady
  • Secure for when leaving valuables at a risky trailhead
  • Able to sleep 2


Immediate goals:

  • Floor mats
  • Sun shade
  • Equipment for securing motorcycle

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Welcome, looks like you got all of the necessary options.  I use mine to haul a scooter, not sure how two dirt bike would fit.  The front wheel of my scooter goes between the two middle seats with the rear seats removed.  It will fit with the rear seats in but is easier with the extra headroom.  I use a WeatherTech floor mat (the big one) for the rear with a sheet of MDF on top on it.  The MDF lets me use the center stand on the scooter.  One of these days Im going to make a front wheel stand for it.  I also have an old Holzclaw dirt bike trailer which I restored.  It had two rails but I made a deck for it to haul my sport bike which I then traded fro a sport touring bike which is a little longer so m=need to modify the trailer!  Ah the ever evolving projects!  Nice thing about the Holzclaw trailer is it is coil springs with shocks.  Weight capacity inst great but its nice for a couple of bikes.  All Ive hauled is some lumber.


One of my intentions was to take the van camping and use a 6" foam mattress in the back.  Amazon has ones that are three sections which is easier for moving out of the way when hauling a scooter.  So far the only camping I've done has been on my motorcycle.  


Another of the purposes was to haul our twin 5 YO grandkids and my wife's elderly parents.  It has done very well for both of those.  My wife's father passed away at the end of last year from cancer, the last three months was pretty tough but the TC was the vehicle of choice for getting him to the doctor visits.  It was easier to get him in and out, only problem was he insisted on being in the front seat.  My mother-in-law has severe arthritis and the seats in the TC are very easy for her to get in and out of.  Her walker fits nicely in the back.  Someone ran into her car a couple of weeks ago, Monday we found out it was totaled.  Yesterday my wife and I spent the day taking her car shopping!  She is 90 and shopping for a new car!  Part of the time we also had the twin grandkids.  They were easy, one had the Nintendo Switch and the other had the Nintendo DSi.   Games and iPad time are carefully regulated by their parents so they were perfect for keeping them occupied.  They did show my wife the way around the Honda dealership as they have a Honda minivan and had been there before for oil changes.


Something I noted about my mother-in-laws wreck was her car was a dark grey color, almost the color of pavement.  She was driving down a road doing the speed limit when someone came out from a side street (and stop sign) and ran into her right front wheel.  It was 4:00 or 4:30 in the afternoon on a nice day.   Visibility at the stop sign isn't great and with a quick glance someone might not pick up a darker color vehicle.  I suggested a lighter color would be good.  My granddaughter picked out a purple Dodge Challenger for her (rejected).  

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Here is the current strap setup. I plan on making all custom straps with the high quality cam buckles and swivel locking caribiners.







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I see you already have a hitch. 

Get a trailer for the bikes and keep the dirt outside.There is only so much room inside a TC.

Weather Tech floormats for the front footwells are great at keeping dirt and mud controlled.

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22 hours ago, flyingsquirrelmotorcycle said:

Did you remove your center console to fit your front wheel between the seats? Are you using a wheel chock?


Cheers Glen

The center console is still there. I don't feel the wheel chock is necessary. Tie down's to the pegs and the rear wheel seem to be good enough. I'm not even using the ones on the forks anymore.

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