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  1. Eilif

    Not starting!

    Got a jump from a neighbor. Didn't help and now the instruments don't light up so it's looks like it's drained. Calling my guy. I guess it's tow time.
  2. Eilif

    Not starting!

    My wagon doesn't want to start today. I'm getting clicking but no turnover. Lights and displays come on including dash, radio, etc. Does that indicate that it's probably something wrong with the starter? Going to try and get a jump from a friend but at this point I'm not hopeful, especially since I put in a new battery this year.
  3. Thanks, Been a bit busy and haven't checked in. Still haven't had time to try and get the Steering control working though I contacted Crutchfield to see if they have any ideas before I send it back. No issues with the Metra dash kit and vents. Seems to be working well. The angle of the radio is set by the way it rests in it's cradle with two pegs at the back and it doesn't seem like it can be tilted level. Your experience is very encouraging. What model year do you have? I'll ask the Crutchfield guy about the Maestro if we can't get the Axxess working. If you've got any advice regarding the airbag I'd love to hear it.
  4. Had my 2015 TC Connect Wagon LWB for 2 years now. Purchased it from a dealer, At the time it was 2 years old and had around 30k on it. Now it's over 60k. It's our only vehicle. Bought it because I realized we needed more space for family and friends and I was not going to drive a traditional minivan. I wanted and it delivered: -7 Passenger seating -Flat folding surface for hauling big stuff. I wanted to be able to haul -if necessary- my wife, 2 kids, music gear and luggage. -Cheap -Didn't look like a regular minivan. -Plenty of Headroom. I'm over 6 feet and am tired of my hair (or head for that matter!) hitting the ceiling. -Affordable maintenance. So far so good. Sharing most parts with Focus has proved to be a good thing. I had to go to Indiana from Chicago to get one that had the features I wanted and I saved about $4k doing so versus the ones that were for sale here. All the statements above from 5150 about the spartan finishes and utilitarian features are completely true. It's actually part of what attracted me to the vehicle. Also-as-mentioned, it's not the quietest vehicle or the smoothest riding, but I guess we have low standards as my wife and I have found it very comfortable on quite a few trips including Chicago-to-Denver. Being able to sit straight up for long distances has been a welcome change from our previous vehicle, a 2009 Prius. I don't know if it pertains to you, but this is a fantastic city vehicle. The all-around beepers, rear-view cam and narrow width have gotten me into some really small parking spots and enabled me to slip through some very tight traffic. I wasn't aware that this vehicle might have transmission issues until reading about it recently. I haven't had any issues with mine but I'll look into having the transmission fluid flushed now. The only issues I've come into are these three: -A radio that would randomly attack me with FULL VOLUME static, even when turned off. An aftermarket radio has fixed this (a used OEM probably would have too...) Doesn't seem like this is a super-common problem, but I have seen various references to it on the internet. -Replacing the battery is quite an operation due to it's location. Thank goodness it was my repair guy and not me having to do this. -The plastic housing around the rear liftdoor release is getting loose. Had the same problem on my Prius. I fully expect to have to install a couple of toggle bolts to keep it in place soon. Annoying but an easy fix.
  5. So, my OEM radio was periodically attacking me with full-volume static, even when turned off! I'm anticipating needing some guidance so I'll record the whole process here. |I'm working with a 2015 TC Connect Wagon LWB -Has Backup camera and 4.2" screen -No Nav or satellite radio. -Steering wheel controls The goals are: -Better Radio that doesn't assault me with static. -Retain steering wheel controls -CD player -USB power and input. -Retain stock rear view camera and 4.2" screen Not looking to add Nav, DVD, Video, or a touch screen. I bought the whole kit and caboodle from Crutchfield. For anyone looking at this as an option, here's what they sold me for a 2015 Transit Connect wagon that already had a back-up Camera and 4.2" display Sony WX-920BT Radio $118.00 Metra 40-EU10 Antenna Adapter $11.69 Metra 99-5831 Dash Kit Painted Black $77.96 Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Adapter $46.74 Metra ISOPK Screw Pack $1.55 Axxess XSVI-5524-NAV Wiring Interface $38.97 Subtotal $294.91 Shipping FREE Sales Tax $18.44 Total $313.35 Could possibly have saved a couple bucks buying some of the parts on amazon, but the pricing was pretty competitive. I skipped the usual crimp connectors and bought a pack of 50 WAGO lever nut wire connectors at Menards for around 12 bucks. Dang these things are easy to use. You still have to strip your own wire, but connection/de-connection/reconnection is flawless! So far the instructions Crutchfield emailed me are moderately useful mostly, though I just compared the wire lists from the radio and from the wiring kit and matched them up. So far so good. 1) Radio is hooked up and dash facia installed. Looks pretty good. Black Facia looks good, and seems to match the color of the HVAC control panel below all seems to fit quite well. The finish called "Painted Black" but it looks like it's a rubberized paint which isn't fooling anyone as far as originality but at least looks a bit better than flat black paint and doesn't draw attention to itself. 2)Radio works and looks nice. Sounds better than stock but I assume it's performance is still being held back by the stock speakers. 3)Backup camera works! And now the not so good. Any suggestions for dealing with 1,2 below would be appreciated! 1) Radio display is hard to read. It's clear enough viewed strait on, but with the way the TC angles the radio upward, it looks much dimmer and seems to get more reflection. Very annoying. Might try to rig up a shade, but I'm not a fan of such tackiness... 2)In an odd bit of un-functionality, the stock backup camera screen doesn't work when the plug going to the airbag indicator is attached. At this point I'm just leaving that unplugged as it doesn't affect my daily functionality. 3) The rubberized surface of the facia is a fingerprint magnet! Wipes away easily, but have a napkin handy. So that's where I'm at now. Will update as things progress. So far, I'm reasonably pleased. I'm in about $325 total at this point. If I skipped the steering wheel kit, I could have easily kept this at $280. Next up Installing the Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Adapter. Wish me luck. Attached Thumbnails
  6. Quick unrelated question about that radio. I just installed the lesser WX920BT in my car but it looks to have the same front end and display. Do you have any problems reading the display in sunlight? Mine is hard to read. It reads fine when I put my head in roughly the same place it would be in relationship to the display on any other car, but on the Transit connect, it's mounted at an upward angle and it makes the display appear dim. Not sure whether this is a flaw in mine, something I just have to live with or if I should try another radio.
  7. Eilif

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    Good to know. I'm reading over the directions and it tells me which wires to splice so I think I'll be OK, but I'll let you all know. Here's the instructions I'll be following. https://metradealer.com/files/aswc/ASWC-1_INST_254.pdf If it doesn't work I'll return the SWC kit to Crutchfield as they sold it as being compatible with the 4.2" Screen option.
  8. Eilif

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    Weird that they couldn't tell you. I used their website and it had options for use with 4.2 screen. This is what it looks like now. Still working out a couple kinks (will start a separate topic) but the radio and the rear camera work. I compared the options the website gave me for with and without steering controls and they appear near identical except that if you don't want steering wheel controls, you just leave off the 46 buck steering control module.
  9. Eilif

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    I'm going through a slightly different process now as my stock radio just died. My objective was to keep it as cheap as possible without buying another FORD Radio. I wanted to keep the 4.2 for my backup camera and I do all my nav with my phone anyway. I got the Metra kit for this configuration and I'm installing a DoubleDIN Sony radio. Haven't got the steering wheel controls working yet, but the Radio works and facia kit isn't amazing but looks good enough. All that said, my suspicion is that there is a way to splice the existing camera into the harness of almost any radio, if you can just identify the right wires.