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  1. bahavw

    Another Ecoboost Wagon

    I only use premium when towing and I can't tell any difference.
  2. I have towed the uhaul 5x9 open bed trailer several times now. Last trip with furniture I got 21.5 mpg over 250 miles of interstate. Driving 65. That Ecoboost is amazing. My last van (chevy astro V6) would only get 12-13 towing any trailer. I've been wondering what it would do with a teardrop camper. Maybe I'll rent one. It would need to be red!!
  3. bahavw

    Mods so far...

    I meant the crossbars for the roof rack, No point in taking that aerodynamic hit unless you actually need to use them. Although they do look cool.
  4. bahavw

    Another Ecoboost Wagon

    After a year I have learned several things. The MPG goes down when it gets cold, more time warming up I guess, but it dropped to an average of about 29 combined. And I have also quit babying it so much. But now as it gets warmer I am back up to 31-32. I can drive pretty hard and still get 28. But if you drive like a race car more like 26. Keep in mind I usually have a light load. I have towed a 2000# trailer several times now and it gets about 21.5 hwy with a uhaul 5x9 open bed trailer full of furniture. My only complaint is a rattle in the dash behind the radio. Rough roads or rpm's below 1500 make it rattle. I have to take it to the dealer to get fixed. I've been wondering how those dash panels over the radio and gauges come off. They might just snap on, but I'm afraid to pull too hard. All in all I love my van
  5. I have been trying to find a workaround for this. I haven't found the right fuse, but what I decided to do was latch the door latch. In my case the rear hatch is the problem. I want to camp with the hatch open most of the time. So the answer is take a screwdriver and close the latch with the door open. The lights go out and stay out until you open another door. But then it goes back out when you close it. Problem is you have to remember to unlatch before you close the hatch. All you have to do is hit the button on the hatch, but the doors have to be unlatched with the screwdriver. Careful not to slam the door on a closed latch, it might bend it.
  6. I hate this feature too. I will put LEDs everywhere eventually but it's more than that. I like camping under the stars not the taillights. Come on Ford, It's as simple as a new download for the computer. Or I will eventually mangle your nice pretty wiring harness and install a switch myself.
  7. bahavw

    Another Ecoboost Wagon

    Hey Guys, I ordered the TC early December 2014 and received it after May 15th 2015. 5 months. From the time the ship docked until I had it in hand was about 3 weeks. It is a 1.6 ecoboost, I've also driven the 2.5 TC and the difference is the low end torque. Above 4000 rpm the engines are the same. The ecoboost pulls from 1500 rpm and almost never downshifts when climbing hills at highway speed. I went over the eastern divide (~4000') two weeks ago on the interstate and had to let off the cruise control because I was going way faster than anyone else on a 7% grade and still in 6th gear. I had the seats in and full compliment of camping gear with a cargo carrier on the back. And still got 30 MPG on the trip. Just wish the 1.6 was available on the LWB wagon.
  8. I've towed once for a 650 mile trip. I rented the smallest highway trailer you can get at U-haul and put a riding mower on it. It was probably around 2000 lbs total. With the 1.6 ecoboost, air conditioning and driving 65 I got 20 MPG. Never got hot but you could tell it was there. I did this at 1700 miles on the van. It's fully broken in now...
  9. bahavw

    Performance mods.

    HeyZeus, There is a plastic boot on the intake in front of the radiator. It's shaped like a long cone with holes in it. It restricts airflow and makes it quiet. I loosened the front clip by removing snaps until I could reach down and pull it off. Now I have a factory CAI. I thought about cutting a hole inside the upper grill to add more airflow but I don't want to inhale water when it's raining. It sounds good and probably is faster but I can't tell. It has at least 1/3 larger opening than stock. Combine that with exhaust mods and you'll know the difference. Really the only other mods you can do are to the computer...
  10. bahavw

    Mods so far...

