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  1. stanger_missle

    Footwell Lighting?

    I have been thinking about adding footwell lighting to my XLT van as well. Its like a pitch black abyss down there. Having black interior and carpet doesn't help. I think what Mr. Ridley is saying is that he found which wire powers the interior lights coming off of the fuse panel under the glovebox and spliced the LED light strips into that wire. The fuse panel is also the BCM. Its the white box looking thing with 4 or 5 harnesses plugged into it. You have to remove the cover panel under the glovebox. Its just 2 plastic pins. Pull the center of the pins out and the larger body of the pin will pop out. I would recommend pulling the glovebox itself as well. You need to pull the 2 hinge pins to remove the glovebox. Its kinda tricky because there is a small "catch" on the hinge pins. I used a small flat tip screwdriver to depress the catch and used my fingernails to pull the pin out. There is a small slot in the hinge where you have to depress the catch on the pin. You have to almost crawl under the glovebox to see the slots. Once you pull the pins, squeeze the body of the glovebox enough to have the stops clear the opening. Most LED light strips can be trimmed to a certain length. There are cut lines where you can cut the strip with scissors. Most, if not all LED strips will be 12v. Those that are not will specify what voltage they are. I'm sure Don will have much better write up than what I just wrote haha.
  2. stanger_missle

    AC not working correctly

    What year is your GTC? Some 2014-2015 models have had this issue. This TSB might cover what is wrong: https://ford.oemdtc.com/851/air-conditioning-performance-2014-2015-ford-transit-connect
  3. stanger_missle

    Ground Clearance

    You might be able to install a small spacer kit to gain some ground clearance. Since the TC shares a lot of suspension with the Focus/C-Max/Escape, something like this might work: Tema4x4 Complete lift kit 30mm for Ford FOCUS 3rd gen, C-MAX 2012-2018 30mm = 1.18 inches Its not a lot but it might make the CV axles unhappy due to the angle change.
  4. stanger_missle

    Removing Center Console For Conversion

    The parking brake handle sticks up quite a bit. Plus there are the brackets for the center console but you could remove them. The airbag computer and associated wiring are all under the console as well. The floor is not flat like it is in most FWD cars either.
  5. Sure! I apologize for the pic quality. All of my stuff is in storage as I just moved so I had to resort to using my phone to take the pics. The BCM fuse box under the passenger side glove compartment: These apply to 2015 XLT Vans. There might be differences if you have a wagon, a different trim level or a different year.
  6. stanger_missle

    Hello from Florida!

    I kinda bought this thing with a rough idea in my head that I would convert it to a camper but with no real plan. There are a lot of very nice builds out there but this will be like a 5 year project for me. So it will probably be a cot and some plastic totes for awhile haha.
  7. stanger_missle

    Hello from Florida!

    Haha, yeah, I think like 98% of the van versions are white. Although, I did find a really nice 2015 XLT Van in Miami that was dark blue and had the 1.6L Ecoboost with about half the miles of this one. The dealer wanted over $16k for it though. Too rich for my blood.
  8. stanger_missle

    Hello from Florida!

    I bought a 4 pack of Raid bug bombs. I used 3. I probably could of gotten away with just using 2 but I wanted to make damn sure nothing was still moving. Roaches gross me out more than anything. I really wanted to go nuts with soundproofing. I was planning on using Noico 80 mil sheets on the floor, walls and ceiling but I got impatient. Plus it was like my van turned inside out inside my garage: I'm still planning on installing soundproofing down the road. This was just practice taking the interior out haha.
  9. stanger_missle

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello all, I have been lurking for a bit so I thought I'd finally say hi to everybody. I bought a 2015 XLT Van in March of this year. The van had a little higher miles than I wanted (108k miles) but it was local-ish and seemed to be well maintained. I bought it from an automotive shop that used it for an in-town roadside assistance vehicle. It was very dirty but in good shape and drove well. I paid $8,000 for it. My plan is to clean it up, use it as a daily driver and slowly convert it to a micro camper. I bought this over a pickup since my commute is about 60 miles a day and a truck would kill me in fuel costs. I've already cleaned all the decals and residue off of the exterior. I pulled the entire interior out except the dash and scrubbed everything. It was FILTHY and smelled pretty terrible. When I pulled the carpet out, I discovered the van was infested with cockroaches, which was a nice surprise (yay Florida!). I have all of the interior reinstalled now but had to throw away the rubber cargo mat because it was contaminated with ATF and was moldy on the underside. I bought a Bedrug kit from Amazon for $50 (no way was I paying $200+ for a piece of carpet). It will be a slow moving project.
  10. So, I ended up figuring this out. Looking at the BCM and referencing the Ford Wiring Diagrams book (seriously, buy a copy! I paid $23 on eBay for mine but it is invaluable is diagnosing electrical issues) it looks like fuses 71 and 85 both supply power to the HVAC module. At first, I just replaced fuse 85 but the HVAC controls still did not work. I didn't initially think fuse 71 applied to my van because it was listed as "Electronic Automatic Temperature Control module, HVAC control module" and my van has the manual HVAC controls. Both fuses were missing due to having 2 Add-A-Fuses installed powering some sort of fleet management GPS system that I removed. You must have both fuses installed for the HVAC controls to work. Fuse 71 is 10A Fuse 85 is 7.5A That is all it was! I hope this helps someone else who has this issue.
  11. Wow, the Googles led me here. I have a 2015 TC Van with this EXACT same issue. I bought it used from a repair shop that used it as a roadside assistance vehicle. I removed a GPS tracking module which got power from the fuse box under the glovebox using Add-A-Fuses. I must of removed one that powers the HVAC module because I have the exact same symptoms. I thought I double checked to make sure that all the fuses were installed for the options my van has. I guess I missed one? Which fuse was it joshuamartin? A fuse number or picture would be great!