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  1. After the dealership guy telling me that it can't be done, I also tried using Forscan and was unsuccessful. Like some of the others in this thread, I am an amateur astronomer and go places where lights are not welcome. I have a 2020 Transit Connect XLT. I have a different style menu as I also have BCMii instead of BdyCM. I looked everywhere for something that sounded like it was related to lighting. I was willing to try all of them. In IPC (Instrument Panel Control Module) I found Welcome Goodbye Backlighting and disabled it. Nope, they still came on with door use. I also found Police Car Dark Mode in the BCMii menu and enabled it. As you guessed it, all external lights still pop on with door or hatch use. I then decided I would look through the AS BUILT numbers looking for the elusive 726-01-08 xxxx xxxx xxxx. I would risk changing whatever value was in the first x field to a 2 as others have had success with it. I found my vehicle altogether lacks the entry. On some good news, the changes I made have reduced the 10-minute duration of the external lighting to about 30 seconds and allows me to adjust the dashboard instrument cluster lighting to a lower level than was previously allowed, up to and including completely off. Not the whole instrument cluster but most of it. My quest to control exterior lighting will continue.
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    Hello all, My name is Joy and I just purchased a 2020 Transit Connect XLT! I had a 2008 Honda Element but wanted more space for a telescope. So far we seem to be getting along well except for locating controls for all these pesky lights. The ones already checked off my list are: Dim the instrument cluster Put the navi-tainment screen in "night mode" Turn the headlight knob from auto to off And I've replaced all the dome lights with dim red lights However, I have been unable to controll the entry/exit curtesy lights, short of pulling the fuse for them. Anyone know how to shut those off?