    And I forgot, I removed the locking wheel lugs and replaced them with normal and painted the brake calipers red to match.
  11. I have a 2015 TC ecoboost SWB wagon. I started modifying as soon as I got home. This lit will help me remember it all. And maybe Ford will listen too. Of course there are those damn US regulations. 1. Removed the cross bars for gas milage. 2. Pulled the rear bench seat to storage > 100# lost 3. Installed removable rubber floor mats in the cargo area for dirt and sound deadening 4. Removed the intake muffler in front of the radiator, it makes it quiet but restricts airflow. With it gone I have a factory cold air intake. Probably standard in Europe...And this thing has a nice air filter box w/360 degree filter. 5. Stuffed 4" foam into all the rear quarter interior panels for sound deadening. Right thru the access panels. 6. Replaced all interior lights with LED's, 4 in all, I camp a lot and I don't like dead batteries. Pisses me off that the exterior lights stay on when the door is open. Maybe I can reprogram that, or more LEDs At this point I was ready to get adventurous... 7. Removed the rear interior door panels to find they were designed with 3/4" space for sound deadening but there was nothing there. I guess you have to get the Titanium for that. Mine is an XLT so I just stuffed 1" of fiberfill in there and closed it up. Wow what a difference! 8. Ok, now I know, I proceeded to remove the front door panels and rear hatch and stuff them full of foam or something...and now I drive a Titanium. I was thinking about getting the rear badge and sticking it on... 9. Got sticky rubber stair treads and installed them on the rear bumper for accessing the roof. Cut several pieces to fit perfectly, it looks factory. Where did that go Ford? 10. Tinted the front windows to 30% and put a tinted windshield visor down to the AS line that's Lemo black. The AC works much better now. 11. Where the rear seats mount there are two little 1/4" holes near the doors that actually go thru to the outside. I plugged them with sealant. It's quieter and it'll float longer now. 12. Got a cargo carrier for the receiver hitch, I can carry another box of gear without a loss of aerodynamics. Results: 1. You have to close the doors with a little more effort since the air seal is so tight, or crack a window. 2. She is quiet and comfortable at 100 MPH! 3. I have never gotten less than 26 MPG on a tank. I've gotten as high as 30 on a full tank. My miles to empty is up to 427 on a full tank. I have gotten 34.9 for 45 miles in tight fast moving traffic. I can reliably get 32 MPG if I drive 65 and baby it. Next Mods: 1. LED exterior lights 2. Remove a muffler...there is a resonator and a muffler. I hear removing the resonator doesn't make much difference, so maybe I'll remove the muffler and make it load!! I will get 35 MPG before I'm done. 3. Maybe a computer tuner, they have settings for MPG. And maybe I can reprogram those stupid lights... This van is everything I expected and It will only get better. I'll keep you posted..
  12. bahavw

    Another Ecoboost Wagon

    Just got my Red 2015 Ecoboost SWB wagon. After 5 1/2 months of waiting on a special order. It has roof rails w/crossbars, 2" receiver trailer hitch, 16"alloy wheels, and Sync. I have already been to MS and VA twice, 4500 miles at this point. Here are the results: First 1000 miles averaged a little over 26 MPG. I drove it fairly hard at times to seat the rings. Hit 100 MPH once and it was just shifting into 6th. This thing runs like a hot rod but will suck some gas if you use it. Keep in mind I removed the cross bars on the roof as soon as I got home, I will only use them when I need them. After break in I made a trip to MS, 650 miles each way. On the way down with a medium load I got 29 MPG driving 72 MPH and AC on. On the way back I towed a Uhaul trailer with a lawnmower in it, pretty close to 2000 lbs, and got 20 MPG at 65 MPH and AC on. Ran fine, towed fine, never even hinted at overheating. Always plenty of power. Then I made a trip to VA, stripped it down, took out the back seats, made it as light as possible. I got 32 MPG on the way up driving 65 and never letting the RPMs get above 3000, about 250 mile trip. Accelerate slowly and let the trans shift thru the gears quickly. Lots of torque even at 1500 RPM. Then we did lots of touring and stopping at markers and driving slow with AC and still stayed above 26 MPG. On the way back we dropped into interstate traffic all doing 70 MPH and I was able to get the meter up to 34.9 MPG before I got off at our exit, about 40 miles. It went down after that and we got a headwind on the way home, and I started driving 72 again so the mileage went down to 27. All in all it is exactly what I expected. Great mileage if you keep your foot out of it. Or Yeeee-Haaa if you stick your foot in... It also helps that it is Red
  13. bahavw

    Welcome, bahavw

    Thanks, I have a new 2015 TC short wheelbase wagon with 1.6 ecoboost that I already have good experience with. Although the delivery time was unsat. I will post about MPG, break in, and towing in the appropriate sections and I have already made performance mods so check it out there.